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Career Counselling: To Remove Job Insecurities

Change is inevitable. People are constantly running and fighting for success and appreciation. In the course of these struggles, they undergo a series of transitions. The type and transition affect the stress, anxiety and mental status of the individual to a great extent. The variations in life may be in the form of

  • Change in relationship status
  • Change in job
  • Change in location of residence
  • Change in financial status

Many reasons are attributing to these changes. It depends upon person to person and their awareness of how they will handle it and come out of it. No one knows their next career move unless they sit and decide on that. If you think you’re the only one confused, then you’re wrong.

In this article, I would like to discuss how a change in the job may affect a person and how can a person overcome this with the help of a counselor.


Common Reasons to Change Careers

What are the reasons that may invoke the need of changing the job?

  • Change of residence
  • Changes in preferences and interest
  • Change in attitude
  • When you cannot handle the excess domination and arrogance of your boss.
  • When you feel saturated with the job and want to go into entrepreneurship and start your own business.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has ruined the career of many and made people jobless or persuaded them to change their job.

Whatever may be the cause; change in job or career preferences brings so many challenges and stress with itself. The decision has to be taken sagaciously and sensibly. The job change decision has a lifelong impact and hence is very significant. Thus, they should be made only after deep consultation and after considering pointers made by an expert career counselor.

Life coach Ritu Singal is an excellent career counselor. She has profound expertise in dealing with the youth and job aspirants coming to her. She runs so many factories and organizations, comes across so many  employees, has handled all the odds alone and came up so brilliantly and thus, has gained so much experience in dealing with people making her an excellent career counselor.

What things should be considered before opting for a career change?

An accident had changed all her life. She transformed herself from a housewife into a successful entrepreneur, defying all odds. She knows how to handle the transition period very well. While thinking about a change in the job she has recommended to test certain things first and then make any firm decision. These are:

1)  What is the present job all about: Evaluate your current job. Assess the pay and the satisfaction it gives you currently. What are the promotion opportunities and how good is the job environment? Assess your interests, values and skills. Are you given a platform to exhibit your talent, or the work is too tedious and beyond your scope?

2)  What is the next option all about: Evaluate the pros and cons of the other options you are thinking about. Consider alternative career options which seem to be more profitable and give you recognition and a better self-image. Search for the option where you can be more productive and your talent will get exposure.

3)  Ascertain the add ons you will need: Determine the additional skills needed and courses to be pursued to gain the proficiency and be eligible for the prospective job. How will you go for training and attend seminars to refine yourself? Take vocational courses necessary to upgrade your skills and eligibility criterion. Try a new job in the same industry. Changing the industry will need a lot of effort and studying from scratch. This is not only risky, but time-consuming.

4)  Where you will be more productive: Whatever you do wherever you do; do with full dedication and focus. Do things in which you feel confident so  you can give maximum output. Thus, before opting for a job change, identify your interests and test ikigai to make the right decision.

How does a career counselor help with this mid-life crisis?

If you find yourself stuck in a dead-end job or want to change your career; Counselling is the best thing that can help you come out of this crisis.

The mid-life crisis comes with a lot of stress, frustration and confusion. The person becomes highly vulnerable to the wrong decision after coming into wrong influences. A wrong decision can destroy your career as these decisions are irreversible and the damage is unrepairable.

The only thing advisable is to hold the hand of a counselor like life coach Ritu Singal who will act as a savior and help you get the best. She will save you from the guilt of choosing the wrong career or leaving an otherwise good job.

The counselor advises you of other profitable avenues and jobs that will best match your skill and competence. Also; they help you come out of the trauma or depression that is caused if the loss of a job is not out of willingness. If they do reluctantly the change of job and unwillingly it causes a lot of pressure and additional tensions. A counselor helps to choose alternative career plans and how to handle this panic state judiciously.

What does Ritu Singal do when you approach them?

  • The first thing she does is to listen to you carefully. You can take as much time as you want and explain the present situation aptly. The coach listens to you carefully and tries to estimate the situation, the risk associated, your skills and capabilities, etc.
  • She tries to find out the reason which forced you to change the job. Then she learns about your preferences and what you want to do.
  • After taking into consideration all the points then she works out a new career profile for you, which best suits your taste and preferences.
  • She will also advise you about the resources needed, additional skills to be acquired to attain the desired job. He also guides about any additional exam to be passed and how it has to be passed to be eligible for the targeted post
  • The recruitment process and interviews are too complex. One needs to have profound knowledge and skills to crack it. The counselor also helps you with this. She guides how the interview will be cracked and what preparations have to be made before appearing for an interview.
  • If you are wishing to switch from job to business, she can advise you whether your decision is correct. Do you have the capabilities and vision to run a business and the entire organization itself?


Far too many people are stuck on a career path that makes them unhappy. Many times people feel like they have invested too much in their training and experience to quit and start over. If you aren’t satisfied with your career choice, taking the time for professional career counseling can avoid costly mistakes that can affect the rest of your life. The life coach will help you change your job so you can pursue your interest and make maximum income.

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