Insightful Life Counselling with Life Coach Ritu Singal

Unlock a Better You with Life Counselling

Quite often, we feel surrounded by total darkness, with there being no lamp post to guide us. Our journey would be much easier, if we had even a flicker of light to illuminate our path. We hold much dormant power that needs to be let out. That’s why we all need a good life coach at some point. We can’t explore the unexplored when we’re in a “safe” zone.

Who’s a life coach?

A life coach guides us through difficult times to help us view things differently, refine our approach and achieve our dreams. Frequently, due to our blinkered vision, we can’t perceive the things that hold us back. We can seek a life coach to help improve business, health or relationships. Frequently, a life coach may work on multiple facets as they are all connected to our well-being.

A life coach receives extensive training in asking the right questions, communicating effectively and reaching the bottom of our needs and desires.

For whom?

Life counselling isn’t only for the crisis-ridden; it can also help successful businessmen, healthy people and those enjoying good relationships. There is always a room for more and thus, life coaches work with all varied clients.

Anyone who wants more from life needs a life coach. Typically, life coaching clients are ambitious people, wanting to improve output. Therefore, business leaders, creatives, actors, entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers, managers, professionals – in short, everyone can approach a life coach.

What do they do?

A life coach can help you create an actionable plan to achieve life goals by guiding you. They can help you identify strengths and weaknesses and encourage you to use those strengths to address your concerns. Consequently, you enjoy a fuller, meaningful and more empowered life. The coach-client work in a creative partnership and it’s not a one-way street. A life coach is non-judgmental and asks questions to help you solve the challenges you face. 

A life coach can help you with:

  1. Goal identification and a vision for success
  2. Plans for professional and personal growth
  3. Identifying limiting beliefs 
  4. Work-life balance
  5. Effective communication
  6. Professional and personal connections
  7. Relationships
  8. Professional advancement
  9. Weight loss / fitness
  10. A new business / grow an old one
  11. Significant life/business transitions

Life Counselling and You


Your dreams are important and chasing your dreams or motivating yourself to overcome insecurities are monumental tasks. Life counselling can help us cushion every fall and motivate us to go on.


You can think of life counselling if you want success in life but

  1. You don’t know where and how to begin 
  2. You don’t have a clear vision
  3. You feel hopeless and gone
  4. Limiting self-beliefs hold you back
  5. The “passion” is gone
  6. You have trouble with goal achievement
  7. You have excessive anxiety and stress
  8. The life is in a “mess”
  9. You are sidetracked by time-wasters
  10. You feel a lack of support for your dreams
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