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Stubborn Child

If you think only your child is stubborn, let me tell you that one out of every three children is a stubborn child. Stubbornness can be demonstrated by children of any age, from toddlers to teenagers.  A stubborn child does not agree to change his or her behavior or attitude, no matter how much you try. How you manage and treat a stubborn child is what matters!

Stubborn Child

A child is said to be stubborn when he or she does not have a reason behind their rude and stagnant attitude. Such kids will never listen to you and especially do the thing they are told not to do. This behavior can even sometimes harm them.

Problems with a stubborn child

  • Attention seekers: Most of the time, a stubborn child behaves this way when he or she feels ignored. Children adopt a stubborn mannerism to show their presence and seek your attention until it becomes a lifestyle.
  • I’ll do the opposite kids: Some kids try to show their stubbornness by doing the exact opposite of what you asked them to do.

While at a party, I saw my friend struggling to stop her daughter from eating chips. The more she was asked to stop, the more she did the same thing.

Being frustrated my friend said, “I have been trying for the last two hours, but Ahana never listens.”

To this, I replied, “Give me just two minutes”.

Being a counsellor, I understood the child’s behaviour. I went to her daughter and said, “Ahana, finish these chips right now”. The little girl immediately stopped eating. Ahana’s mother was amazed to see how well I understood child psychology.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to understand the child and handle the situation accordingly.

How can our child counselling help?

You may have a toddler who throws the food away in anguish or a grown six-year-old child who thinks he is too old to listen or obey you.

Child counselling will help you and your child both. Certified Life Coach, Ritu Singal counselling service is a specialist when it comes to child counselling.

I believe each child is different and each child needs a different type of guidance. Being a mother to two daughters, I have raised them to be independent and excellent in education and co-curricular activities.

I understand child psychology well and can help your child. Even if your child is stubborn, we will find out their best qualities and let those qualities take over all the other attributes.

I use ingenious ways to discover the best version of a child. Our stubborn child counselling is potent and valuable. I find the roots of the problems and help both the parents and the child.

Our experience and expertise talk for us. Our child counselling sessions are designed to help you and your child form an understanding bond.

You will notice colossal changes in your child with our child counselling.

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