Mental Health: The Royal Road to a Happy, Fulfilling Life


Physical health adds years to life but mental health adds life to those years. The tremendous advances in medical science apart, the idea of mental health as part of holistic well-being still doesn’t evoke the interest it deserves, at least in the developing world.

Youth Personality Development

Home > Blog Personality is the sum of the behavioural traits that make a person unique and distinctly recognizable. The term personality has acquired great popularity in the current social discourse. Though very few really understand its true import, personality is that slightly unfathomable trait which we look for in…

Self-confidence and Teenagers: An Intricate Web

Self-confidence and Teenagers
Home > Blog Teenage is quite a unique period in terms of human developmental trajectory. Being neither a child nor an adult – teenage is no easy piece of cake as is portrayed so realistically by Rabinder Nath Tagore in one of his iconic stories. Though the situation today might…

Importance of Stress Management and Stress Management Techniques

Home > Blog Stress has become quite a buzzword today thanks to its extraordinarily common prevalence, especially in the current COVID- 19 times. With the scourge of COVID-19 simply refusing to go away, the level of stress experienced by a majority of us stays or has shown a northwards trend.…

Pitfalls of Low Self-Esteem and Strategies to Build Self-Esteem

Home > Blog In very simple terms, your self-esteem is your overall sense of yourself as a person i.e. self-value. It is basically your own opinion about yourself and covers a vast range of issues- your sense of identity, self-confidence, feelings of worth, competence and belonging. Self-esteem plays an extremely…

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