4 Success Stories Of Problems Facing Women Entrepreneurs

4-Success Stories Of Problems Facing Women Entrepreneurs

4 Success Stories Of Problems Facing Women Entrepreneurs

“Problems Facing Women Entrepreneurs Become Successful Business Women”

Success is an abstract word that is seen by the position of a person at the point, But, usually what is neglected between the success and a woman as an entrepreneur is the hard work. Achieving success is not easy but when it is achieved with the right way of hard work and compassion, nobody can stop women from reaching her goal. But the problems facing women entrepreneurs are never recognized by their hard work ever. 

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There are 51% of women entrepreneurs who run or own a business according to the recent report of 2017 by various economists and sociologists. Many newspapers and magazines every day cover the success stories of the women entrepreneurs who generate million and trillions of turnovers every year and provide employment opportunities to other people. But they rarely cover the problems facing women entrepreneurs. 


In this blog, you will learn about the stories of various problems facing women entrepreneurs who are running a business independently and also their success stories. 

Being a Life Coach and entrepreneur Ritu Singal always believes in inspiring people and highlighting the stories of those who fought for their success and their position today. 

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Role Of Women Entrepreneurs

self role of women

A woman has to play multiple roles from being a housewife, to a mother, to a daughter to a community member to an entrepreneur. 

Since the 21st century, the status of women in India has been changing subsequently to developing industrialization and urbanization. Throughout the years, an ever-increasing number of women are going in for advanced education, specialized and proficient instruction, and their extent in the workforce has likewise been expanded.

With the scope of education and awareness, ladies have substituted from the kitchen, handicrafts, and traditional home industries to non-traditional higher levels of activities.  Indeed, even the administration has laid exceptional on the need for conducting special entrepreneurial training programs for women to enable them to empower them to begin their own endeavors. 

Women Entrepreneurs face a progression of issues directly from the earliest starting point until the endeavor capacities. Being a woman itself possesses different issues to woman entrepreneurship. The issues of Indian ladies relate to her duty towards family, society, and lion work.

The tradition, customs, socio-cultural values, ethics, motherhood subordinates to manage spouse and men, genuinely powerless, difficult work territories, the sentiment of uncertainty, can’t be extreme, and so on are some particular issues that the Indian ladies are running over while they hop into the business enterprise. 

Playing the role of mother, wife, daughter, community member, and entrepreneur, A woman takes care of all of her responsibilities properly despite all the problems of women entrepreneurship.

Following the same responsibilities and handling the same duties, The below-mentioned problems facing women entrepreneurs and their success stories are not less than examples for all the women out there. 

With the aim of inspiring all the women, read the below mention success stories of problems facing women entrepreneurs. 

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Success Stories Of Women Entrepreneurs 

growth of women

Since ages, women in India are relied upon to carry on with limited household life and they have been battling hard to dispose of these retrograding limitations. From attempting to break liberated from the shackles of social segregation, social inclination, labels of being mediocre sex to satisfy their duty of keeping up a home and a family, Indian women are currently at long last recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated for their new jobs of an entrepreneur. 

Demonstrating their imagination, assurance, and aptitudes, women today, have mastered the segments of retail, training, innovation, and social work. Motivated by their difficult work and assurance, we bring to you the success stories of effective and inspiring Indian Women Entrepreneurs. 


Find these amazing stories below:

Suchi Mukherjee – 

Suchi Mukherjee

Despite all the problems and challenges Suchi Mukerjee never gave up in her life. Belonging to a place where women are not allowed to work in the male-dominated society, the women entrepreneur always stood up for her dreams. 

An incident of her life explains her zeal when she presented her dreams in front of her mother, she got a reply with the word ‘ Sarvanash’ in Bengali with means ‘Debacle’. Even after receiving such kind of words the women never gave up on her self and proved that the girls can also stand up in the male-dominated society with her success story. 

The startup Limeroad was started in 2012 by Suchi Mukherjee along with her co-partners named Manish Saksena, Ankush Mehra, and Prashant Malik. The company has raised a funding of $20 Mn from Lightspeed venture partners, Matrix Partners, and Tiger Global.

Limeroad, a fashion discovery destination, provides users with the latest range of products and accessories, 80 percent of which are unique to their own portal. It has a product listing of over 200,000 products.

Aditi Avasthi – 

Aditi Avasthi

In the wake of moving on from Thapar University, Aditi got an MBA from the University of Chicago and established Embibe, in 2012. So as to disturb the instruction space in India, Embibe centers around innovation and information mix to assist understudies with getting ready for the serious assessments. 

The motivation to begin Embibe originated from Aditi’s own difficulties whilst she was taking serious tests route in 1999 and the absence of legitimate assets to help test arrangement at that time. Embibe centers around making a customized readiness routine for the client, utilizing innovation as a guide. In the wake of raising $4 Mn from Kalaari Capital and adventure support Lightbox, the Mumbai-based ed-tech startup had gained 100Marks, an understudy direction stage for JEE Main, Advanced and Medical, in an all money stock arrangement.

Rashi Menda – 

Rashi Gulati Menda

Two years ago, Rashi Menda would notice her wardrobe with a different collection of unopened, unworn shopping packs sitting on the floor – and still end up saying, ‘I don’t have anything to wear!’ Just like Rashi, a large number of Indian women stock their storage rooms with stuff worth more than one billion dollars consistently and still have nothing to wear. 

Needing to change that, Rashi felt free to dispatch Zapyle, an Instagram like style commercial center to find, sell, and purchase used designer clothing. 

Zapyle helps preloved garments and extras in finding new closets, so no one will ever feel that they don’t have anything to wear, but instead have a fabulous time wearing it. 

The startup has brought $1 Mn up in a subsidizing round this September. Rashi holds a BSc in Economics-Finance from the University of Minnesota, and before establishing Zapyle, she had worked with Ernst and Young in the Tax and Risk examination, and later for an internet business startup Unamia obliging attire for kids. 

Life Coach Ritu Singal – 

Life coach Ritu Singal

Lost husband in the year 2007 and covered under the debt of 6 crores gave birth to the inner entrepreneur of Life Coach Ritu Singal. Being a housewife she handled kids, house, family, and the scattered finances of the Raglan groups with her explicit zeal to achieve the impossible.

By putting in efforts and days of no food and sleep, today Raglan Group stands due to her efforts. She is a former life coach, who look to coach and inspire 1 million people from 14 different countries. 

Life Coach Ritu Singal has successfully mentored 10000 plus people through her life coaching and counselling programs. Life Coach Ritu Singal is a great example of a housewife turned entrepreneur. 

Conclusion – Just like we mentioned above that when success is visible, all the problems facing women entrepreneurs and their struggles are kept hidden and what speaks is their success. The success stories of these 4 marvelous women entrepreneurs, who faced many challenges in their lives, but still achieved the impossible. 

These women not only set the examples for being the most successful women entrepreneurs despite all the problems faced by them along with handling their responsibilities as a mother, daughter, wife, community member, etc. 

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