Communication Skills Training – Life Coach Ritu Singal


Communication Skills Training – Life Coach Ritu Singal

“Good Communication Is The Bridge Between Confusion And Clarity”

-Nat Turner

Communication skills training is an explicit way of teaching the necessary communication that is required to maintain a healthy conversation. It allows you to understand people and also to be understood by others just by the way of expressing your thoughts.

This kind of training is very helpful for people who face problems like being misunderstood, being indirect, expressing issues, hesitation, low self-esteem, low confidence, etc.

This blog is all about helping people who seek to improve their communication skills.

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  • What Exactly Is Communication? Communication Types And 5 E’s Of Communication
  • Major Problems People Face With Bad Communication Skills
  • How Communication Skills Training Can Help To Improve Communication Skills?

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What Exactly Is Communication?

Communication is a simple process of conveying information and data starting with one individual then onto another. In basic words, it is a procedure of transmitting and sharing thoughts, suppositions, realities, values, and so on starting with one individual then onto the next or one organization to another.


An effective communication refers to a verbal speech of communicating information that reaches a proper conversational goal. For example, when the person you are talking to listens to you actively, absorbs your point and understands it and you reach a satisfaction point of the conversation, that is known as effective communication.

It isn’t just about tuning in to other people. It’s likewise about knowing when to be confident and convincing at opportune times.

Types Of Communication

There are different ways of communication including verbal, non-verbal, written, and silent communication. Verbal communication is the one in which you choose language to transfer your thoughts. On the other hand, non-verbal is the one in which you use signs and gestures to transfer your thoughts. Written is an act of writing to transfer your thoughts and where silent communication is the way to keep silent to transfer your thoughts.

In simple words, ineffective communication skills lead to major communication problems resulting in misunderstandings, misinterpreting, major conflicts, insecurities, increasing distances, inefficient working.

There are five 5 E’s of communication. Do you want to know?

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Essential 5 E’s Of Communication Include

  1. Efficiency – Not being rude to someone is what you portray with the efficiency of how polite and soft-spoken you become while communicating.
  2. Effective – This included the way of speaking. If you are expressing your facts and required information or not.
  3. Energy – The way in which people present their energy and level of excitement and sadness about any communication.
  4. Expression – It is the way in which people present their confidence and zeal through their gestures and facial expressions.
  5. Etiquetes – This involves all the values and discipline measures you take to present yourself in a gathering. Bad participation in all the 5E’s of communication leads to major communication problems. But that doesn’t mean one should give up. Communication is the only way through which one represents him/herself. Communication is the way to build your personality and class and way of living in today’s advanced society.

Bad participation in all the 5 E’s of communication leads to major communication problems. But that doesn’t mean one should give up.

Communication is the only way through which one represents him/herself. Communication is the way to build your personality and class and way of living in today’s advanced society.

A person always keeps learning and building, all you need to do is just practice and keep learning. With every passing day, you will grow and nobody can stop that. So, let your wings fly.

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There are numerous reasons why relational communication may fail. In various communications, the message (what is said) may not be precisely the manner in which the sender proposed. The communicator looks for criticism to watch that their message is obviously comprehended.

When such problems are faced in relationships, it can directly result in trust issues, insecurities, distances, depression, lack of confidence, dominance, etc. in the future. Similarly, Communication problems in the workplace can have a negative impact resulting in low morale, less productivity, and bad working relationships.

At the point when left unchecked, progressing communication issues can potentially affect profits, turnover, and lead to mistakes that badly impact the company’s profile.

Below Are Some Other Communication Problems People Face:

Communication Problem of Ego and Attitude

The problem of ego and attitude occurs when communication is happening between one superior and one interior. One specialist might need to assume control over conversations and keep different individuals from expressing their genuine thoughts. Another might decline to lose a contention and acknowledge that someone else may be correct. Ordinarily, these individuals will acknowledge conflicts at the workplace. Personalities and mentalities inside the group would then be able to prompt disdain, mistaken assumptions, and grinding.

This usually happens in organizations where the role of the superior is to ensure that the group centres around the work and acknowledges issues within reach. Cooperation and genuine joint effort will possibly happen if goals mirror the requirements of everybody in the gathering.

Communication Problem of Cultural differences

The present working environment has gotten progressively different, particularly if your cultural adjustments worldwide. Despite the fact that there is assorted variety in the work environment, individuals despite everything will, in general, be more convinced by individuals from their equivalent culture or foundations. Accordingly, individuals face the difficulties of speaking with everybody as one strong person while dealing with the elements associated with norms and values in gatherings.

Communication Problem of Passive listening

Passive listening is just hearing what the other individual needs to state without genuinely getting it or relating. Regularly, you will see somebody talking, answering, and hindering others rather than genuinely tuning in to what others need to state. It is a mostly faced problem and requires communication skills training to improve communication skills. At the point when individuals neglect to tune in, they can’t really appreciate the message which is being handed off. This at that point prompts errors and rubbing which could then discourage the workforce from being innovative and profitable.

Communication Problem of Lack of interest or motivation

At the point when individuals are not keen on what is being talked about, or they come up short on the inspiration to buckle down, they are bound to dismiss or overlook your messages. While this implies you surely need to investigate your inward interchanges, utilizing instruments, for example, corporate work area backdrop programming, the intranet, and others can assist you with arriving at your staff individuals so they feel progressively propelled and occupied with their work and in the association.

Communication Problem of Saying Too Much

Now and again we overshare when we talk before we think. On different occasions, we tattle and trade the wrong data. In some cases, messiness brings about oversharing or discharging individual or touchy data – think about a situation in which you inadvertently hit always.

If you are facing such kind of communication skills problems and want to improve your communication skills with
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Now, the question that arises is How!!!

How Communication Skills Training Can Help To Improve Communication Skills?

While having and registering for communication skills training to improve communication skills you will learn some amazing communication tips and tricks that help you to express your thoughts just in the way you want.


So, with communication skills training you will learn to…

  • Recognizing essential communication principles
  • Applying a communication procedure model
  • Making sense of what to state and the most ideal approach to state it
  • Focusing on verbal and nonverbal prompts
  • Making a solid connection when face-to-face communication is absent
  • Build community-oriented connections that underline trust and regard
  • Convey adequately utilizing straightforward and brief language
  • Upgrade tuning in to foresee and evade errors
  • Cultivate culturally diverse communication in your working environment
  • Wipeout communication deviations and spotlight on nonverbal prompts
  • Recognizing proper degrees of disclosure
  • Building up worth and trust
  • Improving your message to pick up your proposed outcomes
  • Making trustworthy and believable messages
  • Guaranteeing that your mentality underpins communication
  • Talking through quietness
  • Creating more noteworthy affectability to social contrasts
  • Building more noteworthy responsibility and trust in virtual groups

Conclusion –

Communication skills are very important to survive in a vastly growing society where your words are kept responsible for your actions. Communicating and making an effective understanding is the key aspect. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems while communicating, then, it is the right time to deal with and improve them. Contact Life Coach Ritu Singal to get all the help you require to improve your communication skills.

Let us know how you found the blog. So, comment below your thoughts. We would love to have your insights…

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