Communication Skills Training Through Mind Skill Training Counsellor

“Learning without thinking is labour cost; Thinking without learning is perilous”

Not all men are born equal. All have different mental abilities and skills. All have different perspectives and goals to achieve. Everyone has a different speciality of his own. Some excel in studies while others in sports. Some are rather very good artists. Some have become successful business tycoons while some have become great researchers and scholars. As per our life coach Ritu Singal, all this is nothing but the game of our minds. It is upon us how we train and run this brain. We need to sharpen our skills and identify our strengths in the area where we can boom and groom ourselves.


She shares a very inspiring story of a couple who visited her a few months back. They were very tense due to their son Aarya. He was the middle child among their three children. He had no focus on his studies. Teachers often used to complain about his misbehaviour. He didn’t use to listen to the teachers rather was more interested in playing here and there and distracting other kids too. They were advised to visit the life coach for his mind skill training program. Thanks to her and with the blessings of God the miracle did happen. Aarya had a great change in his mind and behaviour after the very first session itself. He became sincere and focused on his studies. His confidence also grew a lot. Now he was praised by everyone and became one of the favourite students of his teachers.

The very knowledgeable counsellor always says that our brain has immense power; the only thing is that we need to recognize it and be able to apply this power to achieve the horizons of life. This is an era of innovations, continuous development and technological improvements. The human mind has become no less than a machine. It has to work continuously. Also, it must continuously adapt itself to the changes in science and technology.

This continuously working mind needs some greasing also. To be able to be competitive and active the brain needs to be Polished and nourished continuously so that we get the best out of it.

Through ages, scientists and researchers have evolved techniques called mind skill training. It not only trains your mind and helps in focus improvement but also helps us to become successful and happy human beings.

Ritu Singal is herself the greatest example of how one can change his or her life by training the mind and focusing on the goal. She turned the fortunes of her company from 60 crore debt into abundant wealth. She has not only excelled in the business front but also in spirituality. She has been very inspirational for her clients and colleagues. She shares her mind skill training techniques to everyone as these techniques give long-lasting and assured results

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The mind skills are needed in many areas of our life like-

One must know the techniques to improve mind skills. These techniques will help to improve the absorption capacity of the brain. The brain is a big vessel that has to store a vast amount of knowledge and other things.

The mind skills are needed in many areas of our life like-

  • Business: She is a great business leader. She has helped so many startups to achieve their goals under her guidance and directions, So many businesses have flourished with her positive approach and mental abilities. According to her, the entrepreneurs have to meet and deal with numerous employees as well as clients from different geographical locations. They also have to bring continuous innovations and modifications to their products and services. They need skills to craft successful business strategies as well. Skill and brainpower are also needed in maintaining the brand loyalty and goodwill of the company.
  • At job: Good mind skills and an active and innovative mind help you attain good positions in the job. It also helps to grow your popularity among other employees. Mind skills are needed to be present at the job and work with full dedication.
  • Student: A student needs skill and focus improvement techniques to achieve his career goals. He needs to train his mind continuously so that he can fight competitive exams and crack them with great numbers. A sharp student will only be able to fly high and achieve whatever he wants in his life.
  • Improvement of personal relations: She says that a happy start of the day is necessary to be happy the whole day long. Thus, one must have a satisfied, Peaceful and happy family life. There is no use of success if you have made no bonding with your near ones. Hence through this mind skill program, she helps the individuals to foster their relations too.
  • Social relations: Man is a social animal. We need to be very active and energetic all the time. Only positive and happy people attract more friends and colleagues. Thus, mind skill training helps you to be fresh and teaches you how to deal with people around you.
  • Individual-level: It helps you to find out the purpose of your life. It gives proper direction to the confused mindset. It helps us to be with ourselves. Due to the busy schedule and chaos, we have forgotten ourselves; we have no time to pamper our souls. Thus, mental awakening and a peaceful mind and a refreshed soul are the keys to the real happiness of a person.
  • Anger management: According to her, anger is our greatest enemy. One must know how to manage his or her temper. Anger always ruins our relations and sometimes careers as well. One must be focused and have patience.

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Our brain needs care just like our body. We can improve the health and functioning of the brain with the help of mental workouts. In research by the National Institute of health, it was found out that reasoning, memory and processing speed of the brain can be improved by mind training programs that have been developed by our great psychologists.

