Startling ways in which your family makes you feel sick 

Sickness in a family is not uncommon these days. Many people bear to a point where they start feeling sick of their family members. Sadly, you feel this way, but let me tell you there’s nothing wrong with it.

I talk to various clients who are in the same situation as you are, and it is completely fine to feel tired of family. You might feel wrong, and it depends on the reason why you feel this way. One would never wilfully like to turn their back on the family, there always has to be an apt reason behind the same.

Many families produce anxious environments, abusive environments, or suffocating atmospheres. Well, in such cases, it is quite natural to feel sick of the place.

I was once counseling a young guy in his early 20s. His parents wanted to get him counseled because they thought he was feeling depressed.

As the counseling sessions began, I talked more and more to him. The boy, however, was reluctant in sharing his feelings and thoughts. In the third session, he finally gained confidence in me and shared his thoughts with me.

He shared how he was sick of his family. His parents fight day in and day out. Even minor differences lead to massive fights between them. He was only 12 when all this started, and now after eight years, he was tired of this environment.

He described how he went to his friend’s home or relatives and would see how happy people lived with each other. It made him feel even worse. He tried discussing it with his parents, but of no use. He was amazed at how his parents would pretend to be normal to the other people, but inside the house, they would fight.

He was so sick of his family that he even tried running from the house when he was 18. He felt suffocated inside his own house. As he grew old, he started isolating himself from others because of the environment he was brought up in. Now, he has depression because of the wrong exposure of the family.

While his counseling for feeling sick was still in progress, I decided to have a session with his parents too. I counselled his parents with everything that their son felt, but couldn’t explain. His mother was surprised to know that they were the reason for this condition of their child.

I used various innovative ways and tools to help the family come together as one and strong. Being a life coach, I used psychological techniques to understand their situation and help them with all their problems.

Soon the parents realized how necessary it was for them to first mend their relationships for their son to recover. They started living normally without fighting and quarreling over petty issues. The boy felt more confident and comfortable with his transformed family.

 In fact, he visited me after a year to tell me how much his family has changed. He was doing great in studies and sports, and his family was constantly supporting him in all his efforts.

Counseling is the best solution for anyone who feels their family makes them sick, or they are tired of living in their home.

What makes a person feel sick of the family?

A lot of factors can make a family member sick of fellow family members. Many times you might feel sick of your in-laws or friends as well. You might be feeling that your family is toxic from childhood or when you grow old.

There can be plenty of reasons to feel so. Here are a few environments that generally make a person feel sick.

  • From childhood, you were expected to meet unrealistic standards. A family is meant to support you in both your failures and success. However, some parents impose rules and expectations on a child. The child might be expected to work or study hard always. It creates a sense of toxicity in the child’s mind.


  • Your demands or needs were ignored. Many times I have seen parents who think not giving a child what they demand makes them good parents. It is wrong to fulfill each demand of a child. However, it is crucial to understand the difference between unnecessary demands and needs. If you do not fulfill the needs of your child, they might fill hatred in their hearts.


  • Regular fights between parents are one of the most common reasons why a child feels sick in a family, or their own home is the unhealthy relationship between his mother and father. Parents do not realize their constant fights affect a child’s health, both emotionally and mentally. 


  • Your family is dominating and tries to control you. Controlling major aspects of your life like career decisions or relationships. They expect other family members to imply the things they say to live in the family. In most cases, we see the elderly having the stubborn attitude of ruling the family. It creates a very toxic environment for the young ones.


  • Another common reason for a toxic home environment is substance abuse. Many times, when even one of the family members is involved in substance abuse, it creates a sick environment for all the other family members. People involved in such activities often cause physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. 


What are some signs that you are sick of your family?

Relations are a crucial aspect of human life. They are crucial for survival and wellbeing. You cannot run away from the relationships of your life. Be it from wife to kids, and parents, you have to deal with each one of them with love and affection.


If you fail to do so, you or your family might start feeling disturbed and sick of their home. Certain aspects of relationships might make you feel unhappy and damaging. 

Here are some signs to look for if you feel sick of your family:


  • Do you feel stressed in your own house?


Stress can be caused by various circumstances in your life. It can be due to office pressure, family issues, social issues, or others. I feel a home is a place where you forget all your stress. However, sometimes the home environment is highly stressful. It can be due to some sad news, a toxic family member, or constant fights. A person who remains stressed, drained, or exhausted even in their own house with their family starts thinking of leaving them for good.


  • Are you the last person you take care of in your family?


It is a very common condition in the life of females. They are too busy taking care of all the other family members that they somehow forget to take care of themselves. If you take care of the house, kids, elderly parents, spouse, pet, and everything alone, you are bound to feel exhausted and tired of your life. Most people even give up their professions or passions in this run. Sooner or later in life, they realize their mistakes.


  • Do you feel isolated or withdrawn?


A lot of times, kids come to me saying their parents do not allow them to make friends. Even couples come to complain that their spouse does not let them socialize with friends. People these days are either too concerned or so jealous that they prefer controlling the other person. It creates a very unhealthy environment at home. A person needs to socialize to learn new skills and experiences. If you live in a family where you are constantly controlled and ignored for taking your own life decisions, the feeling of sickness is completely genuine.

Is it ok for you to feel this way?

Absolutely no! 

Many clients who come to me are so stressed out about their families that they do not even converse with them for weeks and months. 

Of course, you have your own set of genuine reasons to be tired of your family. However, you should understand that if a person stays in the same environment for a long time, he tends to get sick of it.

We all need a small break from people, even if they are our close family members. If you have no apparent reason to feel sick of them, then it’s just a different problem that you’re trying to impose on your family as they are an easy target.

However, if you have a genuine reason for being sick of your family like those discussed above, then you should consult a life coach.

Why our family counseling service?

I have vast experience in counseling families with family issues, interpersonal issues, or marital issues.

I have always tried to mend family bonds. I feel that people today devote less time to each other, and it makes all the difference. The communication gap keeps on growing.

I always ask my clients to make an effort to bond with each family member. Try learning new things about them, and it helps you form a closer bond with the family.

Through counseling, you get an open platform where you can share your thoughts and feelings openly. You get to learn about each other and resolve even old conflicts.

My counseling helps people love their family more than they did before. I always explain to my clients that your family will always love you and support you. You just have to be patient and honest with them. Friends come and go, but family stays forever.

If your family is going through any such phase, contact us today.

Ritu singal