Frequently Asked Questions

One session to six sessions and rest depends on the intensity of the situation, problem, mindset.

All areas of your life. The website describes the areas it covers.


  • It’s a journey from disempowerment to empowerment
  • Hopelessness to hope
  • Indecisiveness to making decisions
  • Negative mindset to positive
  • A transformative changes within and without

Yes, without any doubt .

No good doctor will force you to get treatment done from him only. You have to trust, persevere and follow the Life Coach counselling before you decide whether it’s actually effective or not.

Life coaching is not a tablet to be eaten for temporary cure, when you have a headache. It’s to identify the deep rooted infection and try finding treatment for this.

As you need a guide to plan your trip efficiently and effectively to unknown place, similarly we need a guide/coach to find a way during this arduous journey of life which throws unexpected situations and surprises. On top of it, our mind is so fickle that it does not rest and constantly contemplating, more so with fear, insecurities and egos… who will help us to achieve personal excellence, highest potential and true happiness. Especially the one who has been to this arduous unknown journey and come out victorious.

Generally when we are in physical pain or hurt, we immediately seek a medical practitioner and want to cure ourselves, RIGHT??

But why we don’t want to deal with hurt and pain of our mind. We live, walk, work and sleep with this agony.

So once you understand the need of a Life Coach.

Then it’s up to a good Life Coach to analyse and address to your problems to achieve your goal of happy and successful life.