How Career Counselling can help in Choosing the Right Career?

Job insecurity is something we all have gone through at some point in time. When one works in the corporate sector, it is quite natural to remain insecure about jobs. With the fast-paced world and hardcore competitions among various companies, employees have started feeling insecure about their jobs and needs by a company.

Job insecurity is a social phenomenon. It is a perception of employment and unemployment.

Unemployment causes insecurity among people. It creates a lot of uncertainty and helplessness among individuals.

I understand it is very difficult to find stable jobs these days. In fact, job insecurity is one of the most stressful aspects of unemployment. It leaves a worse impact on employees.

What is job insecurity?

Job insecurity is a phenomenon where the job of a person is not stable. In simple words, we can say that the rate of temporary work and unemployment is higher than permanent jobs. It is the powerlessness to assure the continuity of the job that one desires. It can be due to personal reasons or official reasons.

Many people think job insecurity refers only to losing a job, but it also refers to the loss of other key components like pay or promotion. It covers all the potential risks one faces in the workplace.

What causes job insecurity?

Job insecurity can be caused due to different reasons for different people. In most cases, I have seen some common causes that generally lead to insecurity of jobs in employees. Some of these reasons include:

  • New management: Most of the time, employees feel insecure about their jobs when they are handed over to a new management team. When you work in a firm for a long time, you get habitual to their work environment and feel more secure. Many times management groups are changed in firms, and it asks you to change your way of working. When this happens, you start feeling insecure about your value in the workplace. It is seen that as a new management team comes in, people start worrying about losing their jobs. What you should do instead is to introduce the new management to your way of working. Talk to them and show them your potential instead. Try to make space for yourself instead of giving up on your dreams.
  • Recession: Almost all companies reach a point where they have to go through a recession. The economy works in a looped manner. In fact, most people are said to lose their jobs to the recession. Employees start feeling insecure about their jobs as soon as they hear about an upcoming recession. They start predicting economic crises and job loss even before it happens. It causes job insecurity in them.
  • Toxic work environment: No one wants to work in a company whose boss or employees are toxic. Employees of such workplaces live in constant fear of being fired or scolded for their work. Even though it is better to leave such a work environment on your own, job insecurity always persists.
  • New skills requirements: One of the common reasons for the insecurity that I have noticed lies with the older generations. The older employees are generally seen to be insecure of the younger workforce. They think they lack the new skills and qualities that the younger coworkers have, and it makes them feel insecure about their job. They think the younger coworkers are more fast and efficient than them and that the company wants to get rid of the older people.
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How can career counselling help?

No matter what the reason for the insecurity of your job could be, the right career counselling can help you find a new perspective. Career counselling will help you remove confusion and doubts about yourself.

Here are some ways in which career counselling can help you overcome job insecurity:

  • Motivate you: Most of the time, the insecurity is only in the head of the person. They feel insecure because of their own thoughts. A counsellor can help you get rid of such self-doubts and bring in motivation and positivity.
  • Learn new skills: Through career counselling, instead of wasting time thinking about uncertain things, you learn new skills. A counsellor helps you in finding new skills and building a robust impact on others.
  • Learn to take things positively: A counsellor can help you turn even the negative things into a positive way. You start looking for the positive sides of situations. In job insecurities, we spend most of our time wondering about the negative sides of all the situations. Counselling will help us see positivity in every circumstance.
  • Identify your skills: Many times insecurity at a job is caused when we are not sure if we want to do what we are doing. Most people working in the corporate sector feel they do not belong there. They feel insecure and uncomfortable doing the job. Through career counselling, you can get a clear idea of what you really want. You learn your true skills through the right counselling.
  • Learn to face your insecurities: As I have already said, the counsellor will help you set realistic goals. Most insecurities lie in a person’s head. A counsellor helps you in getting these insecurities out of your head. You learn to face your fears and overcome the insecurities to get a clear perspective towards life.

Why our Career Counselling service?

I have been counselling people for more than fifteen years. In this span of time, I have counselled many people towards a successful career. My career counselling sessions have been a great help to numerous clients all over the world.

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I listen to my clients objectively. My clients feel comfortable discussing their concerns with me. Neither do I judge my clients, nor do I dismiss their confidentiality. My tools, techniques, and exercises are set in the form of milestones to track the progress of each of my clients.  People do not understand the importance of potential career counselling in their life.

I can help them bring clarity in thoughts, career, and life. My exercises will help you find your skills and opportunities. If you or your known people are struggling with career problems in life, help them by suggesting a life counsellor. You can participate in my career counselling online sessions or offline sessions. Consult today to get guidance in times of job insecurity or other career problems.

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