Workplace Counselling for A Better Employee Work Atmosphere

In today’s super-fast, busy and stressful world, most business organizations or workplaces have employees who might be struggling with work-related stress, office politics, bullying, or personal issues.

An employee who is disturbed in himself will never be as productive as a happy employee. Such thoughts and issues lower the productivity levels of an employee.

To run an organization efficiently and to keep all the employees happy and satisfied, it becomes very crucial for an organization to create a healthy work environment.

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What is Employee Counselling ?

Counselling at the workplace is a therapy which is offered to the employees of an organization. This service can be through an employee assistance program. In this program, the employees feel free and safe to discuss their issues (work-related or personal) to the counselor.

The counsellor helps their clients by providing solutions to their problems or helping them find ways to cope with the challenges graciously.

I remember the situation of an employee who got offended in a meeting with one of his seniors.

I was handed the resignation of the employee, and I was quite disturbed by his decision. I decided to have a word with him to know the real reason behind such an extreme step.

As I talked, I got to know, the reason behind the employee’s resignation was the behaviour of his senior that affected him so much that he was ready to leave his job.

I, being a business coach, promote learning and help people to make the right decisions. So by talking to him as a friend or a counsellor, I tried helping him.

I asked the employee a question, ‘What will you do, if your father will scold you the same way your senior did? Will you leave the house?’

The answer to the question was ‘NO’.

However, the employee did not understand the point I was trying to make. So I thought of explaining some ethics and adjustment tips for a workplace.

I told him, how sometimes we just judge everything around us by what we hear from others. Office politics is not a real thing; it is just in the head of an employee. An office is about building relationships both with juniors and seniors.

I said, ‘A wall is made up of bricks, in the same way, an office is a wall whose bricks are its employees, and making a place in that office wall being the strong brick depends on an employee’

Leaving the place is never a solution, fighting with the situation is. Every day, a lot of people go through this phase of resigning their jobs because of many reasons. It can be work stress, strict boss issues, work conflicts, time management, etc. I always quote,

“It’s better to be criticized by wise rather than be praised by fools”

At the workplace, you have to help your juniors learn from you, and you should be further open to learning from your seniors.

The employee understood that he was being foolish by taking such a quick response. It is how workplace counselling helps.

Workplace counselling is a short term nature intervention program that provides support to all the departments of an organization equally.

When is workplace counselling needed?

Working environment counselling consistently offers benefits to the associations that perform it; however, a few organizations have a greater requirement for workplace counselling than others.

Eventually, deciding the necessities of your business comes down to the thought of your particular conditions.

A few reasons or factors should be determined if you want to be sure whether your organization needs workplace counselling or not. Some of these factors are:

  • Sometimes, an individual is given huge workloads. Such employees tend to feel anxious and stressed throughout the day. Such conditions will not let the employee work efficiently. If you know the workload on an individual employee is too much, it becomes necessary to counsel them before they give up the situation entirely.
  • An employee who is new to the firm will find it difficult to adjust to the new work culture. It becomes very crucial to counsel new employees to help them adjust to the work conditions. Many times, new employees are not happily welcomed by workers which makes them vulnerable to loneliness and depressing thoughts. Workplace counselling can help new employees conveniently adjust to the company’s environment.
  • Many times the employees face inter-personal issues and problems. It further leads to office politics or division of the employees into groups rather than a collaborative environment. According to me, an organization cannot give its 100% result if its employees are in competition amongst themselves. In such situations, it becomes very critical to conduct workplace counselling for the betterment of the firm.
  • It is hard to have a workplace where everyone’s positions, wants, and characters work together, without a battle. In that limit, various workplace issues may cause negative mental indications. Such negative mental manifestations start getting in the way of an employee’s productivity levels. He will not work with full zeal and efficiency.
  • With a healthy work environment, different ideas and methods are put on the table. During sessions and meetings, conflicting ideas cause arrogance and irritability among employees. Furthermore, the idea that is finally decided to work upon makes the other employees feel that the management is unjust and biased.

If your organization faces one or more than one of these issues, all you need is workplace counselling. This counselling session will leave the workplace with a harmonious environment and happy employees and employers.

Why is workplace counselling important?

Corporate Business, Indian, Office – Overhead Image of Group of staff members attending a business meeting the board room led by a female businesswoman.

Now that you know why your organization requires counselling at the workplace, let us understand how counselling can help your company. Here are some reasons as to why workplace counselling is crucial and how it will benefit your workplace.

employee counselling

Corporate Business, Indian, Office – Overhead Image of Group of staff members attending a business meeting the board room led by a female businesswoman.

Now that you know why your organization requires counselling at the workplace, let us understand how counselling can help your company. Here are some reasons as to why workplace counselling is crucial and how it will benefit your workplace.

