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Office Politics: Ways to Manage Workplace Politics

When you think about office politics, what springs to mind? Workplace politics can seem to be an emotional minefield, whether it is manifested as favoritism, sabotage of a job competitor, or merely office gossip. Unfortunately, most organizations’ hierarchies are organized, so that dealing with workplace politics is unavoidable.

Wherever there is more than one individual employed and people want to expand their power and authority, office politics happens. Since politicians are supposed to be good at manipulating others, there will be office politics everywhere: leaders, supporters, and people aspiring to be leaders.

Facing office politics is the biggest challenge

Working in heavily politicized settings where behaviors are not discussed or questioned may be challenging. A formal hierarchy exists in a heavily politicized setting that bears little or little similarity to existing informal power systems. And if everybody can see it and be a part of it, it is always forbidden to discuss.

I will share the story of my client. So the day she came to me for counselling, she told me:

My client: With my note in hand, I entered the conference room. My employer had complimented me on the approach I had formulated for the brand I was employed in. It was the agency’s signature brand, and I was proud that he endorsed it without any changes.

The creative staff and the boss’s boss were all in the session. My manager took over and started debating my plan before I could even sit down. I noticed his tone change as he spoke. He was pointing out flaws in it. I was taken aback. I’m baffled.

What is going on? He was overflowing with compliments last night. Between then and now, what happened? The artistic team smiled and snickered. Time was being squandered, according to the manager’s boss. Inquiringly, I glanced at my manager. 

I wanted to say something, but he wouldn’t let me. I realized I was about to be obliterated. My thought process was mocked. My comprehension has been snubbed. The toxicity charred my soul in the room. I was both wounded and enraged. In the room, I could smell the breath of politics.

She was so anxious and disheartened when narrating the whole incident that I could notice her shivering. She was not able to complete her story and choked. I offered her water and made her feel comfortable. 

I made her understand that there will be those who despise you for your guts. There will be those who despise your self-assurance. There will be people who want to be like you but cannot do so and thus despise you for who you are. There will be those who despise you because you have something. More importantly, if they believe you’ve got it good, you’re an easy target. There will be those who despise your wealth or the ease with which you bond with new people. Your ‘attractiveness’ can affect others.

How to Overcome Office Politics With Help of Workplace Counselling?

Keep yourself informed of what is going on and stop relating to politics at all costs, whether by speculation or moaning. Keep the rumors to yourself. Don’t trust people to hold their word because confidentiality is a fallacy.

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  • Walk away from the suspects, stating that you are not interested, and you have a life/business purpose that requires your attention.
  • Be the best at what you do. While others plot conspiracies or partake in boardroom brawls, you can continue to expand your knowledge. Concentrate on your job and give it you’re all. Your work would be self-evident.
  • When giving suggestions, be tactful. It’s not appropriate to call a spade a spade. Also, don’t take things too seriously.
  • Others who work with or for you should be recognized.
  • Enhance your exposure by showcasing your accomplishments. Be sure you’re in control of the boss’s perceptions. Often it’s necessary to flaunt your successes a little too loudly.
  • Be of assistance to those who search you out. However, if you suspect someone is putting their burden on you, learn to say “No” in a discreet manner.
  • Overcome all disagreements or confrontations with others.

The drama caused by perceived rivalry and an inability to find the irony of situations spice up politics. You’re wrong if you believe you can please everybody. Half the war is won by pleasing those you count and those with whom you work closely.

It will be your political ability to evaluate the political situation, establish relationships, create raving fans of your work, and cut negative play with humor that will enable you to avoid politics.

I recall once seeing a client who was suffering from anxiety.

We began uncovering the root cause of his anxiety disorder when his coaching began. He said that he leads a normal life, which includes a 9-5 career, friends, family, and rest. He couldn’t see something that was disturbing his inner calm.

When I inquired about the workplace atmosphere, he said that it was extremely competitive. It was at that very moment that I knew the source of his anxiety. He went on to explain how everybody needs to be a step ahead of the competition. If there is a single promotion chance, fifty people would rush to take advantage of it. As a result, he must compete to maintain his spot.

He was doing overtime on weekends, taking on more duties, and dealing with workplace politics. When an individual first encounters this, they will find it odd. When you realize you’ll be working in this culture for the remainder of your life, though, these problems seem less bothersome.

It’s because they become so entrenched in your life that they no longer bother you. You instill in yourself the belief that work equals tension, and it has to be that way.

Without a doubt, 2020 was a game-changer in any way. The universe began to transform into something we could never have dreamed. All of a sudden, everything came to a stop. It took a pandemic for people to know how badly we have been living our lives.

Is there a way in which you can avoid office politics?

Office politics refers to power disputes between coworkers and management to advance. These conflicts are normally dependent on who you associate with and what you think; all reveal which side you are on.

So, to escape such politics, you must obey these point-by-point instructions:

  • Think back to your school days

Workplaces are similar to high school in several ways. Generally, the same principles apply. People form cliques, and they play a role in success; but, if you make a mistake, your name can be quickly tarnished.

Consider things from an adult’s viewpoint offering advice to a high school student while you’re dealing with workplace politics and gossip.

  • Do not let them hurt you

It’s wonderful to have true friends with whom you still serve. If you’re not so fortunate, like most people are, it’s better that your colleagues know enough about you to be able to hold a polite chat with you, just not so much that any insight they have could stifle your progression. Though socializing outside of work can help you improve your career, be cautious: one too many drinks and your colleagues will have something negative to say about you.

  • Communicate to your boss

If you want to get a raise or a promotion? Don’t let it get out across the grapevine to your manager. Most administrators are overworked and like problem-solvers. By informing your manager that you want to advance, you will make his or her decision simpler. Your manager can also advise you on how to progress or the steps you need to take to advance in your career.

  • Stay away from backstabbers.

It’s important to recognize gossipers and backstabbers as soon as you start socializing at a new workplace. These colleagues may initially want to take you under their wing, but such “friendship” has a cost. Wait for a great mate, one who would not judge you when it comes to raises, ratings, or layoffs.

  • Learn about the stress

The first step is to identify the kind of tension you’re dealing with. Is there a difference between good and bad stress? It’s natural to be worried over a certain project or deadline. However, working in a demanding situation regularly may hurt your health.

Final words

Always keep in mind that the work you are exhausting yourself will be replaced in a day. Your body, on the other hand, will still need your presence. For improved health, take care of your health and maintain a stress-free work environment. You can get in touch with me and I will help you face your hurdles and overcome your fears. 

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