Transforming Lives With Personality Counselling

The story is Sundar Pichai is not less than a personality transformation when it comes to people who face personality issues. ‘Personality’- The word that creates anindividual distinctive character with specific qualities and set of behaviors. Where on the other hand, Personality Counselling is a skill and a way to reach your desired body and mind goal. Sundar Pichai – The CEO of Google who belonged to a small-time where he had limited resources to grow and developed himself. He faced various financial problems but never gave up.

His zeal of going ahead and achieving took him the path of that journey where he never had to look back. They say an ocean starts filling with tiny drops. Similarlywhen it comes to personality, If every person starts working with motivation and zeal like Sundar Pichai then, that time is not very far when the whole world will seelike a fully content ocean.

Whatever we speak, we do, and how we do it is all a part of our personality. An individual’s character clarifies a great deal about him/her. If one has behavior and great talking and relational abilities, at that point it is anticipated that he/she has a decent character and good personality interpersonal skills, where on the opposite side, individuals who come up short on these sorts of things typically anticipate having no character.

It not only helps you improve your personality interpersonal skills but also takes you on the pathway of success and growth as a whole.
During the growing years of life, many people face issues related to their personality, just like some people, many speaking skill problems, effective communication skills problem, and have lack of listening skills, which leads to low self-confidence, hesitation while speaking in public, understanding problems, etc. Personality counselling here deals with such issues and helps the individual to be confident within oneself. Read more

Recently, During an organizational program, Life Coach Ritu Singal identified major problems faced by people related to their personalities. Being a life coach, sheidentified a girl who was facing major personality issues and was very under confident and faced major issues like communication skills, complex issues, etc.

While her coaching, Life Coach Ritu Singal discovered a sacred story of her life. When the girl was young, she went to a salon with his mother, where her mothermade a statement to him regarding her complexion that held in the girl’s mind and made her struggle throughout her life.

She said In Hindi, “ Apply As Much Makeup As You Want, But The Face Will Remain The Same”.

Throughout life, that little girl kept this statement of her own mother in mind and struggled while accepting her own self.

At the time when Life Coach Ritu Singal, helped her not only to improve her personality skills but also to teach her the way to accept herself.
Sundar Pichai also faced many personality issues, he was also under confident and had fear of losing just like many other people who face issues, and couldn’t figure out what the reason behind their hesitation actually is.

Our platform of Life Coach Ritu Singal provides amazing personality counselling sessions to the individuals who lack in various major aspects of life and face several issues.

With our focused approach of dealing with all the problems from the roots before providing any solution, we stand different from others as a whole.

Before moving further to what we can do to help you out, it is very important to know what the root of your problem is and what kind of problems you are facing and what personality counseling actually means.

So, here we go…

Why Does It Happen?


Life is a learning experience. The multifaceted nature of human conduct is finely identified with the few components which characterize how what and when we find out about the world. Individuals dedicate shifted levels of life to watch, retain, and describe the progress and improvements around them.

People face a lot of personality interpersonal skills disorder that includes bad communication skills, career confusion, confidence problems, lack of listening skills, problem-solving skills, etc.

Sometimes people face issues with their personality in such a way that they start hating themselves. As per the experience of life coach Ritu Singal, she identified people facing issues because of:

– They don’t have exposure.
– They don’t have problem-solving skills.
– They are not fluent in English ,They feel embarrassed while talking to people.
– They feel shy while eating outside
– They lack table manners.
– They don’t look good.
– They face long term and short term problems.
– They are facing issues like failure, career confusion, work stress.
– They face anxiety
– They don’t know how to deal with depression

There are many other issues they face related to their personality and judgments passed by the society on their appearance and their way of talking and living. This not only makes an individual lose confidence but, it makes them lose their dignity and self-love.

While facing such issues people tend to lose relationships and face problems in making new friends and face major relationship issues like, misunderstanding what is being said due to lack of effective communication skills, not confident enough to put your points up, etc. Read More.

