Who is a Senior Management Consultant?

A senior management consultant is an experienced resource tasked with identifying and solving management issues within an organization. In general, a senior management consultant needs to have years of industry experience and an excellent insight into managerial and other processes. Backed by decades of relevant experience, the consultant researches and assesses various management processes within the company and formulate a strategy and a solution to tackle different issues and to improvement the systems, plans, processes and technologies.

A senior management consultant may also do financial and business analysis, and may lead a team of junior consultants in order to bring about changes in company policies and programs for better results.

How to Become a Senior Management Consultant?

A university degree followed by a Master’s in business administration or management or finance or accounting is almost mandatory. Besides, becoming a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) can help you stand out with additional credentials validating your consultancy skills. A successful senior management consultant requires certain analytical, communication, negotiation, technical and interpersonal skills to accomplish their responsibilities. Previous experience in other jobs can also help you become a Senior Management Consultant e.g. as Senior Project Manager, Senior Consultant or Project Manager.

Skills Required

Experience: Relevant industry experience will make you a better candidate.

Self-motivation and self-discipline: Must be self-motivated to complete work in a timely manner with minimal oversight.

Organizational skills: Very organized in their approach to solving problems and implementing solutions.

Analytical, problem solving, and critical thinking skills: Capable of absorbing a great deal of information about business, analyze data and make clear and useful recommendations.

Listening, verbal communication, and interpersonal skills: Must be diplomatic and effective communicators.

Creativity: Flexibility and creativity to handle any situations while implementing solutions.

What exactly does a Senior Management Consultant do?

A senior management consultant advises the top management on better ways of doing things within various departments. To accomplish it, senior management consultants have to be well versed in the company’s inner workings to advise which changes will work best. Typically, they work with business strategy, human resources, finance, design and information technology.

Example of some typical issues that a senior management consultant may have to deal with are – “Learn about the company’s business challenges and technologies to understand its needs,”, “Review financial statements, payroll information, or existing computer systems,” “Conduct training for employees at a variety of levels” and “Evolve a marketing strategy to disrupt an already started market”.

To discharge their duties, they have to work closely with the company staff, management and senior stakeholders. Therefore, excellent communication skills (both oral and written) are a must to effectively communicate at various levels of the company. Senior management consultants also have to travel to meet clients and collaborate with them about different problems and possible solutions for increased profits, better systems, and improved efficiency.

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