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Lack of Concentration

Lack of concentration has become a very common concern seen in youth these days. Children are so indulged in their own world and thoughts that they are unable to focus.

One of my clients told me how he could never focus on his studies. He said he would sit to study and then stay on the same page for hours. I asked him what went through his mind all this time and he said he never realized what he was doing.

I asked him to study for 30 minutes maximum, then take a short break and follow this pattern for a few days.

On the third day of the session, he was glad as he could grasp all the knowledge he needed within a 30 minutes study session. I asked him to increase his time to 1 hour per sitting and gradually increase.

In this way, he gained his concentration back, increased work productivity and scored very good marks in his exams.

Most of the time, the reason you are lacking concentration is not known. Because of it, students are unable to find solutions to their problems.

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What causes lack of concentration?

There can be many reasons for lacking concentration. Many people do not even have a reason for staying zoned out most of the time. However, some commonly seen reasons that cause concentration problems are:

  • Sleep deprivation: Children these days find it cool to stay up late at night without any reason. I have seen so many young people using their phones till 2-3 A.M, and then waking up at 7 for activities. Getting only 4-5 hours of sleep, when you need at least 8 hours of sleep causes serious concentration issues. Lack of sleep leads to a lack of concentration.
  • ADHD: ADHD is a mental health condition where a person is unable to focus on anything for a long time. Such people get distracted easily by little errors or changes. Their thoughts keep on fluctuating.
  • Stress or Anxiety: If a person is stressed or anxious about something, they’ll stay distracted for the most part of the day. Either they’ll be thinking about the thing stressing them, or distract themselves through other thoughts.
  • Loss of interest: Sometimes we force ourselves to do something we have no interest in. Any person who tries to attain something that does not interest them tends to lack concentration. Especially during the youth period, when parents forcefully ask kids to take subjects that do not interest them, then kids find it very difficult to concentrate on their studies.

Why Life Coach Ritu Singal?

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I, Life Coach Ritu Singal, have helped many kids and youngsters gain the concentration they had lost somewhere.

All my clients who had come up with the issue of lack of concentration are now working will fully focus on their lives.

My only purpose is to understand the person, understand the cause of their issue, and then work on their betterment.

Once I know the real reason for their struggles, I use effective ways to help them.

If you are someone who loses focus again and again, then our lack of concentration service is designed for you.

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