As a Counsellor

Brief Profile As a Counsellor

She is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Arfeen Khan’s Coach to Fortune

The John Maxwell Team.

She is having vast experience of counseling people of all ages and background Nationally/Internationally. From adolescents, adults and senior citizens she is been instrumental in encouraging approx 5000 of them.

Ritu is well versed in working with issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal communication, anger management, grief and loss, life transition, domestic violence, and spiritual empowerment and work performance.

Ritu singal has worked with individuals, couples and families as well in team and group setting. Her practice is centered on the premise that all have an amazing capacity for self healing within us and she believes in the inherent potential of each human to find solution to their problems in order to fully heal and empower their lives. Ritu Singal has specialized skills in brief solutions/ individual focused therapies as well as in Transformational Life Coaching. She is been recognized and appreciated for her individualized approach in working with clients and her ability to inspire and bring about such changes in personality/ leaderships abilities/coaching techniques of youth by giving motivational lecturers in various institutions, corporates, universities including prestigious institution of India, Banaras Hindu university.


We want to help humanity to connect to the power within. Because it is established fact and belief that the solution to so many of our challenges- whether its our own unrealized desires, interpersonal relationship social issues, corporate competition, unsuccessful ventures, feeling of incompetence is already inside us.

Life Coach Ritu Singal

Through this life coaching I want you to come, face to face with the opportunities around you to become truly happy.

1) Personality counseling

  • Communication skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Skills of making friends
  • Listening skills
  • Resolving dispute skills
  • Leadership ability anxiety

2) Mind Skills/strengthening

  • Creating right perceptions
  • Crisis management
  • DNA of success

3) For youth

  • Career issues
  • Insecurities
  • Relationship Problems
  • No vision About future
  • Depression

4) Work counseling

  • No growth
  • Non-Congenial environment
  • Politics in office
  • Boss prejudices
  • Being unhappy in current job
  • Time management

5) Counseling children

  • Learning disability
  • Emotionally Disturbed
  • Insecurities treatment broken families/ single parent issues
  • No interest in studies
  • Loner childhood
  • Non understanding parents

6) Corporate / Entrepreneurship counseling

  • Speaking
  • Leadership
  • Finance management
  • Stagnancy in business
  • Bad business ethics
  • For employee employer relationship
  • Efficiency & performance
  • Conflict management

4) Work counseling

  • No growth
  • Non-Congenial environment
  • Politics in office
  • Boss prejudices
  • Being unhappy in current job
  • Adjustments with spouse, sexual adjustments, in Laws adjustments.

8) Family & old age counseling

  • Family counseling
  • Dealing with sickness
  • Having troublesome child
  • Family property disputes
  • Family interpersonal relationship
  • Old parent problem
  • Extramarital relationship
  • Abusive marriage