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Relationship Counselling: To Form An Elated Bond

No matter what people say, no relationship is perfect. Every relationship has its own problems.

Relationship counselling is something you need, to get away with the ups and downs of a relationship. Many people say that love is enough to sustain a relationship, but I believe that a lot of other factors determine the sustainability of a relationship. If these factors are carried gracefully, only then does a relation sustains.

Relationship counselling

The bonds between families change, relationships turn bitter, words are left unsaid, and unmet expectations become the biggest causes of relationship issues. Many couples visit me who face several issues in relationships that have nothing to do with their bond. It is more about family issues, friends, or office issues. Relationships these days are fragile. If not looked after, they end up breaking.

What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling is done to help couples get over conflicts that have been posing a problem in their relationships. Many couples do not feel much comfort as counselling begins. However, with time couples understand that they need help to overcome their issues.

Relationship counselling makes you learn about open communication in relationships. You learn how to solve problems. Throughout the process, the therapist helps you. Relationship counselling will always be a great help to any couple facing issues in their relationship.

What problems relationship counselling can solve?

  • Trust issues in relationships: One of the common problems faced by couples is lack of trust. It is quite common for couples to doubt their partner, even if they have been together for a long time. A lot of times you start doubting your partner if they stay out too late, or avoid PDA, etc.
  • Break Ups: Most couples who visit for premarital counselling come with break-up issues. Today’s generation is flawed when it comes to relationships. They are convinced of breaking up even for the small issues that can simply be resolved through counselling. If your relationship is going through any such phase, you should get relationship counselling.
  • Unfulfilled expectations: One of the prime reasons for conflicts that I have seen in couples is the high expectations they keep from their partners. They always think their partner should act like this, do this for them, or understand them. However, instead of telling them what you want on the face, they expect their partners to understand their silence. Such unfulfilled expectations start gathering in a person’s mind while the other partner remains unaware of it.
  • Comparisons: One flaw that almost everyone makes in relationships is that they start comparing their relationship to someone else’s. People start measuring their love according to someone else’s love. It slowly starts affecting a sense of worth in relationships. It further leads to a lot of disappointments and problems.
  • Cheating in relationships: One of the most painful experiences of any relationship is finding your partner cheating on you. Many relationships break each day because of this issue. While one partner is shattered, the other does not even realize how much damage they made. A counsellor can always be of great help in such situations. They will guide you towards the right track.
  • Dating issues: Many people think relationship counselling is only for married couples. However, it is not the truth. Relationship counselling can be a great help to couples who are dating and facing relationship problems. In fact, I have helped many young couples with their dating issues. Premarital counselling bears many fruits if you are ready to enjoy them.
  • Family/ Friend conflicts: A lot of times relationships start getting affected not because of you or your partner, but family and friends. I have personally met many clients who were facing so many conflicts from families that it was getting arduous for them to stay together. Communicating and giving space to family and friends equally helps relationships sustain.
  • Falling out of love: ‘Forever’ or ‘Happily ever after is not something you necessarily get. All relationships go through many ups and downs before reaching a forever phase. It is a complex and tiring process to sustain relations. You have to keep a balance of emotions, respect, trust, and love to maintain happiness in relationships. Relationship counselling teaches all this to you.

Why our relationship counselling service?

I am a Life Coach who has helped various couples get the spark back in their love life. Relationship counselling offers a place where you and your partner can heal and grow. It makes both of you more understanding and mature.
Once a young couple visited me. They were dating for the past six years, but now the girl’s parents wanted to get her married. However, the boyfriend was not yet ready for such a serious commitment.

The girl started gathering negative thoughts in her head that maybe he doesn’t like her anymore or that he isn’t serious about this relationship. Their relationship was getting sore day by day.

Their families got concerned. One of their friends suggested that they should visit me. As they visited me, I started their counselling.

As my therapy session began, they got an open platform to communicate. As they started communicating, a lot of things, thoughts, and grudges started coming out that they never shared before.

I dug out the root cause of their conflicts. The girl got to know that the guy was not ready for marriage because he was planning on starting a business of his own. He wanted to surprise her with this plan, but they were already going away from each other. He wanted to be independent before marrying.

The girl was relieved and decided to support her boyfriend. She talked to her parents to wait for the wedding. Within three sessions, every doubt of their relationship came to an end. Today, they have been married for three years already.

For me, it is a blessing to help couples lead happy life. It is the thing about relationship counselling, you will not know how beneficial it is unless you take part in one.

Our relationship counselling helps in the following ways:

  • You get to explore and understand the pattern of relationships.
  • I will help you resolve any conflicts that you might have in a relationship. {If you haven’t yet, check out my YouTube video on how to resolve conflict in the relationship::}
  • You will learn how to communicate openly, even after counselling.
  • A non-judgemental atmosphere will help you open up confidently.
  • I will understand your concerns, explore solutions, and set goals to help you.

If you are facing any relationship issue, it is best to consult our premarital relationship counselling right away.

I’ll be more than happy to help you build successful and loving relationships. My innovative methodologies and tools will surely help your relationship turn into a new one.

Ritu singal