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“Every True Entrepreneur Is A Doer, Not A Thinker. And Their Mistakes Are The Proof Of Their Efforts”

Newspapers, magazines, etc. just tell us the number of women entrepreneurs who handle business independently. In the year 2017, around 51 percent of the women in the whole country were working and employing nearly 9 million people and generating $1.7 trillion in sales. But, these numbers are just one side of the story. Women Entrepreneurship has a lot more than this to do.

Women are still in the minority, and the obstacles faced by the women entrepreneurs who have established businesses are immense and totally different from their male partners and their accomplishment. To reveal insight into a portion of these problems of women entrepreneurship, must read the full blog out.

In this blog you will read:

  • Meaning of Entrepreneurship
  • Problems Of Women Entrepreneurship
  • Role of Women Entrepreneurs

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Meaning Of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship assumes a fundamental role in the development of any society. Improvement of women entrepreneurship culture and qualitative business services are the important requirements for modern development.
Entrepreneurship rises up out of a person’s imaginative soul into long haul business possession, work creation, capital arrangement, and financial security. Enterprising abilities are basic for industrialization and for easing of mass joblessness and poverty.

Women Entrepreneurship is where women sort out all the elements of production, embrace hazards, and give work to other people. The meaning of women entrepreneurship has always been separated based on sex and has always put limitations on women’s visionaries.

Being a women entrepreneur herself, Life Coach Ritu Singal has faced many problems in her life. She says the journey was not easy. But, just by perseverance, she fought with the hurdles of her journey to success.

After the death of her husband, she was blank as she only knew how to handle a family but handling business and entering the male dominant society was not easy for her at all.

But just with her positive attitude and efforts, she made it to her destinations and finished the loans of 60 crores from her company.

Being a housewife and a mother of two beautiful daughters she believed that if she can handle a family, kids, and all the household chores, she can handle a business also.

Just with the vision of achieving her destination, she faced many challenges in her life, just like many other women out there face.

Do you want to know these problems?

Problems Of Women Entrepreneurship

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Women Entrepreneur might be characterized as a woman or a gathering of women who improves the situation of economic activities.

At the end of the day, any woman or a gathering of women who start a business and run a business undertaking is known as a women entrepreneur.

As per the Government of India, women’s entrepreneurship visionary is characterized as a venture possessed and constrained by a lady and endeavor claimed or constrained by a lady to develop and improve the income generation.

But there are many problems they face during the whole process of running and handling a business alone and independently. These problems of women entrepreneurship are not easy to tackle but when there is a determination to
achieve the impossible like life coach Ritu Singal, then, nothing can stop you.

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Want to know the problems of women entrepreneurship?

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Male Dominant Society

The biggest obstacle to women entrepreneurship is that they are handled by women. A sort of male-dominant social order is the hindrance to them in their way towards business achievement. Male individuals think it a major risk financing the endeavors run by ladies.

Women V/s Women

Women barely connect with other ladies who are fruitful business entrepreneurs. This problem results in a negative effect on their systems management abilities.

Money Generating Issues

The women entrepreneurs are experiencing insufficient money related assets and working capital. Their business people need access to outside assets because of their powerlessness to give substantial security. Not many women have the chance and resources to establish the business again.

Family Commitments

Their family and individual commitments are one of the most improbable obstructions for prevailing in the business profession. A woman’s family commitments additionally bar them from running a successful and time-consuming business in both developed and developing nations. Having essential duty regarding kids, home and more established ward relatives, very less number of women can give all their time and energies to their business”

Lack Market Trust Level

Women lack trust in their quality and skill. The relatives and the general public are hesitant to remain close to their innovative development. They are basic with regards to themselves – can I truly do this, am I adequate, perhaps I need to find out additional, others can improve.

Advance Competition

Hardened competition in the market and the absence of portability of ladies make the reliance on women entrepreneurship on go-betweens vital. Another contention is that these businesswomen have low-level control aptitudes. They need to rely upon office staff and employees, to complete things, particularly, the showcasing and deals side of the business.


It is difficult to accept however women are as yet rewarded contrastingly in our general public. Women do get lower pay rates compared with men doing likewise work.

Being married, housewife, and a mother many women face problems as they lack confidence, knowledge, and whatnot. Similarly Life Coach Ritu Singal did.

Despite all these problems, she achieved what she wanted and set an example for all the other women entrepreneurs out there that even if there are thousands of hurdles in your journey to break you and to stop you, All you need to do is fight with them and move on in your success pathway.

She says, “Shaakh Se Jo Toot Jaye Hum Vo Pattian Nahi, Toofano Se Kaho Vo Apni Aukat Mein Rahe..”

As these lines explain her zeal and her willpower to deal and fight with all the situations in her success path, she also handled the role of women entrepreneurs completely.

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How Life Coach Ritu Singal Handles The Role Of Women Entrepreneurs?

As the term entrepreneurship refers to the process of running a business in order to generate profit. After the sudden demise of her husband in 2007, Ritu Singal ended up being an incredible Life Coach in the center of basic conditions. She cut a specialty for herself in the male-dominated world with her courageous methodology of striving things in support of herself in the midst of the most horrible conditions

Not surrendering to social weights, she went out of the house to demonstrate her courage. Realizing that to run the industry and to deserve admiration, she ought to be in fact sound.

So, Ritu set-out on abroad outings to learn creation procedures and won her representatives’ trust. She competed with Chinese items, a worldwide downturn, money related liabilities, and lawful issues with persistence and
her centered brain.

Ritu spearheaded her team from the front and ensured that a totally non-viable project of making synthetic leather has been brought to such a level that it could compete with countries like China presently.

Because of her imaginative soul, the organization has now wandered into the European market by making ecoaccommodating green leather. With her impressive undertakings and grand working style, she is taking the endeavor at its elevation with the fantasies woven by her late spouse and all Raglan family.

Today, Raglan Group stands tall just because of her uplifting mentality and elaborative endeavors.

She not only worked hard to become a women entrepreneur and work hard this much but, along with all this, she plays the role of women entrepreneur at its best by helping and valuing her employees.


In order to become an entrepreneur a woman might have a self role or personal role like a parent, wife, daughter, etc. but, their main role tends to focus on improving the living standards for women on education and personnel development. They might face the problems of women entrepreneurship and might fail in playing the role of women entrepreneurs, but if they follow the pathway of life coach Ritu Singal. They will definitely achieve the impossible.

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