How Does Successful Person Achieve His Goals?

Long Term Goals

How Does Successful Person Achieve His Goals?

Successful people follow certain rules to achieve goals.

1   They have a list of goals in their diary/laptop/phone/pocket which they follow everyday.

2    The goals are short term goals and long term goals.
e.g. In 2030 I want to work for WHO impacting 100,000 lives.

Long Term Goals

This is long term goal which follows strategy of SMART





Time based

Short Term Goals

These goals need to be divided in terms of years, months, weeks and each day towards that long term goal. It could be working on acquiring skills, knowledge, physical strength, qualification, personality development, soft skills, communication skills, starting a project, making teams, working on spiritual and emotional strengths etc etc

3. Then they take 3 steps

✓ Plan

✓ Go to work.

✓ Stick to it

Any building like Eiffel Tower or London Bridge came up after three steps.

First in mind,

Then on papers

Then it’s built.


Successful People


4.     Perseverance .. sticking to it is very critical aspect. As we have tendecy to look towards problems, obstacles. Why we can not do it?

“You have only one mind which can focus on one thing at a time. Choice is yours, it could be problems or Goal.”

Author Ritu Singal….

Book “ A Story can change your life.” has got various techniques to develop the spirit of not giving up.

Focus on Your Goals

5.      You need to be Arjuna of Mahabharat who did not see even Krishna. He just was focussing on eye of sparrow. While Bheem was seeing mango tree. 😄

6.     If you find difficulty in achieving goals, you can not keep changing goals but you need to change strategy.

7.     IF there are 9 frogs on the hill top. One decides to jump in the valley. How many are left ???? 😄😄😄😄

Eight or nine ?????

Just by deciding in your mind, you can not achieve the results. You need to get up and GO…..

8.     Three traps you need to escape while deciding for your goals.

What will others say? ( kuchh to log kahen he, logon ka kaam hai kahna) I was always discouraged by saying that I can not handle business as I had no experience and was merely a housewife.

I could have thought, if I would fail, then these guys will say … look she was trying to be smart.

But I just started working on my goals. Ultimately I achieved my goals of repaying 60 crores debts.


Life Coach


They are like birds chirping and singing their own song without being bothered whether others are liking it or listening to it or not.


learn from nature


If he or she will like it?

If somebody is appreciating ?

What if, I fail?

Life Coach

Find A Life Coach

9    Most important point while deciding or working towards your goals is to have a right guide /mentor/coach. You should not keep discussing with 100 people about your problems . 80% people will be very happy about you having issues. 19% are not bothered. 1% really care and are sincere.

But next question is if that 1% have enough exposure, life experience, knowledge or open mindedness to guide you and mentor you?

Your parents could be the most caring people in the world. But not necessarily, they can treat you when you are sick..

So it’s important to take right direction which helps you to reach your destination under the right guidance of the right person.

All the very best.

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