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Social Counselling Services for Children and Young People

A person from 13 to 19 years of age is termed as a teenager. Most of the population belongs to this age group, and they have given lots of hope to them. We consider the children belonging to this age group to be the assets of the society. They need to be very active, minded, and productive.

Sarcastically our teenagers are facing a lot of problems. It has preoccupied them with   complications and dilemmas every day. Their age is such that neither they are too mature nor we can consider them babyish. We need to be aware and handle this tricky situation cautiously. Read: Parent and Child Relationship: All you need to know

Why contacting a child counsellor?

I have met many parents complaining about their children. Every day they undergo a distinct tension. Recently I heard a parent complaining that his child of 16 years of age has smoked. They were very tense and seeking the help of a counselor to help their child to come out of that unpleasant habit. They were thinking of contacting a child rehab center too. It was necessary to seek this habit at this age, otherwise it will be too late and will have many other effects.
Social Counselling

From my viewpoint, counseling is the best way to address youth problems. As the counselor is someone who first makes the child comfortable so much that he or she can trust him fully and share all his feelings and views. Counseling sessions are very successful and give the desired results. Teens have handled in such a cautious and skilled manner that the parents are very satisfied and leave their child wholeheartedly in the hands of the counselor.

As the era has changed the problems faced by the teens have also changed. Earlier, it related the issues to career and studies only. But now the struggles faced by them are varied and many. Some social issues are listed as under:

Bullying: The rising use of social media has made bullying more and more public and all-pervasive. The seniors often try to humiliate or torture the juniors. In fact, classmates also try to dominate or harass the newcomers. This is too stressful and depressing. Counseling sessions can help the child to share their feelings and come out of the trauma.

Intake of drugs and alcohol: Bad company and social media are major elements influencing teens to consume drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. The teens are becoming addicted to these things. This is not injurious to health but also diverts from career and family too. One must take the help of a counselor to help the child come out of this. He will make the child aware of its disadvantages and bad implications and come out of this with the help of mindful sessions and awakening courses.

Obesity: Teens prefer consuming junk food and beverages a lot. Pizza, burgers, cheesy items, mocktails and cold drinks have become their daily dietary food. But unfortunately, these foods are not at all nutritious. Rather, they are the biggest reason for obesity.

Also, the teens nowadays are occupied in studies and tuitions, therefore, they don’t take out time for exercises and yoga. This also adds up to obesity. Various medical problems like PCOD etc have become common in girls because of their lifestyles and eating habits. This is one of the major reasons for obesity among girls.

Motivating seminars and knowledge sessions conducted by the professionals and the counselors can help in generating awareness among the teens so they become sensitive towards their health on obesity. They must try to reduce their flabbiness and take immediate action to become fit physically so they can have a brighter future.

Academic pressure: The educational sector has become too complex and sophisticated. It conducts many types of courses and competitive exams all over. The vast syllabus and typical annexure have just over-pressurized the teens.

I feel that the teens are so over-burdened with the textbooks they have no time left to peep out and enjoy or spend time with themselves. Over-ambitious students become so engrossed in fighting this race that they become nothing but book worms and never learn how to be social and handle the realities of life.

Failure in academics makes them either over depressed and mad or they went to the wrong company. It is the parents who have to be aware and keep track of their children’s activities. Also, they can be given counseling sessions who will teach them to balance studies and life and excel in the academic front.

Peer pressure: The teens have a habit of looking to the other who they think is better and then copy them. Sometimes the peers or family members also pressurize them to attain something or become like someone who they find to be more intelligent or good looking.

This pressure had adverse effects on their mental level and took them backward in life. They feel inferior and often end up taking the wrong track in life.

How does the youth counselor can help you?

The youth counsellor helps the teens in goal setting. With the help of their minded questions, they try to reach the root cause of the issue concerning the teen. Deep listening and unbiased nature enable the counselor to develop trust in the minds of the teens. They are able to put their heart out and express their views to the fullest. A deep understanding and an intellectual atmosphere are generated.

Protect them!! Nourish them !!

Since the youth are so much unique, their problems are also unique. These prestigious assets have to be nurtured with love care and proper guidance. Thus one must search for an experienced youth counselor who can resolve the dilemma and make you come out of it successfully. The bright future of our planet lies in their hands. The sensitive teens have to be taken more care of. A wise youth counsellor only can address the teenage problems and social issues.


Ritu singal