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A Startup is a youthful organization established by at least one business person to build up an exceptional item or support and put it up for sale to the public. By its temperament, a startup is a string activity, that ties up the initial investments from inside the family or natives.Story of

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is a great example of startups and businesses when it comes to establishing a startup from its roots. Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder of PAYTM, an Indian startup founded in 2010 with the aim of creating a gateway of online billing system as a substitute for ATM.

ATM stands for ‘Automatic Teller Machine’, where PAYTM, on the other hand, stands for Pay Through Mobile.

The idea of starting a program like PAYTM was always a dream for Vijay Shekhar Sharma. He started working from his college days only. He started from developing a website and then sold it after two years. Then in the year 2000, he started one97 with his knowledge from Electronics & Communication Engineering. One97 later became the parent company when he established PAYTM as his program.

Just like many of us, it was not easy for Vijay to collect the funds and invest. But, he worked on a part-time job to generate money for his own program and for his employee’s salary. His zeal and belief of never giving up helped him and showed him the ways to establish the billion-dollar program named PAYTM.

In this case, Vijay had that zeal, skills, and power to deal and manage with the situations that were occurring while he was crossing his pathway.

But, there are many people out there, who are facing issues generating money and establishing their own business. Many housewives struggle a lot to find the right platform to showcase their skills and usually fail. This is one of the main reasons behind the lack of startups in India.

As a business coach and life coach Ritu Singal always wanted to help individuals with their business and teach them amazing skills and ways of generating income through their own set of skills.

Recently, Business Coach Ritu Singal coached a man from Tri-City – The city beautiful, who was struggling with life because of the corona pandemic as he lost his job and had no hope for the new job because of the country lockdown. Earlier he was getting a particular amount of money for his survival as salary but because of the corona, financial levels of many people around the country went crazy.

The same happened with the man, who ended up taking counselling from Life Coach Ritu Singal because of the financial stress and depression he was going through. As per the and transforming system of life coach Ritu Singal, she identified and promoted his stress towards the establishment of a startup.

He was very interested in cooking and playing with kitchen ingredients and it was the only thing that gave him happiness. Being foodie the ideas and options that emerged for him were what he always loved. With the startup counselling program of life coach Ritu Singal, he identified his own happiness and interests.

With this, he started a small restaurant at home and started supplying cooked food and provided home deliveries at the time of lockdown as well. He took all the major precautions that were required due to the corona pandemic, that people who were not eating outside, ordered his food, and loved it because of the quality.

Through this, he not only found a way towards growth but also earned it during the time of lockdown as well. The transforming sessions form the Business Coach Ritu Singal, made him achieve the impossible.

There are many people who face the same problem like job loss, business shutdowns, some are bankrupts, no income generations, a housewife who doesn’t have skills, etc.

Looking at the situation of society, Life Coach Ritu Singal took a mission to improve these people and create a better future for them. Considering all the abovementioned situations, She introduced a Startup Business Blueprint Program to let all of them achieve the impossible just like the man with food startup Vijay Shekhar Sharma did.

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Before that, you must know the reasons why people are facing such issues…

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Why It Happens

During a career growth, every individual faces failures as well as success. All of them cover the same journey but their working level and situations behind their failures are different.

Just like housewives, who are capable of achieving anything in their life, but they lack marketing skills which stop them from entering the corporate and business world. Where on the other side, people who lose their jobs, went bankrupt and face major issue while growing their business because of the lack of business ethics, etc,

Sometimes people face issues while running a business and their business got shut due to some business deficiencies in which they fail to achieve the business goals and face a major loss.

These people face such problems because of the below-mentioned reasons:

– Females hesitate of the male-dominated society.
– They are not confident
– They lack knowledge
– They are not organized
– They lack in business ethics
– They face job loss
– They are afraid to take risks
– Work stress and anxiety.
– They don’t know about work values
– Fear of losing
– Not feeling capable of achieving goals.

There are many other issues people face related to career and future work and business. While facing such issues people tend to lose hope and give up on their life because usually, due to these problems they lack the money supply. To live in a money-oriented society, not being able to survive is the biggest problem people are facing due to the Corona Virus and low economic levels of the country.

