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Counselling Of Families – Need of Society

A loving and caring family is a boon. Lucky are those who have a family to support and look after you. Family is one that eats together, Sleep together and stays together. But sometimes issues arise among the family members also. These issues can be out of misunderstandings or lack of communication also. One or another member may feel inferior or left alone.
Parent Child Relationship

Ritu Singal says that Number of issues may be causing family problems and may seem that nothing can “fix” it. But if one or more members adjust their attitude towards the situation and try to find out solutions to make things better.

What is the family counselling?

It is a kind of therapy involving the whole family. It is a process of acknowledging all the family members together. The counsellor provides you confidential, Unbiased and non-judgmental support and advice. Every member has the right to express his feelings and put his or her view in front of the counsellor. The members share their problems and seek solutions for the same.

Some incidents or happenings affect the family deeply and need to be sought as soon as possible. Deprivation, Divorce, Job loss, Moving to a new place, Bad debt may be some of the reasons that may deeply affect a family’s happiness and well-being. Some or other may find it difficult to adjust with the situation and thus feel depressed and isolated.

What are the different types of family problems?

Families are a source of love, support, motivation and help. Small ups and downs are common within the family but sometimes some major issues arise that spoil the relationship sets among the members.

  1. Step family: It takes time to adjust and consolidate with a stepfamily. Differences of opinion and the myths and rumors in a society deeply affect the relations. These challenges can be easily brought to natural by the expert advice of the counsellor.
  2. Parenting issues: Communication gap and generation gap are the two major reasons of family distress and unhealthy relationships. Adjustment and understanding are essential to foster a relationship. The children also may start misbehaving due to bad company, bullying or some bad experiences. The counsellor listens to all the aspects and makes a plan to solve the concerned issue accordingly.
  3. Financial issues: Monetary losses in business or the loss of a job may create a lot of distress and affect the relationship equation among the family members. The process of complaining and bullying each other becomes common. Also, fights and arrogance spoil all the family terms. Family counselling becomes important in such a situation to save the family from separation.
  4. Changes in family structure to bereavement: Family responsibilities and the role of members changes due to the sudden death of a member of the house. Also sometimes people are unable to come out of grief and shock. Thus counselling is needed that could help lessen the pain and make people understand the situation and unite the family again.
  1. Separation due to divorce: It not only affects the partners but the children and the family on the whole. With the help of questionnaires and communication under expert guidance, the gaps can be filled and the misconceptions can be sorted out.

How can family counselling help you?

Kids and teens often resist the idea of sharing anything with someone they are not comfortable with.

Sharing the experience she had with one teenage girl who was facing the consequences of severe depression.

That girl had refused to see any counselor because of the notion that parents had that she was “broken” and needed “fixing.”

When her mother told the issue to the Life Coach, she suggested using the following idea about what she does and how she does it –

“Coaching is a team effort, which would help you learn to navigate your thoughts’ maze with new tools. She will participate with you in a few exercises, and you’ll have fun with your coach.”

As they worked together and built a relationship, she realized that her client was in deep depression and suggested counselling sessions for more profound healing.

It is a holistic program and proved to be highly effective. All the members express their views and feelings frankly in front of the expert counsellor. He listens to all the aspects and tries to understand the root cause of the problem. Depending upon the established psychological theories he then tries to bridge the gap between the family members. Continuous communication helps to solve the misunderstandings and form a better opinion about one other. According to the preferences and opinion of everybody, the counsellor formulates a new plan and pattern of living  which helps the family to live happily.


An unhealed wound becomes an ulcer if not treated on time. A lot of changes continue to occur in our life that affects the equations of our relations and the family as a whole. But whatever the issue is family counselling can help you come out of it and sort out the differences together.
Ritu singal