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How Career Counseling can help in Choosing the Right Career?

“I want to be free and independent. I don’t want to depend on others to fulfill my wishes. My life; My choice”.

These are the most commonly used dialogues by everyone aspiring to achieve something great in life. Career is the prime question in the mind of everyone and needs to be answered at the right time.


Job Guidance

The first step on the ladder of a successful career is:

Identify and realize-

  • Your skills
  • Why you want to achieve the desired goal
  • Your long-term vision of your life
  • Your passion

We can make the right choice of career only after

  • Applying wisdom
  • Self-awareness and fact analysis
  • Understanding the present and having a future-oriented vision.
  • Discussions with family, friends, peers
  • Following the advice of your mentors
  • Going to a career counselor

How does Counseling help for choosing career options?

Many aspirants reach our life coach, Ritu Singal, who is a very expert career counselor. She has helped thousands of students and young aspirants in choosing their career. As she herself has faced a lot and came up shining like a sun after all the struggles she is bestowed with expert knowledge and loads of sensibility with which she enables the candidates to excel in their respective fields.


She helps you to pick the best career options based on your abilities. Her suggestions and guidance are unbiased.

It has been observed that high school or college students who approach career counselors have achieved more success because of structure and guidance.

Career Counselor

  • Career counselor help in the following ways: 
  • Making an informed choice of career: The decision of career is big. It cannot be changed now and then. Therefore, seeking counsel gives knowledge of the career path and then moves accordingly. Also, if you feel lost in the middle of your career, it helps boost confidence and morale.
  • Job satisfaction: The primary aim of counseling is to match the career with your skills and desires. Thus when you can do what you want, feel more satisfied and your productivity increases.
  • Getting expert knowledge: The counselors are a person with great dignity and intellect. Being with them helps you imbibe expert skills and knowledge which will help you in your career path.
  • Develops confidence: When you know exactly what you are doing and what you are expected to do, i.e. when you are well versed with your profession; you can easily overcome the hurdles of your career path. The knowledge gained from the coach gives you confidence to cross all the obstacles in your professional life.
self Confidence
Make yourself focused: She says that the problem of Indian employees is that they don’t have focus and dedication. Counseling will help to realize the importance of focus and how to be focused while at work. Also, when you are satisfied, your focus will automatically increase.

Tells you what to start with: Depending upon your preferences and interests, a counselor guides you on what educational qualifications and skills you gain to achieve the desired goal. He gives knowledge of the pros and cons of the field and whether you are doing the right things to achieve that goal. He guides in making schedules and planning for classes and ways to crack the targeted exam.

Economic gains: A counselor helps in discovering ways of earning when you are unemployed or as a part-time employment. They also help you improve productivity and increase your earnings from the current profile. If you are in a job, they guide you with additional courses to be pursued to increase your post and earnings. The coach aids you in progressing in the chosen career with consistency and also progressing continually.

Helps in making a career shift: Sometimes or the other one may feel stressed or unsatisfied with his life and career. You may feel the desperate need to shift towards a new career line or go for something which is more appealing, and he is passionate about it. The only person who can correctly guide you to come out of this trauma and take actions that will help you shift is a counselor. He will tell you whether you are thinking correctly and what must be done actually to come out of the trap and attain success in the new line.

Right career advice and guidance at the right time can do wonders for you. It is very important to consult an expert in the field. A career counsellor can help you decide what to choose after your schooling period.

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An expert will assess and analyze your strength, passion and interest:

  • Intermediate (2years) – After 10th class, the student can select subject groups like PCM, PCB, PCMB, Commerce with Maths, and Commerce without Maths. Post completion of 12th class, one can do graduation in multiple disciplines based on the subject selection.
  • Polytechnic – After 10th class, students can do polytechnic courses like Mechanical, Civil, Chemicals, Computer, and Automobile. Polytechnic colleges offer diploma courses for a duration of 3 years, 2 years and also 1 year.
  • ITI (Industrial Training Institute) – After 10th class, students can do ITI courses for employment like Mechanical, electrician, electrical.
  • Paramedical – After 10th class, students can do paramedic courses like DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology), DOA(Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant), and DOT (Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant).
  • Short-term courses – After 10th class, students can do short-term courses like Tally, DTP, and Graphics.


It is not a procedure that runs on trial-and-error. Career Counselling is a scientific process and involves making calculated moves, based on hard facts and methodical research.

A career is something that we live for the rest of our life. Choosing an incorrect career path has a lasting impact on one’s personal future and professional life. It may affect the dignity and self-respect of a person considerably.

Career counseling helps to choose the right path for our future. It helps to make a career in the field in which we are strong and have an interest in ultimately making us excel in our profession. Career counseling aims at providing the best path for career development by looking through all the perspectives strong, weak, and the ability to handle the crisis. Career counselors can often support their clients in finding suitable placements/ jobs, working out conflicts with their employers, or finding the support of other helpful services.

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