parent child relationship counselling

Parent-Child Relations Counselling: A Guide to Raising Children

It is always said that the parents are reborn with the birth of their children. The bond between them is the most unique and precious. They exhibit unconditional love and care for each other. Parenting is a 24*365 hour duty and parents always try to give their best nourishment to their kids. Parenting does not end at the age of 18 or 21. Rather it is life long phenomenon and a never-ending bond.
Parent Child Relationship

Earlier the parents contribute to the education and career development than helping to install their family life and achievement of goals. The parents ought to teach good moral values, a sense of civic responsibility, and discipline to their kids. In today’s era, there are many means by which the children get diverted and go on the wrong track. Thus the parents have to play the dual role of a parent as well as a friend to help them cope in the present world.

Why is a strong parent-child relationship important?

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  • Anyone who enjoys a good relationship with his parents is sure to exhibit good relations with friends, peers, and other associates also. They exhibit good social behaviour too.
  • They can manage situations of stress and emergencies in a better and more intelligent way.
  • A Healthy involvement of parents in the day to day routine of children help them to perform better in academics.
  • The children who are nurtured properly by their parents not only become responsible for their families but the community as a whole. Their sense of duty and responsibility helps them in all spheres of life.

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Tips to strengthen parent-child relationships

Tell your child that you love them

This is one of the most basic and essential things to be taken care of. Tell your children repeatedly how much you love them, no matter what their age is. Even amid complaints and misunderstandings tell them that you love them unconditionally.

Give them attention

No matter how busy you are; they need your time. Spend some quality time with them every day. Talk to them and make them feel comfortable with you so that they can share their feelings with you. Tell them that they are your priority.

Take meals together

No matter how much bust the day was for you, prefer taking meals together. A healthy and loving bond is generated when a family sits together and eats together. It’s the best time when you can concentrate on each other and discuss different topics.

Validate their feelings

Listen to them. Try to listen and think from their viewpoint. It will help them build trust in you. One must not just always force things on the children and keep on announcing judgments the whole day. Downsize the generation gap and try to be frank and friendly. This will foster mutual respect.

Make routines and traditions

At a very young age, the parents can inculcate some desired habits in their children. Some routines like bedtime, mealtime, taking meals together, or going for a walk together should be brought into the routine at the young age itself. It will help them stay connected to you always.


There is “one size fits for all” in the art of parenting. The parents have to constantly adapt and grow with their children. Children have to be tackled according to their nature. There is no exact formula for parenting. The parents have numerous roles in the life of their children. A bond of love, care, warmth, and respect will keep the relations intact for a lifetime and is also necessary for the overall development of the children.

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