Transforming Lives With Youth Counselling

In today’s time, we see people and children, especially the youth, facing a lot of issues alone. People belonging to the age group of 13to 30 years face most of the problems. Sometimes, we forget about all the good things we have in our lives and hold on to the things we want. The imbalance between the youth’s needs and their wants sometimes leads to major problems.

Due to the modernization and trends, teenagers nowadays followmand adapt to the thing that goes on around them. And when they fail in doing so, or they lack then, these kinds of situations result in depression, insecurities, problems, conflicts, etc.

In order to state an example from the experiences of Life Coach Ritu Singal, “There was one well-to-do family, who loved their child very much that never ever thought of what happened to them. Suddenly one day, after coming from school, their child was very irritated.

When the parents asked him about what happened to his mood (because the child never behaved like that before), the child didn’t reply. Instead, he got angry and left the room. The same situation kept going for many days.

When the parents tried to inquire about the situation, they found that the child was taking some sort of drugs by coming under the influence of his school’s friend. The situation here becomes so tense for the parents as the child and the other children of the youth have taken the wrong step.

They tried so hard while correcting the child that the parents were very disturbed because there was no change in his behavior and activities.
They took various precautions and major medicines, but nothing helped the child because it was in his mind.

After trying all the solutions the parents ended up contacting Life Coach Ritu Singal, who took the major test and used different techniques to improve the mental state of the child and helped with by coaching him the values of life and importance of life again.”

Similarly, a girl required counselling from life coach Ritu Singal when she failed the examination of architecture twice. She lost all the hope for being able to ever choose the right path and achieve success. But when she discovered herself through the tests and techniques of life coaching by Ritu Singal, she overcame many of her complexes, she retained her focus, she started building her confidence, and by the end of
her counselling program, she had changed and transformed herself completely.

As a result, she worked so hard as an architect that she represented India in Rio as the best architect. She says, ‘She will be eternally grateful to Ritu Singal’.

Many children like this are stuck in the trap of either thoughts, fears, careers, or insecurities of their life. Some have no life goals and no vision of career and face various insecurities.

Looking at the situations of society we discovered that the need for youth counseling in many areas of the world is very important.

Believing in the way of Life Coach Ritu Singal, It is very important to identify the root of the problem before providing the solutions.

In order to find the root of such kind of problems continues reading:


                                                                                                                           Why Does It Happen?


There are many reasons why youth face such issues but the main problems arise from within. The problems faced by the youth start from
their childhood and they usually hold on to those things for a long time that results in them taking wrong decisions like drug addiction,
dysfunctional mental behavior, anger issues, complex issues, career insecurities, relationship problems, etc.

Sometimes, these people take life-taking decisions at the time when they face love and relationship problems. These situations arise due to
their age and attractions that these people get from the opposite sex and later when their desires and wants are not fulfilled for any reason,
they tend to commit suicide and go into depression and many more things.

Where one of the main reasons behind this kind of youth problem is not keeping the child in control by the parents. Kids and youth who are
encountering social, emotional, and additionally relationship troubles start from their family. In simple words, children learn what they see.

The major career insecurities issues happen when the child is not sure about what they want in their lives and what is their goal. And
sometimes they have a goal but not the pathway.

So, in these cases, the child and the youth seek help and need solutions for their questions that generate while processing such activities.

If you think, your child, friend, or any close person suffering from such kind of problems in their life, then do not take such things for granted and help them with the solutions and never ignore such problems and they can be small when seen but have very bad results.

Eager to know the solutions?



                                                                                                                               Major Solutions


Youth counseling and coaching is a program to help those people who face such kinds of life insecurities and issues in their lives.

Youth counseling accepts that all kids and youth need a connection with family or other positive good examples that enable them to develop. It is essential so as to give direction, aim, and goals for their life. Counseling and helping youth will thus prompt sound connections and develop grown-ups.

Solutions can be useful for youth or juvenile when:

● Facing issue in family life or structure
● Adjusting to troublesome feelings and circumstances at home and at school
● Facing conversational issues
● Not Sure about your career
● Having a vague vision of life and future
● Facing depression
● Suffering from incompatible relationships.
● Living in emergency circumstances
● Hormone imbalance

Here at our platform, we understand the requirements and worries of kids and youth are entirely different than those of grown-ups. The help we offer will incorporate measures to manage these distinctions in the following way…

Take Counselling when these youth issues get worse and you are not able to resolve them on your own, then the right thing to do is to take
help. It will help you to understand yourself and your thoughts. Also for the other family members, it helps everybody to learn the importance of a family.

Take one on one sessions with your coach, learn the facts, and inspire yourself to not give up your relationships. Help yourself and secure your career to fight through it by not giving up.

Professional help can be a great help to people who face issues with relationships, careers, and insecurities. Professionals use some tools and
techniques to deal and help you out in finding the major problems you are dealing with yourself only.

So, make the right choice and must get help from your trusted sources to avoid devastating youth issues and to keep your mind peaceful and
immune to fight situations in life.

Why Ritu Singal?

Life Coach Ritu Singal offers astonishing youth counselling services tothe children and youth to help with their major issues in their life and
career path and helps individuals to change their mindset and visiontowards life in such a way that one gets to inspire and fondlyimproves him/herself.

The aim of Life Coach Ritu Singal’s youth counseling program is to help individuals who face major career issues, problems like
depression, love, and relationship issues, and have no vision in their life.

Story of Life Coach Ritu Singal’s own daughter is not less than an example, who didn’t believe in herself that she is capable of doing
medical or non-medical and ended up taking humanities. When discovering her psychologically, Life Coach Ritu Singal inspired her to
choose the right path and perspective.


Now she is about to become a doctor and has amazing skills in playing tennis, dancing, singing, writing, etc. She is an author as well at such a young age. Being a parent, it depends on parents as well to keep a check on their children’s decision and help them by showing them the
right vision if somewhere they see any hurdle coming up.

Similarly, she offers an important understanding of your youngster’s social, enthusiastic, and emotional wellness. We oversee and interface
with individuals, helping them in settling issues, and guaranteeing their emotional and passionate needs are being understood.

Life Coach Ritu Singal has practical experience in working with individuals who face issues like depression, anxiety, fears of losing, career
insecurities, etc.

Talking to the clients and their families, meeting with them consistently, and referring them for other social services are a portion of our youth counseling program.

As Life Coach, Ritu Singal believes in changing and helping people to transform their lives in a positive direction, she believes in identifying the root of their problem before directly jumping to the solutions.

There are major services and problems we cover in order to improve your life insecurities and fears of missing out every time by using our
process of treating where we do some specific test and perform a suitable test to know the root of your problems.

Our services cover:
● Career issues
● Insecurities
● Relationship Problems
● No vision About future
● Anxiety
● Fear of losing
● Depression

Our Services Can:
● Help you build strong relationships with people
● Help you cure depression with amazing fun lovings activities
● Help you with your self-esteem and confidence levels
● Help you by providing a clear vision of life
● Help you with the amazing career option of your choice
● Help you deal with major family issues happily and positively
● Help you improve your anxiety levels and hormones
● Help you Maintain your stress level

In order to deal with all the above-mentioned problems, our platform of coaching and counselling takes some specific tests to identify the roots of problems and after then a proper procedure to deal with your problems step-wise-step is followed.

If you are facing any problems or you see your close one suffering from these problems, then, you must reach out for professional help.

Life Coach Ritu Singal believes in transforming lives to achieve the impossible, so, if you want to turn the table around and want to achieve your goals then book your session today.