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Single Parent Family

Single-parent families have increased in number with time. Today, single-parent families are quite common, and nothing that one should be ashamed or afraid of.

There can be any reason as to why you are a single parent, however, the struggles are real. Even if you are a single mother, father, or grandparent, the job can be quite stressful.

Parent Child Relationship

I remember once I was visited by a client who was just 29 years old. She had a 2 year old son. However, she got a divorce from her husband in a domestic violence case.

The girl was already depressed and stressed being in such a toxic relationship, and now he had to raise a child alone.

She started crying and was so stressed that she cannot handle everything together. As her counselling started, she gained more confidence each day in her parenting. Today, her son is 16 years old, studying in the best school, and she is already the manager of a renowned firm.

Sometimes all that you need to resolve your life challenges is efficient counselling. I am a Life Coach who has raised two daughters alone.

Through my Single parent family counselling service, I have helped many single parents raise children gracefully.

What are the challenges of Single Parent Families?

Raising a family single-handedly can be extremely challenging at times. Some common challenges faced by single-parent families are:

  • The first challenge that almost all single-parent families have to face is the custody issue. I know it is a real challenge to meet your kids after so long.
  • The parent has to single-handedly manage household chores and office work.
  • The child may start feeling the absence of another parent and start questioning the parent.
  • Loneliness is another challenge that both you and your child have to experience. No matter how strong you become, loneliness tends to hit you in between.
  • Many times it is seen that single parents instil undisciplined children. It becomes difficult for them to manage everything alone, and so the child does not get the required attention or strictness.
  • The complete financial burden is put on a single parent. Starting everything new becomes arduous. It takes a lot of time to become financially independent.
  • Single-parent families have low self-esteem, as they many times feel inferior to normal families. Also, many times society makes them feel guilty for the same.

Why Life Coach Ritu Singal?

Single parent families affect both the child and the parent in many ways. I am a single mother myself, and I know the amount of effort it takes.

Being a single mother, I understand each and every challenge you undergo. At our single-parent family service, we offer counselling to parents who are having troubles or facing any of the above-mentioned challenges.

I work on removing problems from the root and creating a new life for your child and you. Our innovative and modern methods will help you enjoy the journey of being a single parent.

Parental counselling can help you not only understand the emotional needs of the child, but it also enables you to understand your needs and limitations and healthily address them all.

Being a mother herself, Life Coach Ritu Singal often tells her own experience with her daughter. She says, “When my daughter was young, she used to complain about a lot of things like she doesn’t like her school bus driver, her teacher is not good, etc.”

“As most parents would do, I also used to tell her that things don’t work this way in real life. She has to ‘learn to manage’ things, and she can’t be finding fault with everyone.”

She continues, “After a little while I started getting this kind of response from my daughter – ‘You mean I am at fault?’ or ‘Mom, don’t you trust me?’”

This is when she feels like her daughter is going away from her.

One day, after the parent-teacher meeting, when she saw her waiting, all scared and anxious that now “Mumma is going to scold me,” she knew that this is not the time for scolding or punishments as that changes nothing.

She understood that the responsibility of making her daughter a nice person is her responsibility. The importance of parents’ counselling and guidance was evident to her.

Therefore, instead of rebuke, she said to her daughter, “Your teacher likes you, and she said that you are one of her brilliant students, and if you are a little more careful, you can do wonders.”

This positive feedback made her daughter more receptive and responsive and made her understand what was expected from her.

Ritu’s daughter soon started taking care of her things and became way more organized and alert. Today she is working as a successful senior executive in an MNC.

This personal story has one lesson: making a child emotionally healthy and stable is the parents’ responsibility.

Emotionally disturbed children are more vulnerable to emotional, physical, or even sexual abuse by others.

They exhibit more aggression or go into complete seclusion, sometimes without any apparent reasons. They may shout even when not provoked or be awkwardly quiet even when it is provoking.

This behaviour is challenging for the parents and anyone around them, and people start labelling the child as “unruly,” “dumb,” or “psycho.”

With parent-child relationship counselling, it is possible to gain the lost trust, confidence, and mend broken relationships.

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