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Redirect Your Marriage with Marriage Counselling

Marriage is like a bed of roses. Ahh, the fragrance is too attractive, but it is accompanied by thorns beneath. If you are pricked by any of these thorns, it will be painful and need an immediate cure.

Similarly, there are many kinds of issues and complications after marriage. One has to manage everything now and then. But sometimes the situations become too painful and unbearable that one is forced to take a step backward from the relationship.

In such situations, you should think about marriage and family counseling in order to manage your relationships. To avoid this pain and suffering, it is always advisable to visit a counselor and take marital counseling.

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. Learning to accept each other’s flaws and living with them, forgiving one another, and sharing and growing love makes marriage so special.

‘Do not clutter your mind with things that are not true, useful, and beneficial.’

I remember one such couple who visited me for marriage and family counseling last year. Kishan was a huge businessman and was married to a Jyoti. It was his second marriage as his first wife had died while giving birth to his first child. He loved his first wife a lot but had to marry for the sake of his child.

It was a small-town wedding done with the agreement and blessings of all family members. Jyoti was very simple and loved the child a lot. She took care of him and Kishan’s family a lot. She was always engrossed in the household, and Kishan was always busy with his business.

There was brief communication between them, and they had time for each other. Soon she felt that she was married just to take care of Kishan’s first child and his family. Whereas Kishan felt that Jyoti didn’t like him and kept herself busy with household chores to avoid him.

The relationship kept on getting bitter, and there were frequent conflicts and irritation.

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Once Kishan’s brother advised them to meet a counselor for marriage and family counseling services to sort out their differences. Hence, they contacted me.

As soon as I listened to their story, I understood that the only reason for the conflict was a lack of communication and no private space.

Through continuous therapies and continued interactive sessions involved in marriage and family counseling, they soon realized that they loved each other a lot and should give some quality time to each other. In the process of therapy, they came closer to each other and realized the importance of each other in their lives.

I advised them to give time to each other and go on a vacation. I also told Jyoti to maintain a balance between household work and her personal life. And I also suggested the same to Kishan.

Within just 4 marriage and family counseling sessions, everything turned out to be pleasant and happy. There was an air of love, satisfaction, and happiness all around. They made a perfect family and Jyoti gave birth to her child as well/ They lived a contented and gala life ahead.

It seemed not nice and exuberant to see a couple of smiles because of you. I always wish to succeed in helping all my loved ones. Practicing marriage and family counseling is the most wonderful and happening thing that I love to do and it feels so good to help people find happiness in their relationships.


What is the aim of marriage and family counseling?

Marriage and family counseling is done with the purpose to reunite loved ones. Couples who wish to give themselves a chance and desperately want to resolve their misconceptions often take the help of a marriage counselor.

The counselor studies the case goes to the root cause of the problem and emphasizes the importance of communication and healthy discussions. I can mend every relationship equation with discussion and interactions.

Post-marital counseling can be helpful to every married couple facing trouble sustaining their marriage. A marital counselor can help you resolve many intimate and personal affairs.

When you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want to begin the rest of your life quickly. The counselors aim to light up the hidden feelings of love and make the couples close back again. Marriage and family counseling bridges the gaps between relations and fills this gap with never-ending sweetness, love, care, and affection for each other.

Why do you need marriage counseling?

There are several reasons and problems that couples come up with counselors. There is no conflict that a counselor cannot resolve, or at least try to help the couple.

Couples experience unbelievable benefits from marriage and family counseling as it:

  •     Gives strength to their relations
  •     Clears all misunderstandings and doubts that may bitter a relation
  •     Brings the hidden feelings and desires into the limelight
  •     Resolve conflicts
  •     Unable the couple to spend time with each other and understand each other.
  •     Learn new tools to improve married life.

The different kinds of issues faced by couples are due to lack of time for each other: it leads to suffocation and a bundle of misunderstandings. And the primary aim of marriage and family counseling is to make the couples realize this.

When do you need to visit an in-person or online marriage counsellor?

It is always better to visit the counselor as soon as you realize that your relationship is not working and the frequency of conflicts has increased.

  • Are you feeling irritated?
  • Do you want to get rid of each other?
  • Are there loads of unanswered questions and unsolved mysteries in your marriage?
  • You cannot understand each other?
  • There is no trust and affection in your marriage?
  • If the answer to all the above questions is ‘yes’; your vehicle needs oiling and repair!!

You need marriage and family counseling by an expert marriage counselor who can help you establish communication, and clear all the understandings.

Counseling therapies help you focus on and recollect all the memories of happy and romantic times. It makes you feel positive for each other. Marriage counseling enables you to change in perspective for each other and live with cooperation.

What are the different steps of marriage counseling?

Marriage and family counseling takes place in three steps:

  •     The first step is the communication part, where both partners communicate and discuss their fears and thoughts.
  •     After listening to both sides of the story, I analyze and work towards the problem-solving part.
  •     Finally, I discuss the differences rationally between the two to come to a final conclusion and to provide the right guidance for the future.
  •     Apart from this, I can give you handpicked advice and tips to strengthen your relationships.

How Can I Help you?

For marriage counseling, the counselor needs to be sensible, mature, patient and one with a future perspective. The vivid cases and the versatile nature of clients make marriage and family counseling tricky and need an expert and experienced counselor. The more deeply rooted the problem is; the more effort it will take.

The life coach is a real-life hero and a blessed soul. Anyone visiting the counselor can expect something good out of it and also get assistance in saving the broken marriage.  You can directly contact me if you wish to save your marriage and bring joy into your marriage. 

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