Understanding Depression and How it Touches Your Life

Understanding Depression

You must be often hearing the term depression these days. Sometimes people feel sad, hopeless, or guilty but they don’t know why they are feeling like that. This feeling may remain for weeks, months, and even years. Many people are not well aware of depression, for them, it’s just a down feeling.

How to Speak With Clarity ?


Communication is essential for all, and by all I mean even for people who have lost their voice. People with special disabilities learn different ways to express what they want to say. Similarly, people who are completely well must know good language skills to become good communicators. Effective speaking includes the use of logical terms that relate to the situation and balanced emotions mixed with it. There should be correct posture, articulation, projections, and dictions while you correspond.

How To Cope with Sibling Rivalry and Its Consequences?

sibling fights

While there are so many brothers and sisters who are more like best friends to each other but still sibling fights are very common. Usually, the rivalry between two children begins after the birth of the second child and it continues as they grow and contest for their stuff like toys and attention.

Everything About Pre-marriage Counselling

pre-marriage counselling

Premarital counselling is a new generation concept that is gaining acclaim and encouragement from today’s young couples. They do not believe in blind marriages, which were common in our parents’ generation.

What should parents do to stop teenagers from going to social media?


Socializing online is a new way of making real-life and even virtual friends. It’s difficult to find people who haven’t heard of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and many more. Today’s Genz kids have got a hold of this platform while they are still learning the alphabet in the nursery.

Social Icons

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