  • To get the best of workers

A workplace is like a second home to the employees. It is a place where they spend most of their time working, learning, and exploring new things. If the workplace environment is not vibrant, it will create dull employees that will never be a help to the organization. Through workplace counselling, your dull employees too can be turned into charming professionals within days. Being a business coach, I use innovative ways to bring out the best of employees.

  • To create a decisive atmosphere

No one would like to work or serve a company that is too negative to handle. A positive environment and good vibes are what define a company. If you think your organization lacks the essence of positivity, workplace counselling is the solution you might be looking for. It will take out the negativity from the employees and the workplace and fill the environment with a light and happy mood.

  • To talk out the problems

As it is said from old times, talking relieves one’s stress and worries. If your organization will provide a qualified counsellor to the employees, they will feel how genuinely you care about their well-being. Talking to a counsellor about all the personal or professional problems, will vent out your thoughts and lighten your stress. The counsellor will also provide optimum solutions to your problems. In this way, if an employee feels like an issue or thought, or an action by someone is becoming a hindrance in their productivity, then workplace counselling will help them.

  • To maintain confidentiality

Many employees discuss their concerns and issues with fellow employees by trusting them. However, some employees listen to one person and spread the word throughout the office. This behaviour badly disturbs the employee. If a company provides a workplace counselling service, then an employee of any department can freely share their problems while their anonymity is maintained. It gives the employee a safe work environment that also cares about their mental well-being {Read here full blog on how Good Mental Can Do Wonders}. I believe in helping clients while maintaining the confidentiality of my clients.

  • To improve the mental health of the employees

In an organization, it becomes very difficult to keep a track of all the employees for the managers. Sometimes an employee is not performing well because he did not understand the work and is too afraid to ask again. It will further lead to anxiety and stress. When the employee will submit the incomplete work, he will get scolded by the manager or team lead. This humiliation can further cause depression or feelings of rage in an employee. In this way, many times, we do not even realize how the organization’s work environment has been affecting the mental health of its employees. Workplace counselling will help in this situation by letting the employees vent out their emotions.

You see, workplace counselling has numerous benefits and is known to improve the productivity of a firm tremendously.

What are the types of Employee Counselling in the Workplace?

Many people think employee counselling is all about interacting with the employees and finding solutions. However, workplace counselling services are much more than that. There are many types of Employee Counselling services followed by counsellors.

  • Directive Counselling: It is the process where an employee’s problem is listened to, and a solution is decided. It is a process of giving advice, reassurance, and communication. In this one-on-one discussion, the client shares his or her emotional, physical, or mental problems with the counsellor. In this counselling, I listen to the clients and suggest the most accurate solutions to them.
  • Non-Directive Counselling: In this type of employee counselling the client’s problems are heard carefully. It is more client-centric counselling, where the employee is heard without judgment. In this type of employee counselling in the workplace, the employee talks about the problems they face and what bothers them. In such cases, I prefer listening to the clients and helping them with suggestions. 
  • Cooperative Counselling: As the name suggests, this type of counselling is about cooperation between the counsellor and client. This counselling is about a discussion of the emotional and mental problems of the employees. Cooperative counselling is one of the most beneficial forms of employee counselling. There is nothing better than both client and counsellor coming to a common ground of solution. During such sessions, a detailed discussion is carried which helps to eliminate any underlying issues in the company.
  • Participative Staff Counselling: Participative workplace counselling services is a common talk session, where all people participate. For such staff counselling sessions, the counsellor discusses workplace problems and solutions. I prefer this form of workplace counselling, as it gives an open platform for the employees to speak their minds. The more the participation of the employee is, the better solutions are formed.

Any workplace can benefit from these staff counselling sessions. It will improve the employee health and office environment. 

Why Life Coach Ritu Singal?

Being an entrepreneur myself, I very well know and understand the importance of a healthy workplace.

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I am a business coach and master both my business and my life coach profession with full potency.

I uses a wide range of varying techniques and methodologies to counsel my employees and create a positive atmosphere.

workplace counselling services

From solving issues like time management, stress management, personal issues, and management issues, I have provided proven results.

I handle more than 500 employees and help them whenever they require assistance. My life coaching skills help me understand the root cause of problems. I try to solve problems from their roots.

I understand employee psychology and never hesitates from stepping out of the shoes of a boss if needed. In certain situations, I try to think like an employee and not a boss to understand the employee’s concerns.

As a certified life coach, I have mentored more than 10,000 people around the world in 14 different countries.

Some key points that our service can help you with are:

  • Solve all kinds of job problems and concerns.
  • Guidance of time-management and stress management.
  • Help you get to your best productivity level.
  • Mentor you to help resolve workplace conflicts with fellow employees.
  • Create a healthy relationship with seniors.
  • Help you adjust to a new work environment.

If you think you or your organization is facing any such office issues, then you should not think twice before consulting our “Workplace Counselling” service. Our service uses vibrant new tools and techniques to solve problems from their roots.

We can help you create an encouraging and promising work environment for you and your employees to maximize productivity.

Consult us today to witness the results tomorrow!

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