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The mental health coach’s mysterious connection to physical health

Every man dreams of going beyond the average, but he somehow fails to do so. You might hear daily motivational videos online but still need more motivation. People will spend money on a doctor to cure their physical condition but refuse to pay for their mental health.

This is, unfortunately, the sad scenario in India. Motivation lasts only for a while; the rest is mental agility! Our body is like a machine. One part stops working & it affects the whole machine. When you overwork a machine, it starts to burn. Similarly, when you overwork your body, it will burn out.

Seeing the number of individuals with burnout is disheartening as a mental health expert.

Mental health coach view vs. Normal view

Mental health is a big taboo in India. People are not ready to talk about it. Slowly, through awareness, a part of India is understanding it. However, they are so consumed by the knowledge that they can’t move forward. 

Many people get stuck in analysis paralysis & fail to see the root causes.

I, as a mental health counselor, don’t just see problems but root causes, too. 

From a layman’s point of view, the story would sound different than that of a mental health counselor. Most people look down on procrastination, laziness, and lack of motivation. 


When you see it from a mental health counselor’s view, you view it from a trauma lens. Procrastination, laziness, and burnout are all survival responses. Every action you take, you are subconsciously trying to protect yourself.

For example, some people need to work on managing the overwhelm of tasks. However, they later get trapped in this vicious cycle of having loads of work. There are so many cases like this in India. Many of these need to be addressed. You will hardly see a mental health expert  addressing this vast cause. There are, however, several other reasons that lead to procrastination;

  • Lack of organization
  • Fear 
  • Freeze response & so on

Uncover the mystery behind significant health issues with the expertise of top mental health counselor

Let me take you to scenarios that you never thought were affecting your routine. As a mental health expert, I have seen many people unaware of the root cause of their illnesses. Common issues are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Domestic violence
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Bullying 
  • Workplace bullying
  • Pressure from parents

Most people don’t even realize they are in survival mode. They consider this as “normal living”.Sadly, as a mental health expert I have witnessed people unaware of what is holding them back. People are born in homes where psychological, physical, verbal & mental abuse is considered “normal.”I’ve seen many clients ignore their mental & physical health.

They feel the issue is too small. As a mental health counselor,  I’ve also encountered clients who take pride in being emotionless. When I ask them about their physical health, I realize the depth of their trauma. To reach the ocean of success, you must cross the rivers of your past selves. You must face the demons in your head.

Mental health coach on Moving ahead

Everybody wants to be rich. Everybody has ideas that can change the trajectory of their life. Yet we hold back. As a mental health coach, I have seen burning desire in my client’s eyes. It is this burning desire that needs to be saved from their own ego.

I see people traveling to workplaces they don’t like. They spend 80 % + of their life here. Yet, they choose their own unhappiness. My journey of facing heavy business losses that I overcame taught me so many things.

I managed to recover my husband’s 40 to 60 crore loan, which my husband committed suicide. Everything is interrelated when it comes to mental health. That is why I became a mental health coach a decade ago.

Leading Mental Health Counselor

Unveil the reality of mental health with the guidance of a compassionate Mental Health Counselor.

 I didn’t just go with one side of it. I decided to add career counseling, personality development, startup counseling & cooperative counseling. Career & mental health can go hand in hand. I not only help you overcome your mental blocks, but I also create the path to success.

Rarely you will find a mental health counselor doing multiple of these things. Some only focus on helping you get rid of bad habits. Bad habits do come back if the coaching isn’t integrated with other aspects of your life.

Therapy integrated & focused with other aspects of life gives good results. If you have yet to experience that, you must raise your standards. Every aspect of your life will be discussed when you visit me, Ritu Singal, your mental health coach. We shall work together to build a life worth living. No, all your problems won’t disappear. You will be mentally stable to face your past, stand up to your present & hope for a better future. 

Ritu singal