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She has an active YouTube channel – Life Coach Ritu Singal

Mrs. Ritu Singal, L.L.M. Gold Medalist and recipient of prestigious award of “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011” for Leaders of Tomorrow Awards by ET Now Pan India, is Managing Director of Raglan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer of Real Estate Business in the region and Winner Nippon Leatherette Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing PU/ PVC Synthetic Leather.

Life Coach Ritu Singal

Raglan group stands today only due to her positive attitude and elaborative efforts. On untimely tragic demise of her husband in April 2007, Mrs. Singal, though shattered, yet the way she took the charge of troubled business left many people speechless. Following her husband’s death, life was not easy for Singal.

The group faced an outstanding loan of 40 million dollars from banks, some real estate projects were stalled by the High Court following a Public Interest Litigation; several cases were pending in the courts; her staff was leaving and some higher authorities even called up on behalf of clients asking for refund of money they had invested in the projects. Instead of throwing her hands in desperation in air, faced each issue without retreating a single step with firm grit and determination.

She entered in the male dominated corporate world with her resolute approach of doing things in her favour amidst the most unfavourable circumstances. Her remarkable ability to smile even against all odds, gave confidence to insecure and devastated Raglan family.

With her leadership skills and focused mind, she led her team from front and ensured that a totally non-viable project of making synthetic leather has been brought to such a level that it could compete with countries like China today. It has now ventured into European market by making green leather which is environmental friendly. She works innovatively with a mind to create products which will protect the environment. She has been instrumental to manufacture biodegradable substitute for polythene bags.

Major challenge was to carve a niche for herself in a man’s world which she could do very convincingly. To win the trust and confidence of the employees, she kept on moving forward with calm but dynamic disposition which led to the acceptance of a ‘Woman’ as a leader. Not succumbing to social pressures, she stepped out of house to prove her mantle.

Knowing that to run industry and command respect, she should be technically sound, she set out on overseas trips to learn production techniques. Competition with Chinese products, global recession, financial liabilities and legal issues were dealt successfully with her great assets, i.e. patience and focused mind.

Besides managing day-to-day operations of group of companies and playing an incredible role for the development of industry, she devotes her worthy efforts for the upgradation of society through her active participation in the social development and community service programmes.

She has been associated with various events of National & International Importance on behalf of the organization. Ritu, a deeply spiritual person, involves herself in launching of many community development activities in the country at her personal level as well as on behalf of organization. She has major participation in running ‘a night school for slum children’ at Village Sarangpur, near Chandigarh and sponsored many children to CRY Association, a global association for children development. Besides, she has made vital contributions as rotarian to “SIKHIYA”, Sector – 46, Chandigarh, a body established for the education of slum and poor children and has also been supporting “AASARA”, project for the attendants of patients at Govt. Medical Hospital at Sector-32, Chandigarh.

She is an active member of Sankalp organisation which is dedicated to support an education and training programs for unprivileged students for civil services. She is also a member of Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) program where she personally mentors young girls(not so privileged)for their holistic development and to be able to lead a dignified and contribution lives. USF means eternal sunrise to a dignified life of a girl. It’s to empower a woman who actually deserve and are talented but were deprived of the support to excel because of one reason or the other. Mrs. Singal is an active member of several social societies/clubs including the ‘Soka Gakkai International’ an organization dedicated to revitalising the legacy of Buddhist humanism. She is past president of ‘Rotary Club Midtown, Chandigarh’. She is recipient of various commendations and Awards for her valuable contributions. She will be serving as an assistant governor in Rotary year 2018-19.

Ritu Singal is a wonderful example of an outstanding woman having vital qualities of business management and heartily participation in social events as well. It seems that with her fabulous endeavour and marvelous working style, she is taking the enterprise at its altitude with the dreams woven by her late husband and all Raglan family. A very wholesome example of what a woman can achieve, if she is determined. Ritu Singal’s contribution towards the society doesn’t just end here. She has an active YouTube channel – Let’s Solve the Puzzle. Through her motivational and inspirational videos, she explains the most complex issues in a person’s life in the simplest manner. Her positivity also helps the viewers to bring the best out of them. One can view her very meaningful videos at Life Coach Ritu Singal

Check YouTube channel - Life Coach Ritu Singal

Glimpse of her Achievements

  • Outstanding President’ for the Year 2012-13 by Rotary Distt. 3080.
  • Awarded “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011” for Leaders of Tomorrow Awards by ET Now Pan India.
  • Authored a book ” A Story Can Change Your Life”
  • Outstanding Secretary for the Year 2009-10 by Rotary Distt. 3080.
  • Management Excellence Award, awarded by the Management & Industrial Development Institute, Jalandhar in March, 2009
  • Gold Pin (an award) awarded by the Soka Gakkai International for her valuable contributions in 2004.
  • Gold Medalist in Bachelor & Masters of Law from Punjabi University, Patiala (Punjab) in 1989 & 1991.
  • She is appreciated by Governor of Haryana for her contributions to Sankalp organisation
  • Bee of the week August, 2017
  • She counselled 10,000+ people as of now from all the age groups and she has clients in 14 countries.
  • Nominated for the ‘Woman of the Year Award 2010’ Dainik Bhaskar Group