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Youth Counselling: To bring the best of your child

Adolescence is a very frustrating and confusing period in one’s life. Some days you are asked to behave like adults and the other days you are asked not to interfere in the matters of adults.

As it is quoted by Nelson Mandela,

Youth Counselling

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Youth is the period of time when you either create a life according to your dreams or destroy your life under the influence of others.

It is a very crucial period when everything is new and the way the child is moulded shall remain with him forever.

To state an example from my experiences, “There was one well-to-do family, who loved their child very much. However, they had no idea what the future held for them.

One day, after coming from college, their child was very irritated. When the parents asked him about what happened to his mood (because the child never behaved like that before), the child didn’t reply.

Instead, he got angry and left the room. The child started remaining in the same mood for many days. The parents noticed for a few days and decided to check what has been concerning their child.

When the parents tried to inquire about the situation, they found that the child was taking some sort of drugs under the influence of his college friends.

The parents were stunned to know how their child and his friends have been destroying their lives under the influence of drugs.

They decided to contact the parents of other children and decided to talk to the college authorities. The college was unaware of the act and increased strictness on the premises.

The child got even more anguish and started behaving even more rudely. His parents decided to take professional help as they thought the situation was no more in their hands.

They consulted many doctors and took medicines, but nothing helped the child because it was in his mind. The doctor then asked them to get the child counselled by me.

As soon as the child’s counselling began, colossal changes were seen in his behaviour. Counselling helped him vent out his fears and thoughts. It helped the child to learn about himself and think more clearly. The mental condition of the child was improved tremendously.

Similarly, a girl decided to take youth counselling from us when she failed the entrance examination of the architecture course twice. She lost all the hope and thought maybe she will never get admitted to her dream college.

As her counselling began she started learning more about herself and her goals. She learned to overcome many of her complexes, she retained her focus, she started building her confidence, and by the end of her counselling program, she had changed and transformed herself completely.

As a result, she worked so hard as an architect that she represented India in Rio as the best architect.

This is how counselling for youth has changed the lives of young people. Youth needs counselling more than anyone.

What is youth counselling?

Youth counselling is a structured therapy where a child is supervised and interacted with. The counsellor interacts with them, listens to their problems, and assists them in resolving their issues. Also, a youth counsellor ensures that the child feels satisfied and happy both physically and emotionally. All types of issues bothering your young one can be resolved by the counsellor.

Why do you need youth counselling?

Most of the time, we do not understand what our young one is going through. In most cases, the teenager will not even feel comfortable discussing their issues with you. However, this does not mean they are not facing troubles.

Some problems that your young one might be facing are:

  • Facing depression: The period of adolescence is quite confusing and demanding. Youth feel lost most of the time as they have to choose the right career for them, score good marks, maintain friendships, or leave their homes for college. All these things when they hit the youth together, feel so much burden on them which leads to thoughts of hopelessness. All this causes depression in young people as they start feeling lonely and hopeless.

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  • Adjusting to feelings: The youth period turns out to be one of the most emotional phases of life. Teenagers learn about feelings and start experiencing them. Many times they fall for someone who might not feel the same way. This leads to heartbreak and they do not know who to talk to. It may seem quite normal to others, but such broken feelings can have adverse effects on a child.
  • Family issues: Youngsters as they grow older find it hard to adjust to the family. They start demanding freedom which when not given, turn aggressive. They feel no one understands them and that their family always opposes them. Such thoughts cause hatred in their hearts for their own family members.
  • Career confusion: As a child enters their teenage years, they are asked and expected to choose the career for them. However, 80% of teenagers have no idea what they want at that age and end up taking the wrong decision. This further demotivates them as they feel they have failed in life. The decision of choosing the right career causes confusion and anxiety in youngsters.
  • Unrealistic hopes: It is a period of age where youngsters create their own virtual world in their minds. They set their expectations high and goals even higher. As they hit adolescence they face a reality that is far from what they expected. This causes a dilemma and feelings of broken dreams in them. They do not understand how to adjust to reality which further causes depression.
  • Hormonal imbalance: When it comes to adolescence, it is all a play of hormones. The hormonal changes are what cause most of the troubles during this age. Teenagers do not understand it as they find it delusional. However, it becomes very important to mould the youth into a good person during this age. All these are some problems and issues faced by young people. To overcome such feelings, conflicts, and changes it becomes very critical to undertake to counsel for youth.

How Can Youth Counselling Benefit You?

Youth counselling is unique in itself. Today, our youth have become the most vulnerable in society. Young people tend to be at the forefront of the changes our society undergoes. When I give coaching to the young people of our country, I take it as a responsibility. Counselling the youth is like creating the future of our nation and world.

There are many benefits of Youth Counselling services. 

Our youth counselling services are designed to help the teenage section of society. We use all the tools and innovative methods to help youngsters through our counselling. 

 The role of the life coach is critical in moulding the life of a teenager. We are there to assist the youth with their mental health problems through one on one counselling sessions. The youth will often have many different mental health issues, and this is the role of the coach to treat all of these conditions.

Benefits of Youth Counselling services include the reduction in behavioural and emotional problems and substance abuse problems among young minds. It will decrease the number of criminal activities, increase student performance in school and improve overall academic achievement. Students who undertake youth counselling come under the scope of a coach. Such students will be more likely to have successful career goals and a better quality of life at the end of their time in the facility.

One other benefit of counselling for youth comes in the form of leadership development. A skilled life coach will be able to help guide the young person into taking their first steps towards leading a meaningful life. Young people will be able to get advice on how to succeed in life and become more successful at work. Their self-esteem will be greatly improved. They will be motivated to make positive changes in their lives. There is also hope for the young person to develop a sense of responsibility and teamwork. 

Anyone who wants to see positive changes in their child or other young people should consider counselling for youth

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How to know if you need youth counselling?

Are you unsure about your problems? Many times we find it difficult to know if we really need counselling or not.

Here we have a checklist of some factors which can help you analyze if you need counselling or not.

  • Do you feel unhappy, moody, or irritated for most of the day?
  • Do you feel lonely and numb at times?
  • Have you lost interest in the activities you cherished earlier?
  • Have your eating habits changed?
  • Do you feel a lack of motivation?
  • Do self-harming thoughts arise in your mind?
  • Do you always remain stressed about the future?
  • Has anxiety become a lifestyle?
  • Do you feel hopeless and guilty?

If your answer to more than 50% questions was yes, then it is high time for you to get counselling done. All such thoughts and fears can be overcome through counselling. You will get a new life with lots of hope and happiness.

Counselling For Youth

I am an experienced and dedicated counsellor. I help my clients and solve all their problems.

Being the mother of two teenage daughters, I understand what youngsters go through and how to help them.

I believe in finding the root cause of the problem and completely removing the problem forever. I offer youth counselling services to solve all our life issues.

I have given many guest lectures in colleges and educational institutes to empower the youth. I believe in the strength of youth and helps them get on the right career track.

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