Many types of brain teasers, brain training games and exercises have been formulated for this. Earning these methods of mind skills training enables one you reduce stress and work with more efficiency and effectiveness. It aids in decision making and improves memory power. Improving memory power is a major area of focus of mind training.

The results attained by this program are long term if you are well versed with these skills i.e. if you have grasped the training techniques properly; you can enjoy its advantages throughout your life. One attains pioneering results by applying these techniques by self in day to day life.

Our body

An active mind resides in a healthy body. To be successful only a working brain is not enough. We need a fit, healthy and energetic body too. This section of mind skill development programs comprises physical exercise and some easy stretches. These simple exercises help you to correct your posture which is an important part of your image as well. Also, these stretches help to increase agility and flexibility. The combination of an active brain in a fit body can help you reach anywhere and everywhere.


This section of mind skill training helps you guide your nutritional intake. According to the researchers what you eat in your stomach highly decides your behaviour. Bioenergetics explains how the energy of our food is transformed into our bodies and how it affects our mood and mental well being. Our food choices greatly affect our nature and mood. Some kinds of food aid our mental abilities and give positivity within, a positive and focused mental approach is very necessary for the all-around development of a human being. This positive mindset can be dictated by our eating habits too. Thus, this training program educates us on what to eat and what not to avoid for improving our mind skills and overall mental health.

Our brain can think, read, learn, remember, reason and pay attention. Our brain is a knowledge bank too. Our brain may find grasping, retaining or using any information difficult if any of its ability is hampered or weakened. Thus, we need to continuously nurture our minds and brain too.

The life coach has given a simple solution to all the problems faced by the people who approach her. She advises them to Learn mind skill training techniques. She has worked upon them and enumerated them so deeply. Anyone who practices these techniques is sure to achieve all the agendas of life.

The very motivating counsellor has explained that the mind skill development programs are made to enhance your mental growth. They make you emotionally strong and mentally sharp. The mind is trained such that it can no longer run here and there without your permission. You get to know how to control your mind and improve your focus too.[/vc_column_text]

Mind Skill Training Program

Mind skill training is a program devised to provide you with insights into the various aspects of the mind. Our minds are very creative and innovative. The only thing is that we need to recognize the capabilities of our minds and apply them correctly. Learning these skills is going to give us lifelong results! Here are a few techniques that are elaborated by life counsellors. She has practised it herself plus has shared it with her clients who have made huge benefits out of it. It is a life-changing process if done under proper guidance.

Reading: Men ought to learn from others’ mistakes and won’t repeat themselves if they face a similar situation in life. Success stories and biographies act as the biggest motivator and mind simulators of the dreamers. One must develop a habit of reading to enhance mental state.

Brain Teasers: She says solving critical crosswords puzzles and involving continuously them in logical reasoning quizzes; one can sharpen the mental ability and thus improve the level of thinking before they act. It also helps in the training of the mind in the rightful desired direction.

Meditation: A happy soul resides in a peaceful mind. If there is peace within, we can be a source of liveliness and energy for all. A guided meditation improves our mental well being and creates a lot of positive energy which thus helps us to fly high with bright colours in the sky.

Interaction: Be the person whom everyone wants to talk to and interact with as many people as you can, which helps to develop interpersonal skills. Take all the good things from people as everyone has a unique kind of capabilities.

Brainstorming: Properly executed group brainstorming will enhance creative thinking and help you to generate radical solutions to the queries running in mind. According to her, individual and group brainstorming helps to generate many ideas quickly by allowing people to think more freely, without fear of judgement and thus increase your critical thinking level of the mind.

Attend classes: Many types of classes and training sessions are hosted online as well as face to face. These training sessions are conducted by experienced teachers and motivational speakers like our life coach. They give guided training and teach all the techniques to improve mind skills and program our minds in the right direction. These sessions are a must-attend for everyone. Many of the clients have been able to harness a lot of energy and benefits from the sessions that are hosted and directed by her.

Workout: Do routine work out to be fit and healthy which improves the focus of mind.

To sum up

The very honorable coach has always emphasized on the importance of mind skill training and focus improvement. According to her, the vast energy of the brain can be channeled in the right direction only through continuous techniques applied to train our mind. We have the power within ourselves. She helps us to synergize all the abilities of our mind and achieve all our personal and social goals and get the highest level of peace and happiness.

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