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Say goodbye to Your Insecurities with Insecurities Counselling!

One of the most common problems youth faces is insecurity issues. Insecurity has been one of the most triggering feelings among teenagers. They remain unhappy with themselves.

It is completely natural to sometimes doubt the decisions we make. Insecurity is the result of a lack of self-confidence. When a person’s emotional quotient is weak, insecurity is reflected in their thoughts and actions.


Adolescence is an age where each kid experiences a lot of changes and finds it difficult to cope with the changes going on in their bodies. Teenagers take time to learn to love their own skin.

Why do young people face insecurities?

  • Insecurities affect teenagers, and it becomes very difficult for them to overcome self-doubt. Teenage years are challenging in many ways. An adolescent has to undergo a lot of life changes.
  • With these changes come uncertainties, fears, anxieties, pressure, and worries. From peer pressure to parental pressure to societal pressure, everything falls together on teenagers.
  • The hormonal changes further feed their insecurities even more. As teenagers try to express themselves, they start seeing themselves in competition with others.
  • The relationships with parent start becoming sour for teenagers. At such times, they have to face the challenges alone without having someone to rely on.
  • More than half of the teenagers don’t share or discuss their doubts or insecurities with others that makes it even more arduous to help them.
  • That said, teenage insecurities can be caused due to being alone, getting bad grades, being rejected, not getting admission to the desired college, failing, not having privileges like other friends, or not being as beautiful or smart as others. All these things might sound small to any other person, but teenagers take them seriously.

Why do you need to deal with teenage insecurities?

If teenage insecurities are not addressed properly, it might continue till adulthood. The things that we might ignore thinking of them to be not so serious can turn out to be life lessons of the future.

One of the colossal facts of teenage insecurity is low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can be a very disturbing factor in adulthood. People might even have trouble sleeping, get panic attacks, anxiety, or depression.

Teenagers might even turn to other methods of dealing with insecurities that include substance abuse, drugs, alcohol, or criminal activities.

To ensure the safety and well-being of your child, it is better to get them the required help on time.

Why Life Coach Ritu Singal?

Counseling is the best solution for treating insecurities in your young ones. Youth is a period of ups and downs. Kids face challenges and issues which they do not feel comfortable sharing with family. It is where I can help them.

Talk To Ritu Singal

My youth counseling for Insecurities is specially designed to help teenagers get rid of the self-doubt they had been keeping in mind for so long.

What can I help you with?

  • At our youth counselling for insecurities, we foster open communication. I believe communicating is the first step towards solving any problem. I have helped many young clients retain their self-confidence, and I can help you too.
  • I can help eliminate negativity, both from words and thoughts. Insecurities start fading away by positive self-talk. It is very easy for us to compare ourselves with people who are better off than us and feel insecure. However, we forget to see how we are better than so many other people. Once we realize this, the insecurities start ending.
  • One of the crucial steps in handling insecurities is to identify the triggers. I can identify the triggering points of insecurities and help you manage them more easily. It becomes a powerful tool to fight anxiety and depression.
  • I can help your young ones work on their goals. If you want to feel good about yourself, you need to create goals for yourself. You need to fight the uncertainty of your thoughts. Once you learn to do that, you start attaining confidence in your own skin.
  • If you or your loved ones are facing insecurity issues, do not think twice before consulting us.
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