Gratitude and Happiness- Being Thankful Can Make You More Contented

Home > Blog From the time you were a  small kid, you are taught to thank others for their nice gestures, compliments, or gifts. You automatically learn to express thanks.  But then how long do we extend thanks for small things that give us happiness in our daily life?  Believe…

Corporate Counselling for Workplace Problems


The big bang economic reforms in the 1990s unleashed the hidden entrepreneurial spark among a sizeable section of Indians. The trend became more common thanks to the IT revolution, opened the gates to many new businesses. Thus, today, we find freshly graduates opting out of college placements to do their own stuff. Though many such new generation ventures like Byju, Swiggy and Flipkart turned raging successes, a good enough number fell by the wayside.

Time Management Techniques- Uplift Your Productivity and Work-Life Balance

Home > Blog Do you also think that you could have accomplished much more in a day if you had some more hours? If 24 hours in a day are not sufficient for your daily errands, that indicates you are failing with time management.  I always say one thing to…

Major Issues in Parent Child Relationship Counselling


A parent-child relationship is the foundation of all humanity. Right from the stone ages to the modern Internet age, this is one relationship institution that has stood the test of time and is so vitally important that, in fact, one cannot even imagine our civilization progressing without it.

Time Management Techniques: A Time Management Coach’s Viewpoint

time mgt
Home > Blog “Time and tide waits for none”- Proverb Time just flies! For the corporates, the work time lost equals rupees lost but for people, it refers to irreparable and irreplaceable loss of opportunities, left out experiences and potential achievements. Time isn’t money, as a famous tagline of an…

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