Transforming Lives With Work Counselling

Many times, in an office atmosphere, we listen to this one sentence for like a hundred times. Which says. “I am resigning, There’s a lot of politics in this office”

Recently, Life Coach Ritu Singal encountered a situation of an employee who got offended in a meeting with one of his seniors. When she received the resignation letter, she identified the root of the problem of that employee.

The reason behind the employee’s resignation was the behavior of his senior that affected him so much that he was ready to leave his own job. But, that was not the wise decision according to the Business Coach Ritu Singal

Keeping the position of a boss aside, she as a business coach promotes learning and helping people to make the right decisions.

She asked the employee a question, ‘what will you do, if your father will scold you the same way your senior did? Will you leave the house?’

The answer to the question was obvious ‘NO’.

With confusion, the employee stood still on his decision to resign, but right after a few minute conversations with the business coach, he changed his decision.

Business Coach Ritu Singal explained to him some business and job advice that helped him change his thoughts toward business and job ethics.

She explained that politics is not in the offices, it’s our mind that keeps this filter of office politics and hierarchy. Even if anybody feels the power of a senior, one should adore it and enjoy the learning process.

She said, ‘A wall is made up of bricks, similarly an office is a wall whose bricks are its employees, and making a place in that office wall being the strong brick depends on an employee’

Leaving the place is never a solution, fighting with the situation is. Every day, a lot of people go through this phase of resigning their jobs because of many reasons.

It can be work stress, strict boss issues, work conflicts, time management, etc.

If you think, your job is not good or you want to change your job, one must keep one thing in mind that all the offices mostly have a similar working process and culture.

Here at our platform, we offer reliable and trustworthy solutions to all your work-related problems. But before jumping to the solutions, we aim at identifying the actual reason behind that one problem.

Do you want to know the obvious reasons?

Read below:

Why Does It Happen?

Individuals spend almost 33% of their grown-up lives at work, and working environment issues are a typical wellspring of worry for some. It is difficult to have a working environment where everybody’s jobs, desires, and characters work totally together, without a struggle. In that capacity, certain working environment issues may cause negative mental manifestations.

Similarly, every person at a workplace has a different level of knowledge, work experience, wages, position. When different minds and different levels of knowledge are applied at a workplace then clashes are meant to happen and it is the normal issue faced in every office.
Sometimes employees face efficiency issues, and time management issues in which they fail to complete the deadline and face boss prejudice problems. They face
 such problems because of the below-mentioned reasons:

– They are not confident
– They lack knowledge
– The filter of being dominated as a junior
– They are not organized
– Have a strict boss
– Fear of losing the job.
—Lack of flexibility at a job.
– Work stress and anxiety.
– They don’t know how to deal with office politics
– Time management
– Not being able to complete the deadlines.

There are many other issues people face related to the work environment and cultures. While facing such issues people tend to lose hope and give up on their jobs.

But that’s not the solution. Life Coach Ritu Singal believes in ‘Give Up Or Fight Back’ and provides amazing life solutions and work tips to people who face such problems.

Here at our platform, we help individuals improve such issues and lead them to the pathway of success and assist them with their causes of job satisfaction problems at offices.

Usually, people don’t manage their anger and react to tiny issues very badly. In such cases, counseling/ coaching can assist them in improving their capacities,interests, and needs and discover answers for work problems and causes of job satisfaction issues.

Conflict management is very important in resolving these issues is very important in order to grow in every aspect of life and maintain a work and personality balance at the workplace. And if not resolved, these people may fail in the life test as the lack of such skills and work ethics and values lead to a steep downfall in
the career pathway.

Major SolutionsUsing

Using a focused approach of dealing with the problems from its root helps people identify their inner power and problems. Business coach Ritu Singal not only helps them to resolve their problems but also helps them to grow and succeed as per their goals by keeping in mind their job growth.
There are major tools and techniques in order to deal with such kinds of issues. These ways of dealing with problems through all kinds of counseling programs are fully tested and safe.

In order to lead and survive in any kind of advanced business atmosphere, it is very important to learn the amazing business ethics and learn things like time management, how to handle work stress, team building ascites, corporate counseling, and should learn to deal with corporate team building activities.

If nothing helps, then take professional help by choosing:

Take Counselling when these issues get worse and you are not able to resolve them on your own, then the right thing to do is to take help. It will help you to understand yourself and your thoughts but will help you improve your work situations to a great extent.

Take one on one sessions with your coach, learn the facts, and inspire yourself to not give up your job ever. Help yourself and learn to love your work, by finding exciting ways to deal with it and also learn how to fight with worse work situations smartly.

Professional help can be a great help to people who face issues with their confidence and work interest issues. Professionals use some tools and techniques to deal and help you out in finding the major problems you are dealing with and teach you the work to bring out the best in you.

So, make the right choice and must get help from your trusted business coach Ritu Singal to avoid sudden work decisions, and learn skills to handle office scenarios on your job.

Our platform of Life Coach Ritu Singal offers amazing work counseling and coaching for people and helps them to improve their job and work dysfunctions, with no work growth issues, boss prejudice issues, etc.

Why Ritu Singal?

Being an entrepreneur, business coach Ritu Singal uses different techniques and exercises that ensure to help people with their job and work-related problems as a whole which includes all the work and job issues such as time management, efficiency, work stress, and management, etc.

The platform ‘Life Coach Ritu Singal’ makes sure to keep all the information and problems shared by any individual confidential.
She is an experienced business entrepreneur handling more than 500employees. Being a life coach is a cherry on the cake that she understands all her employee’s psychology and thoughts. Which makes her the best suit to

Counsell people who face major work issues.

Our workplace counseling and coaching not only involves the solution of work issues but also inspires and motivates people to prioritize the facework and how to not give up on your job very easily.

There are major services and problems we cover in order to help people with their work issues and career perspective and job insecurities of an individual. As a certified life coach, Ritu Singal has mentored more than 10,000 people around the world in 14 different countries and render amazing workplace counseling and coaching the below-given area:

No growth

● Non-Congenial environment
● Politics in office
● Boss prejudices
● Time management
● Being unhappy in the current job


Our Services Can:
● Guarantee to help you with your job problems
● Improve your efficiency levels
● Resolve issues related to career confusions
● Make you confident
● Help you to make efficient decisions in life
● Help you grow conflict resolution strategies
● Help you establish a healthy relationship with the boss.
● Helps to inspire and to handle work politics
● Teach you to meet the deadlines
● Help you manage your time.

If you are facing any kind of work issues especially in the time this Corona pandemic and facing the fear of losing your job or you are unhappy with your job culture.

Then, Don’t worry!

Our platform uses major tools and techniques to find the root problems because of which you lack in your job field.
Make the right choice by choosing Business Coach Ritu Singal as your work coach and grasp her amazing ways of dealing with issues in a positive approach to transform lives.

So, don’t waste your time and transform the impossible with our workplace counselling sessions.