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Design Your Future With The Perfectly Designed Career Plan

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, ” -Confocius

The above statement perfectly fits all those looking forward to making a career plan. It is very important to choose a career plan timely and wisely. The right decision can help you achieve everything you want; while the wrong one can ruin your life.

Thus, career counselling can help you largely in deciding about your career and the direction you have to move henceforth. Some observe that the individuals who work under the guidance of a career counsellor are far more successful than those who have no plans and have no clear goals.

As we sat I asked him the reason for taking such a big step. I was amazed to listen to his reason. He said, “ I don’t think the culture of business here suits my skills.”

I was amazed to know the reason, as I thought his complete potential was being utilized by this job, and that his skills were not getting wasted.

I asked him, “What work culture do you think will suit you?”

He said, “ I feel I can do better.”

I asked him to suggest some methods to improve our culture of the business, but he had nothing to say.

To this, I said, “Is the culture of business a problem or your thoughts?”

I explained to him how no work culture is perfect and how it is our thoughts that make things perfect or imperfect for us. If he would only look for negative points, negative points are what he’ll find.

The man now understood that he was only looking for negative aspects of the scenario. He dropped the idea of resigning and is now working in a great position in our firm.

Let’s start with defining a career plan

A career plan is a layout of what you desire to become; and what has to be done to make your dream come true. It is a blueprint of your success that defines what you have to do, where you have to do it, and how it has to be done to achieve the established target. In short,  a career plan is your action plan.

In planning and setting goals, you may be stuck and feel the need for someone who can guide you and help you achieve the best. Here arises the role of a career counsellor.

Career counselling sessions are taken by renowned counsellors online. In this era of a fast-moving world, online sessions will prove very helpful and time-consuming. It is the best way to plan your career speedily and proficiently.

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Now let’s see what career counselling is

Career counselling is a science, an art, a process through which an expert person tries to guide the aspirant in his career perspective. He helps in identifying the goals, matching them with their passion and then develops a career plan. He also directs the route on which the candidate has to work to achieve the desired goal.

A career is a priority for everyone at every stage of life. Thus, Career counselling can be approached by anyone like a student, senior, junior or graduate. It is very crucial to work on your career plan as soon as possible so you will reap the fruit of success in the aspired time frame.

Life coach Ritu Singal has a passion for giving counselling sessions and guiding all the aspirants in formulating their career plans. She deals with many people all day long, has a wonderful experience and is blessed with an expert mind and is thus always successful in drawing and mapping the best-suited career plan for an individual.

Why is it important to map the right career plan?

It directly relates the quality of life you live to the quality of the career plan formulated. The right career not only ensures a handsome paycheck but also ensures that you are doing what you love and feel passionate about. It is tricky to make a career plan that will assure you happiness, satisfaction and financial freedom as well. Efficient planning is important to ensure fewer hit and miss situations in career life. This is why career counselling helps in a big way.
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How does a career counsellor develop a successful career plan?

Career counsellors are persons with dignity and enormous experience. They are well versed with all the streams, fields and opportunities available. They are also well briefed about the ways to achieve the set goal. Their expedient knowledge can help to devise the career plan that matches your interest, skills and calibre

The various steps taken by the counsellor in the course of career planning are:

  • Identify your aim: The first and most important thing is deciding about what you actually want from your life. Through a series of questions and mind therapies, the counsellor helps you decide your ultimate goal. It is very important to set a target. If you don’t have an aim; then the need to develop a career plan does not arise at all.
  • Recognize your skills: The coach always emphasizes doing what you love and feel passionate about. This will increase your productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. Thus, the counsellor inquires about the talent and skills of the candidate. Also, a deep analysis is done about strengths, weaknesses, morals and the zeal the candidate has.
  • Match and design: A Career plan is drawn after analyzing the skills, interests, experience and then matching them with the set goals and targets. Also, the plan lays what steps have to be followed in achieving the goal. The career plan also enumerates the ways how the weakness has to be converted into strengths important for a successful career.

How does career counselling help in a career plan

  • Formulation of the right plan: If your career plan is right then you will be able to achieve the desired goals in no time. The right plan is also necessary for the longevity and happiness of the people. A perfect plan is the only way that can take you where you want.
  • Increase your job satisfaction: When you are doing what you love, you feel more satisfied and your consistency increases. Achieving everything as planned gives you the feeling of content.
  • Increase in self-confidence: The feeling of satisfaction is accompanied by an increase in confidence. The counsellor is an excellent motivator who keeps on motivating the client to stick to his career plan and not get afraid of any upcoming obstacles in the way. When you have pre-decided what has to be done next, it becomes easier to decide regarding the future course of action.
  • Increase of productivity: When you are doing everything as per the plan and also the task is satisfying your passion; your productivity also increases. When you know what I am doing is right and will give the desired results, you are more active. Also, the time wasted because of wrong decisions and incorrect career choices are diminished.
  • Lower work-related stress and depression: The counsellor helps you make the career plan that best suits your tastes and calibre. This you are always comfortable with what you are doing. It creates less stress and depression when you can grow while you work and can achieve your desired targets. This is only possible when the career plan is devised under the expert guidance of the counsellor.

The life coach has been constantly helping her clients in designing career plans that are always a perfect match with their desires and are easily workable. According to her, the DISC test and the ikigai approach are the best therapies one must take before formulating the right career plan. She is available to take sessions online and face to face.

Besides this, she can express herself so brilliantly and can convince the students and candidates about the right career choice and the means to attain them. Her formulae and guidance can help you prepare a perfect blueprint of your career plan. Her passion is to give the right direction to your passion!!

The final words

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

It can save us from the above-said failures only with the help of career counsellors {Read here how Career Counselling – How I can help Resolve your Career Problems}. They are always there to help you in planning the right career and the means to achieve the goal so you never fail and keep on growing with leaps and bounce.

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