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Career Counseling: To cope with the culture of business

Our company has a fixed work culture. You should learn to adjust to the culture of our business. It is our organizational culture.

You must have come across many such statements where the employees are asked to understand and work according to the culture of a company. But, what is good company culture? Being an entrepreneur myself and the director of such a big business group, many people ask me how I maintain the right work culture. I remember once one of my employees came to me with his resignation. He was a young fellow but a hard-working employee. I asked him to sit as I wanted to talk to him

As we sat I asked him the reason for taking such a big step. I was amazed to listen to his reason. He said, “ I don’t think the culture of business here suits my skills.”

I was amazed to know the reason, as I thought his complete potential was being utilized by this job, and that his skills were not getting wasted.

I asked him, “What work culture do you think will suit you?”

He said, “ I feel I can do better.”

I asked him to suggest some methods to improve our culture of the business, but he had nothing to say.

To this, I said, “Is the culture of business a problem or your thoughts?”

I explained to him how no work culture is perfect and how it is our thoughts that make things perfect or imperfect for us. If he would only look for negative points, negative points are what he’ll find.

The man now understood that he was only looking for negative aspects of the scenario. He dropped the idea of resigning and is now working in a great position in our firm.

What does the culture of business mean?

Many clients ask me about what is apt company culture. According to me, the organizational culture is a way of presenting the personality of a company. It includes various factors like:

  • How do employees engage with the organization?
  • What are the personal and professional goals of the organization
  • The values displayed in the actions of an organization.
  • The behaviors and beliefs of employees of a firm.

It basically covers what the employees think about an organization’s visions and missions.

What I think is crucial for a good work culture is that the goals of the company should align with the employee’s individual goals.

Your company’s work culture completely depends on your goals and targets. You could work in a team-based manner, or an individual manner.

Why is a good culture of business required?

Your culture of business speaks for your organization. A strong culture helps organizations work more systematically and efficiently.

Here is how a good culture of a business can help:

1) Robust company culture improves the environment of work. If an organization has a defined culture, it becomes a more pleasant place to work. The employees get clear about their roles and tasks. With proper work ethics, it gets easier for everyone to get along.

2) It removes uncertainty and ambiguity among employees. The friction at the workplace is reduced. It creates a more positive work environment by supporting the mental well-being of employees.

3) The quality of work is enhanced tremendously. Less monitoring is required, and a higher value is added to the company.

4) The employees of a cultured organization remain more engaged in their jobs and strive harder to succeed. It further reduces their chances of leaving an organization.

5) Cohesiveness is formed among employees. They learn to adjust, manage, and work with other team members. A sense of trust is developed.

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How can counseling help in creating the right culture of the business?

Here is how you can improve the culture of your business:

  • Communication: Communication is the key to a strong organization’s vision, mission, and values. Communication helps in creating a common goal. Employees feel more secure in offices where open communication takes place. It makes the employees heard and understood.Also, read our blog on Communication Skills for Workplace Success
  • Listening: Many people neglect the importance of listening to an organization. Neither the employees are ready to listen to their seniors, nor are the seniors ready to listen to the employees. Listening always opens doors for the right work environment.We have a blog by which you can Improve your Listening Skills
  • Transparency: Transparency creates a sense of trust among employees. They do not feel dubious about what’s happening in their office. Sharing information creates a healthy environment where everyone can work openly.
  • Regular Feedbacks: No matter what type of organization you have, feedback plays a crucial role in its success. A company that constantly takes feedback from customers and employees can make the required changes from time to time. It helps organizations transform their cultures for good.
  • Rewards and Challenges: Rewarding employees for good work has always been the best way to keep the employees motivated. If you think your employees are striving hard to achieve goals for your firm, they deserve to be rewarded. This system creates a very positive work culture. Setting goals and challenges for employees keeps them motivated towards accomplishment.
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How can I help you?

The right career counselling can help you in many ways. One of the critical aspects I cover in my career counseling is the culture of the business. I can help you in two ways. If you are an organization that needs consulting on creating the right work culture, my service can be a help.

Also, if you are an employee who is struggling to adjust to the new or different culture of the business, my counseling can help in adjusting and managing to new changes. Being a business coach, I understand how the culture of businesses works. I have experience and expertise in entrepreneurship and life coaching.

I use a splendid blend of both my entrepreneurship skills and life coach skills to help people achieve their goals. With innovative techniques, my potential goal is to understand what the client is going through and help them get out of their traumas.

If you are facing difficulty in adjusting to a new work culture or finding it arduous to sustain in your old organization, you can consult our Career Counseling for the same.

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