Transforming Lives With Mind Skills Strengthening Counselling

‘Mind’ The most powerful and the most important part of our body with the help of which our body reacts and responds to everything. Mind skills strengthening is a program in which people who face problems like, anger, criticism, toxicity, complex issues, stress, etc are taken care of.

Being a Life coach Ritu Singal deals with many people who face such kind of issues, a case study of one of her clients is not less than an example of transformation.

There was a girl who reached out to life coach Ritu Singal, she was facing an issue of criticism. She was around 23 years of age and was the peak of her career. She said, she feels that everything she does never comes back in a positive way to her. Either she is giving an exam, preparing food for a loved one, or maybe working hard in the office, she said everyone in my life finds problems in me and they keep poking me up for things.

Ritu was also shocked, she took it as a mission to solve that girl’s problem to help her find the right perspective of life. She practiced some tools and techniques that are required to identify the root of her problems.

After this procedure, she discovered that it was not people who blame her, it was her own mind. Ritu Singal identified that the girl was not confident enough and she always put a question mark on everything that she did.

The question was – Can I Do It?

And when we used to fail, she put the blame on others that they don’t like her that is why they never appreciate her. She was not ready to face the criticism and when she had to. She used to run away from the problems.

After identifying the root of her problem, Life Coach Ritu Singal helped her using her mind skills strengthening program and taught her to improve her thought process and her perspective of looking and understanding things.

Ritu Singal says, ‘You cannot change the people around you or the situations. But, you can change yourself and build yourself so strong that you can handle and fight such issues easily’.

Her straightforward approach of positivity and skill strengthening aims at building mental immunity. This helped the girl build herself in such a way and that her counselling resulted in her success. She later became the CEO of her company and distributed her positivity and her skills strengthening formula with her employees as well.

There are many people out there who face similar issues that affect badly on their mind and mental immunity. And if these issues are not resolved properly they lead to building negativity around the world and also promotes diseases like anger, aggression, anxiety, depression, etc.

Here at our platform, Life Coach Ritu Singal helps people who face such issues and resolve their issues by building their mental immunity and positivity.

But before that, she believes in finding the root of the problems. If you are also facing the same issues then, you must identify the root of your problems by reading


                                                                                                                  Why Does It Happen?


Everything that we do, and we think is related to our brain. Our body reacts to the vibrations that are sent and comprehended by our brain and based on these vibrations, all our activities are planned.

We never even notice this right?

That’s true, it’s an ongoing process and never stops until our death.

Sometimes, many people get stuck in these problems and start building negativity from their childhood itself, some build it in their schools with friends or with their parents, our thought process changes every minute according to the situation.

Major problems occur when people fail in crisis management, stress management, anger management, visualization, brain exercises, etc and lose hope in the life circumstances.

If a parent scolds a child, the child thinks his parent doesn’t love him. But, he/she will never identify the reason behind it.

Similarly while doing business, if we fail, we blame it on our luck but never think of the reason why it happened.

Where on the other side if a parent pushes a child towards growth, the child starts taking it as a criticism.

It’s a truth that a human tends to figure out the negative thought before thinking about the positive points in that particular situation.

In simple words, our mind is like a house, if we keep it clean, it will always be inviting and if not, nobody will look at it.

So, if we keep our minds filled with positivity, we can help ourselves, up to a great extent while with our thought process and can build our mental immunity.

Want to know the solutions?


                                                                                                                           Major Solutions


Mind Skills Strengthening counseling and coaching is a program to help those people who face such kinds of and mental health insecurities and tough process issues in their lives

Solutions can be useful for people when:

● They are facing criticism
● They Give up on all the things
● Fail in crisis management
● Get affected by other statements.
● Fear of getting judged.
● Don’t know anger and stress management.
● Not being able to channel their thoughts
● Facing conversational issues
● They have toxic friends.
● Having a vague vision of life and future/visualization problem
● Facing depression and overthinking
● Hormone imbalance
● They are not able to fight situations
● Fear from taking risks.

Here at our platform, we understand the problems of people and help them resolve their issues when they face criticism, get affected by the judgments, face anger problems, don’t know who to deal with stress, etc.

In order to build strong mental immunity and tackle the above-mentioned problems one must choose the below-mentioned solutions:

Take Counselling when these mental issues get worse and you are not able to resolve them on your own, then the right thing to do is to take help. It will help you to understand yourself and your thoughts.

Take one on one sessions with your coach, learn the facts, and inspire yourself to not give up. Help yourself and build a strong mental immunity to fight through it by not giving up.

Professional help can be a great help to people who face issues with thoughts, mental immunity, negativity, criticism, careers, and insecurities. Professionals use some tools and techniques to deal and help you out in finding the major problems you are dealing with yourself only.

Learn Anger management and improve your patience and understanding levels.

If you are facing the same issues then, you must take the right step by following the above-mentioned ways. So, make the right decision to avoid suffering the whole life with no confidence and mental immunity.

As a Life Coach and Author of the book “A Story Can Change Your Life”, Life coach Ritu Singal always wantedto create change for the better and also to help people see things and fight situations with the right perspective.

She aims at building the tier of mental immunity in the bike of a human body in which many people lackbehind and has practical experience in working with individuals who face the above-mentioned issues.

The aim of Life Coach Ritu Singal’s mind skills strengthening counseling program is to help individuals whoface major mental health issues, problems like criticism, depression, love, and toxic relationship issues, and have no vision in their life.

As Life Coach, Ritu Singal believes in changing and helping people to transform their lives in a positivedirection, she believes in identifying the root of their problem before directly jumping to the solutions.

There are major services and problems we cover in order to improve your mind skills strength every time by using our process of treating where we do some specific test and perform a suitable test to know the root of your problems. Our services cover:

● Anger management
● Crisis management
● Stress management
● Visualization
● Brain exercise



Our Services Can:

● Help you improve your anger levels.
● Help you with amazing brain exercises for better results
● Help you with your self-esteem and confidence levels
● Help you by providing a clear vision of life in crisis.
● Help you deal with tension issues happily and positively
● Help you improve your anxiety levels and hormones
● Help you Maintain your stress level

In order to deal with all the above-mentioned problems, our platform of mind skills strength coaching and counselling takes some specific tests to identify the roots of problems and after that, a proper step-wise-step procedure to deal with your problems is followed.

If you are facing any problems or you see your close one suffering from these problems, then, you must reach out for professional help.
Life coach Ritu Singal believes in turning the tables around.

So, achieve your mind skills strengthening goals by booking our mind skills strengthening session today.