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Benign Counselling to Help You Find Your Purpose in Life

“I don’t know what to do with my life.” Has this statement been daunting you as well?

Teenage is a period when this question drives your life. Again and again, teens say they are unable to find a purpose in life.

I would listen to so many young minds confused and baffled among purposes of life. The purpose teenagers look for include career, responsibilities, friends, family, religious beliefs, or any of the above.

It is very crucial to expect teens to know their purpose in life. It is quite overwhelming and unrealistic to set goals and choose the right path.

Why do you need to find a purpose in Life?

Finding purpose is not a one-day task. It takes time and effort. Having a purpose in life makes it easier to strive harder towards achieving one’s goals.

If a person is clear about what they expect to acquire in their life, they can start working early towards their dream goals. It also fills a person with a sense of responsibility.


Having a purpose to fulfill gives a person confidence, gratitude, and tenacity to work hard. A person who is in doubt will try to achieve goals here and there, leading to scattered purposes. It might not lead them anywhere right.

Why Life Coach Ritu Singal?

I listen to students who tell me about the pressure that they feel to establish their life’s purpose. I understand them and guide them towards the right path. A life of purpose can be a motivating life. You have a reason to wake up each day.


How can I help you find purpose in life?

  • I make sure the teens who visit me feel understood. Everybody celebrates their child’s successes. Sooner or later, parents start taking these successes for granted. They start expecting their kids to succeed always. In all this race, we forget to make the kids feel that they matter. How can we expect a kid to know its purpose when they do not even know if they matter or not. I help kids by listening to them, understanding them, and making them feel valued.
  • I motivate teenagers no matter what career option they have an interest in. Many times teenagers come to me saying their parents don’t support their chosen courses. I help them understand different perspectives. I feel a child who follows passion will always be successful. I try to bring parents in confidence to let the child follow their dreams.
  • I have provided a sense of direction for many teenagers. Most teenagers come with no idea at all of what they want in life. In such situations, I work hard to explore the person’s passion and then to explore the kind of purposes that’ll suit him or her. Being a mother myself, I have always encouraged my daughters to step outside of their comfort zone and explore the options around them. It helps teenagers find a sense of purpose in life.
  • Discuss your experiences with your kids. Let them know why you did what you did. It’ll give them ideas and decision-making skills. They may even gain knowledge from your experiences.
  • Patience is what it takes while finding purpose in the life of teenagers. It is a slow process. You might feel stuck at times, but you do not have to lose hope. Everything will not always fall in your way at the right time. You’ll have to struggle and put-in efforts to fulfill your purpose in life.

I use many innovative and benign methods to help teenagers find a suitable purpose in life to outshine the dreams of their parents. I aim to help youth to become better citizens and better humans.

If you feel lost, lack options, or are finding a purpose in life then this counseling of find purpose in life is designed for you.

Ritu singal