Here at our platform, we help individuals improve such issues and lead them to the pathway of success and assist them by understanding their feelings, and by clearing their questions, and clashes.

Usually, people hesitate to share extraordinary encounters and emotions. In such cases, counseling/ coaching can assist them in assessing their capacities, interests,and needs and discover answers for individual social alterations at their school and home.

Resolving these issues is very important in order to grow in every aspect of life as the personality of a person counts first as to how he/she represents themselves. And if a person lacks the test of personality then they might face a lot of rejections and failures in the look-oriented society.


                                                                                                                                   Major Solutions


Using a focused approach of dealing with the problems from its root helps people identify their inner power and problems. It not only helps them to resolve their problems but also helps them to grow and succeed as per their goals.

There are major tools and techniques in order to deal with such kinds of issues. These ways of dealing with problems through all kinds of counselling programs are fully tested and safe.

It is very important to self-test yourself and try resolving issues of speaking, listening, and communicating by reading books and watching movies. A newspaper is a good source to fight with the same problems.

Try to share your feelings with people close to you, and express whatever you feel and never forget to love yourself, self-love is the key to help yourself with dealing with personality issues.

If nothing helps, then take professional help by choosing:

Take Counselling when these issues get worse and you are not able to resolve them on your own, then the right thing to do is to take help. It will help you to understand yourself and your thoughts but will help you improve your personality traits to a great extent.

Take one on one sessions with your coach, learn the facts, and inspire yourself to not give up yourself. Help yourself and learn to love yourself so that people cannot influence and affect you with their judgments.

Professional help can be a great help to people who face issues with their confidence and self-acceptance. Professionals use some tools and techniques to deal and help you out in finding the major problems you are dealing with your personality.

Be like Sundar Pichai, don’t look back, be who you are and just keep grabbing whatever you get. He never stopped and just chased his dreams no matter from wherehe belonged or what his background is. He just believed in what he has and what he has to do.
You can also do that…

So, make the right choice and must get help from your trusted sources to avoid heart-wrenching detachment from your own self because self-love and self-acceptance are the only ways to happiness in life.

Our platform of Life Coach Ritu Singal offers amazing personality counseling and coaching for people helps them to improve their personality dysfunctions, solve their long-term and short term goals, career problems, lack of effective communication skills, insecurities, depression, etc.

Being a vision, Life coach Ritu Singal uses different techniques and exercises that ensure to help andimprove your personality issues and help you resolve all your issues. She believes that every man canbecome a Sundar Pichai of his own version and to improve the situations of society and to create a better future for them, she has taken a mission to mentor people and create as many Sundar Pichai as she can.

We make sure to keep all the information and problems shared by any individual confidential.

Our counselling and coaching not only involves the counselling for your communication skills, or yourspeaking skills. But, it ultimately helps you grow towards the goal pathway with the right perspective.

There are major services and problems we cover in order to improve the personality and behavioral issuesof an individual. As a certified life coach, Ritu Singal has mentored more than 10,000 people around theworld in 14 different countries and render amazing personality counselling and coaching the below-given area:

● Communication skills
● Speaking skills
● Skills of making friends
● Listening skills
● Resolving dispute skills
● Leadership ability anxiety



Our Services Can:
● Guarantee to help you with your speaking skills
● Improve your communication skills
● Resolve issues related to career confusions
● Make you confident
● Help you with speaking skills development
● Help you to make efficient decisions in life
● Help you to develop your way of talking
● Help with developing listening skills
● Help you make more friends
● Help you grow conflict resolution strategies

If you are facing any kind of personality disorder or you feel like lacking on any stage of life because of your personality, as it tells and explains a lot about you.

Then, Don’t worry!

Our platform uses major tools and techniques to find the root problems because of which you lack in your personality test.

Make the right choice by choosing Life Coach Ritu Singal as your personality coach and grasp her amazing ways of dealing with issues in a positive approach to transform lives.

Want to analyze yourself and build yourself to become your version of Sundar Pichai here?

So, don’t waste your time and transform the impossible with our personality counselling sessions