Development of Self-Control in Young Children: A Life Coach’s Perspective

Home > Blog Kids acquire several important emotional, social, academic and spiritual skills during early childhood that equip them for later success in life. Fruitful learning in early childhood covers the ability to focus one’s attention, follow rules, appropriate response to authority figures and peaceful interaction with peers. All of…

What Corporate Counseling Can Do For Business Growth?

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Home > Blog “In a hundred years, when the history is written from a long term perspective, most likely, the most important event the historians will see is not technology, the Internet, ore commerce. Rather, it is the unprecedented change in the human condition.” – Peter Drucker, management thinker Since…

The Secret to Grow Your Small Business and Take it to The Next Level

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Home > Blog Whatever kind of small business you are running, the matter of concern is you have to enhance your sales and produce revenue. That is the reason, a lot of people want to know the business plan to grow a small business.  When you start a business, you…

Effective Ways to Develop Learning Skills


Learning is the bedrock of all human existence. And contrary to common view, it doesn’t end with school or college or university. Rather, it is a lifelong process, going on from the cradle to the grave. It is learning only, which makes possible the transfer of knowledge and skills from one generation to the next so that it becomes part of human heritage.

How to Develop Learning Capabilities ?


Knowledge is the driving force behind this intellectual world. Without knowledge, there can be no innovation or invention. It is the source of power and authority. The goal should be developing a strong personality. But the traditional system of Indian education has failed to meet the ends of the right education system. The right knowledge teaches you to live your life and not just survive.

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