Why Do Couples Face Relationship Problems?


Why Do Couples Face Relationship Problems?

“Relationships – A Place Where Love Never Ends”

The above statement depicts that love is one of the purest words in the universe. But sometimes, love is the only place where we end up facing relationship problems. These problems can occur due to any reason.

What happened once, will make you realize the importance of love and reason for relationship problems which we usually neglect in our lives.

During a counselling session, Life Coach Ritu Singal met a couple, who were just asking for divorce as they were fed up with each other and just wanted separation but due to someone’s advice they ended up coming to me. As a life coach she discovered and identified the root of their problems.

While examining the couple she came to know that when the wife gave birth to their child, her friend came to meet her and asked, what her husband has gifted her?

The wife replied nothing, and her friend said oh! he didn’t give you any gift at the birth of your child. He does nothing for you.

Words of her friend just took a space in her mind and the wife got stuck on those words.

Earlier she was very happy and never counted on the things her husband bought and gifted her. But, after that incident, she started counting and when anything happened, she started thinking that her husband doesn’t make her happy, surprise her or love her.

These simple relationship problems took their relationship to a level where the couple was standing on the edge of divorce.

Sometimes we hold onto things that don’t even matter in relationships and lead to major relationship problems.

Here In this blog, you will learn about major relationship problems and Life Coach Ritu Singal’s various relationship advice for men and relationship advice for women.

So, here we go….

Major Relationship Problems

At the point when we’re single, we always fantasize about how much better life will be once we find that ideal partner, having unlimited chat sessions, romantic dates, movie nights, cuddles, fun, love, and companionship of a person at times when you support and comfort. In a single life, we
always do things from our perspective that is related just to us. But when it comes to a couple’s life, life is not what we always fantasize about it.

They say relationships are easy to make but hard to build. A relationship is a bond where two people are connected and share a basic level of emotions and feelings and it’s the people who make these relationships challenging due to the major reasons. But there are a lot of things that go wrong and create relationship problems between loved ones and arise the need for
relationship advice for men and relationship advice for women.

But jumping to the advice of men and women to resolve these relationship problems for couples, it is very important to know what kind of problems they face.

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Communication :

Sometimes issues happen because there is a lack of communication which leads to relationship problems. Many couples face problems while expressing their feelings and emotions to other people. Healthy communication needs input from both the partners and their interests. If one person seems uninterested or talks abusively then, communication problems in relationships

Tiny Misunderstanding Leading To Conflicts

Leading To Conflicts

Sometimes, minor misunderstanding and miscommunication lead to major conflicts between couples during times when they are not able to comprehend what the other is saying, and mostly these kinds of situations lead to big conflicts and result in hatred and major relationship problems, detachments, and divorce.

Uninterested Partner

Over the years, it has been discovered that many couples face issues of attraction and uninterested partners. Sometimes after a stage of a long term relationship, the partners tend to lose interest in one another due to body changes or other attractions with boys and girls outside. Nowadays couple have been facing issues like insecurities, less attention, aggressiveness only
due to this reason because of the disinterest of the other partner leading to a stressful relationship problems

Money Problems

Life today is so upsetting with regard to money and making a decent living. A relationship faces general ups and downs in their life. Regardless of whether both of you are doing great monetarily, there is as yet a financial plan to work out and choose who will be answerable for what is your relationship and if they lack in maintaining a balance between this particular point of money problems that can lead to relationship problems and also increases the chances that
the couple may face money-related issues

Trust Issues

Trust issues are probably going to square closeness and development in relationships and could originate from different components including life partners who need honesty in their conduct. Issues happen when they continually break promises they make to their life partners and cheat
them in terms of love and relationships. These kinds of issues lead to relationship problems that directly affect the intimacy and belief levels of a couple.


Usually in relationships, one person in a relationship tends to have some qualities compared to the other. Every person has a different set of qualities and flaws. It is very important for both the partners to cherish the qualities and help the one with their flaws. But, sometimes, people tend to disrespect another partner because of their flaws mentally and torture them to improve their

As a relationship coach, Life coach Ritu Singal helps couples who think their relationship and love life is headed nowhere. In these situations, there are some points she puts as relationship advice for women and relationship advice for men. This advice makes the couples’ relationship healthy and helps them improve their bond in all the situations as a whole.

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Love life balance
The very first and the most effective way to improve your love life balance is to make efforts by spending time with each other. Riding a bike is not easy, it needs proper care of both its drive and fuel. Similarly, in relationships, it is very important to spend quality time to fuel your relationship as well.

Get space
It is very important to have your own space, to avoid any related problems in any kind of bond to identify your own happiness even if you are madly in love with a person, it is very important to keep your life running. People abandon their friends for their partners and later miss their friend’s life and many other things they stop doing while being in a relationship.

In order to build a healthy relationship life coach Ritu Singal advises couples to not depend on another completely. One can rely on each other but shouldn’t depend on another for all the work and needy. In simple words, don’t be needy and be independent to have your say in the relationship. If this lacks in any relationship, then, it leads to relationship problems in which people get fed up with each other and start hating one another.

Connectivity with partner
Whenever you are in a relationship, it is very important to make sure that both the partners connect emotionally, mentally, and physically. Sometimes, it happens that people connect physically, but not mentally and emotionally which also leads to severe relationship problems. If this is the case then, it might not make it to the long haul.

Stop chasing

Stop Chasing Men
Don’t Chase the men. This happens mostly in the case of women. Chasing could be self-evident, stalker-like conduct, for example, following him 100 times each day. It is a big turn-off for men. The ideal situation should be a man chasing the girl or they should both chase each other but in a limit always.

The 9:1 rule
Apply 9:1 rule – couples should appreciate each other always. There is one rule on which everybody should work in relationships, it’s like, Appreciate 9 times, and correct 1 time. Generally, we stop appreciating each other and start taking the partner for granted which results in many problems. In order to avoid such problems, they must appreciate each other 9 times and correct one another politely about what needs to be changed for 1 time.

Together with a purpose
Be together for the right reasons, do not seek physical attractions, or marry under family pressures. Sometimes people conceal themselves by stepping into relationships

Seek love and support
Don’t rush into a relationship because of the fact that you look good together. One must match their vibes, understanding levels and support level. Don’t prioritize sex life and rush into relationships for sexual desire. This might ruin your relationship and affect you emotionally when these desires settle down and you seek love and support from your partner in the long term.

Have realistic expectations towards romantic relationships. Expectations are the reason many people face relationship problems because they set a level of fantasizing things that just look good in movies. But in actual life, it affects deep and conditional love.

If you are facing any kind of relationship problems, then you must, follow the abovementioned relationship advice for men and women by Life Coach Ritu Singal. These things are guaranteed to work if applied in your real life and it will help you deal with major relationship problems and live happily. There are many more suggestions and advice provided by life coach Ritu Singal as a relationship coach to couples. If you want to resolve these relationship problems and talk one to one, then you can contact here for the relationship counselling and personal coaching sessions. Want to book your session now? Let’s talk!

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