Tired of these situations, people give up and get involved in various mental disorders that lead to dangerous results as anxiety, depression, suicide, anger, violence,etc.

But that’s not the solution. Life Coach Ritu Singal believes in ‘Give Up Or Fight Back’ and provides amazing life and business solutions to these people through her startup business blueprint program she helps them grow and improve their business skills to identify their interests in order to establish any startup.

Here at our platform, Life coach Ritu Singal helps individuals improve such issues and lead them to the pathway of success and assist them with their business and income problems in life.

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                                                                                                              Major Solutions

Using a focused approach of dealing with the problems from its root helps people identify their inner power and problems. Business coach Ritu Singal not only helps them to resolve their problems but also helps them to grow and succeed as per their goals by keeping in mind their business growth.

There are major tools and techniques in order to deal with such kinds of issues. These ways of dealing with problems through all kinds of business and startup counselling programs are fully tested and safe.

Here at our platform, Life Coach Ritu Singal provides a vision to people by identifying their interests and by teaching them the major set of skills which is very much important in order to lead and survive in any kind of advanced business atmosphere.

There are various activities one can perform to lead the growth life by learning new business and marketing strategies just by sitting at home but If nothing helps, then take professional help by choosing:

Take Counselling when these issues get worse and you are not able to resolve them on your own, then the right thing to do is to take help. It will help you to understand yourself and your thoughts but will help you improve your life and economic situations to a great extent.

Take one on one sessions with your coach, learn the facts, and inspire yourself to not give up on your life and learn the major set of skills and help yourself to explore the ways of generating money and establishing a new business.

Professional help can be a great help to people who face issues with their confidence and work interest issues. Professionals use some tools and techniques to deal and help you out in finding the major problems you are dealing with within your business and teach you the skills to bring out the best in you.

So, make the right choice and must get help from your trusted business coach Ritu Singal to lead the success and growth-oriented journey by generating a good amount of money.

Our platform of Life Coach Ritu Singal offers amazing work counseling and business coaching for people and helps them to improve their job and business dysfunctions, with no work growth issues, etc.

Being an entrepreneur, business coach Ritu Singal uses different techniques and exercises that ensure tohelp people with their business and income supply problems as a whole. The platform ‘Life Coach RituSingal’ makes sure to keep all the information and problems shared by any individual confidential.

She herself faced a lot of struggles in her life when she lost her husband at such a young age. The coveredthe journey of a housewife turned an entrepreneur by covering the loan of60 crores. She faced hersituations with and received the prestigious award for being the ‘Women entrepreneur of the year 2011’.

Her journey is an example that depicts clearly that she is a perfect suit for all kinds of Startups counsellingas she has covered the same journey herself and can help people more efficiently and effectively. Her life experiences of work and startups are a great help for people who face the same issues as mentioned above.

Her startup counselling and coaching program not only involves the solution of business issues but also inspires and motivates people to identify their interests and startups establishment ways.

There are major services and problems we cover in order to help people with their business issues and career perspectives. As a certified life coach, Ritu Singal has mentored more than 10,000 people around the world in 14 different countries and render amazing startup counselling and coaching the below-given area:


● Business Shutdown
● Job Loss Issues
● Women Entrepreneurship
● Startup Programs
● Business skills counselling
● Self-Identification
● Skills to master your mind.

Our Services Can:
● Guarantee to help you with your money generation problems
● Improve your business efficiency levels
● Resolve issues related to career confusions
● Make you confident
● Help you to make efficient decisions in life
● Help to establish new business startups
● Helps to build business skills and values
● Helps women with major skills and marketing programs

If you are facing any kind of business issues just like the man with a food startup faced earlier.

Then, Don’t worry!

Our platform uses major tools and techniques to find the root problems because of which you lack in your business.

Make the right choice by choosing Business Coach Ritu Singal as your Start-up coach and grasp her amazing ways of dealing with issues in a positive approach to transform lives.

So, don’t waste your time and transform the impossible with our Startup counselling sessions.