Transforming Lives With Children Counselling

It is always disturbing to see your own child in any problem. Parents also feel stigmatic and feel heartbroken when their children face social and mental issues. It not only affects the child’s mental health but also affects the parent children relationship. This condition surrounds the child with such brainwashing thoughts that can lead to worse results.

Mostly the children start distancing themselves from their parents and start staying alone, sometimes they misunderstand the parents, friends, and teachers and take dangerous steps, some children get into bad company and start taking drugs, where some take social media so influencing that they start living their life according to the internet. Similarly, some children get stuck in major crimes like internet hacking, cybercrime. Etc.

Parents of such children face major issues while dealing with them and making them understand but usually kids nowadays think that their parents don’t like them and it results in creating a worse situation.

Being a mother, Life Coach Ritu Singal Stated, “ When my daughter was young, she used to complain about aa lot of things like, she doesn’t like my bus driver, her teacher is not good, etc. and when I used to tell her that things don’t work this way… In return she used to get the response, “ You mean I am at fault”

She felt like her daughter is going away because of the way she corrects her… One day when She saw her scared daughter waiting for her Mumma to return back from her parent-teacher meeting and was thinking that now Mumma will scold her. Mrs. Ritu knew that scolding her will not change anything, and it not always depends on the child but on the parent as well.

Instead of scolding, Ritu said, “ Your teacher really likes you and she said that you are one of their brilliant students but you are a bit careless”. This statement helped her daughter understand the point and she started taking care of her things herself.

So, the point of mentioning this story here is, sometimes we neglect our children while using our phones sitting on the dining table and realize it later that your child has gone out of control. If you feel or notice any the point where you think your child is going wrong, correct them in such a way that they don’t feel offended but, instead, they understand what is being said to them.

Here at our platform, we provide fantastic child counseling services that aim at teaching and counselling your child in such a positive way that the results of getting them out of their particular situations within sometimes happily are guaranteed.

We prefer identifying the root of the problem, before finding and providing solutions for it. We also recommend the parents and guardians of the child to do the same. But before that, it is very important to know why these issues with the children happen?

So here we go…

Why Does It Happen?

Children belonging to the age group of 9 to 16 years tend to face major issues which leads to the need for children counselling and coaching. There are major reasons and psychological thoughts that lead them to follow the wrong ways in life.

Sometimes the situation arises when the child feels that the parents are busy, or he/she is not getting enough attention, then, anger level builds up and leads to tiny conflicts between a Parent Children Relationship. Broken families, single parent issues, non-understanding parents are the major causes of a child’s mental behavior dysfunctions, which leads to various serious disorders if not treated properly such as depression, anxiety, aggression, etc.

Where on other sides some children face issues like school ragging, bullying, relationship insecurities, loneliness, learning disabilities, lack of interest in studies, etc.

When they are encountered for these issues they tend to run away from the problems using suicidal thoughts and running away from homes.

As a life coach, Ritu Singal has seen many families fighting with themselves for their children and seeking out help for their improvement. Children at this age don’t listen to their parents usually and always need a third person for help.

Parents must notice their children and take action when:

● There are social issues or changes in conduct that are alarming you or potentially the kid.
● You are worried about the kid’s social aptitudes, learning capacities, or different issues.
● There has been an emergency and it is difficult for the youngster to adapt
● You watch certain examples and you need assistance in your endeavors to comprehend and bolster the kid
● The youngster is experiencing something which she thinks that its difficult to impart to you, and you wish for her to have a classified           setting she can use to process
what’s going on with her

If you think your child is going through any kind of problem and is suffering loneliness or he/she is disturbed then, you must take action and seek out help.

Major Solutions

Child counseling and coaching is a sort of treatment that centers around little children, teenagers, and kids with at least one dysfunctional behavior. It additionally gives help to children, who have encountered an injury, as well as who are encountering a useless or unpleasant home condition.

A significant number of the issues these kids face follow the issues grown-ups face in their everyday lives. A portion of these basic issues incorporates tension,sadness, and pain.

The story of Charlie Chaplin is a great example to mention here about how his mother helped him regardless of all the odds in their life. The time when his mother’s voice got choked and due to her diseases she was sent to an asylum and charlie chaplin alone stayed on the roads of London and survived while wandering to die.

But, when he shared his thoughts of poverty and desire to death because of their condition at that time, his mother said only one thing
“ Every Person Comes With A Mission To Live And You Should Never Think About Dying Because You Never Know What Life Has In Store For You”

This statement changed the thoughts of Charlie Chaplin and changed his life completely. Working and growing on his mother’s vision he became the most famousand successful comic actor, filmmaker and composer.

If you think and notice your child facing these issues then you must follow the ways and vision of Hanah Chaplin and help your child grow in the followingways:

Parents should always appreciate their children regardless of what they are notgood at and help them to cherish and improve their flaws in such a way thatthey overcome them easily,

Take Counselling when these issues get worse and you are not able to resolvethem on your own, then the right thing to do is to take help. It will help you tounderstand your child’s thoughts and interests to help them concentrate andfocus towards future goals.

Take one on one sessions with your coach, learn the facts, and inspire your childwith amazing inspirational stories and by changing their vision towards life.

Professional help can be a great help to children who face issues with their loneliness and learning disabilities. Professionals use some tools and techniques to deal with and help you out in finding the major problems the child is dealing with.

So, make the right choice and must get help from your trusted sources to avoid your children from making wrong and life taking decisions.

The objective of Child Counselling and coaching, nonetheless, is to separate issues into sensible parts, so kids can more quickly comprehend and adapt to them.

Why Life Coach Ritu Singal?

Certified Life Coach Ritu Singal offers amazing child counseling for the children and helps them to make sense of what is going on in their minds, bodies, and lives  in a way that they can understand.

We offer invaluable insight into your child’s social, emotional, and mental health. It is important to understand that many times problems in these areas may not be visible to the people very close to the child.

As Life Coach Ritu Singal believes in identifying the root of the problem and then solving it, is what makes her different from others. She uses different techniques and exercises that ensure to help and improve your child’s mental health and behavioral issues.

We make your children comfortable with our friendly atmosphere and help them to speak up about their issues clearly and openly.

Our platform not only provides counseling for the children but also aims at improving the parent and children relationship.
Parenting plays an important role in the growing circle of a child where it is very important for parents to maintain better relationships with children.

Being a single mother, handling loans of 60 crores, Ritu Singal always made the point to teach her daughters the best values just like Hanah Chaplin and helped herchildren grow by cherishing and appreciating their little efforts. And now her elder daughter working in the top company in the USA, played olympics, great dancerand the younger daughter acquired great values and is an author, dancer, doctor, a table tennis champion.

Along with being a life coach, she is also a great mother.

There are major services and problems she covers in order to improve the mental and behavioral issues of the child. Our platform not only identifies the problem inside the child but also the people and parents, the child is related to. Since we have major tools and techniques for identifying problems, we cover all the below mentioned services.


We use major tools and techniques in order to perform all the above-mentioned activities. Our ways of dealing with problems through all kinds of counselling programs are fully tested and safe.

By providing a guarantee to help to improve your problems from roots, Life Coach Ritu Singal also inspires children towards their life pathways with amazing visionaries.

So, if your child is facing any kind of problem, or you feel stuck while parenting your child and face problems while making them understand your points. Then, you are in the right place.

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