Addressing the Problems Faced by Employees: Unlocking Potential

Addressing the Problems Faced by Employees Unlocking Potential

Addressing the Problems Faced by Employees: Unlocking Potential

No workplaces are without challenges. You just cannot expect to join a corporate office where everything will go according to the plan. You have to know what challenges you should be ready for and how to overcome them.

Workplace challenges can have a deep effect on your productivity, job satisfaction and your feelings. These problems can rise within the office environment or can come from certain external sources as well. However, you need to be ready to identify and address the issues before your workplace becomes problematic. 

This article lets you know about some common problems faced by employees. Starting from communication problems with coworkers this could range to conflicts between the team members. If you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of such a mess, you need to start reading immediately!

What challenges are employees facing?

In the modern and fast-paced office environment, employees often have to go through with issues that are difficult to ignore. Eventually these issues affect your job satisfaction, making you quit your job.

To make sure that you don’t fall victim to workplace challenges, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Here’s a list of some everyday problems that every employee has to face once or twice —

Communication problems

Healthy and effective communication is key to maintaining a problem free workplace. Every employee needs to receive clear instructions and feedback from time to time. They need to know exactly what the company requires from them and how well they are doing to provide it.

Effective Communication

When this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, it can affect the performances and eventually leads to confusion. There could be a lot of misunderstanding between the team members, and they might not even be interested in future collaborations.

More importantly, lack of communication about the company goals, changes or policies are bound to create an unwillingness to work between the employees.


One of the most embarrassing issues faced by employees these days is too much workload and deadline scares. As an employee, you might not handle the long working hours like a pro. You could be overwhelmed in no time by constant pressure of delivering assignments within tight deadlines.

If you somehow work hard to handle a heavy workload by working late nights or something, you would burn yourself out in no time. In that case, time management strategies are important to provide any kind of work at all. Your productivity could get as low as zero and your work-life balance would be in jeopardy.

Lack of work-life balance

We all have personal obligations such as family or something else. Just because you are working at a corporate organization, doesn’t mean that you should eliminate the responsibilities from your life. You need to find a way to balance the working hours and spending time with your family.

In a toxic office environment, you have to be on regardless of the time or place. You can’t request for a change on your work schedule, and as a result taking some time off becomes impossible. This can have a great impact on your personal and professional life.

Lack of growing opportunities

Do you know exactly why the companies arrange team building training programs, workshops, or mentorship programs? They want their employees to grow professionally. When you have a clear idea of your career paths, you can easily focus on new career growth and development opportunities.

Likewise, you feel less productive and uninterested in your job when your company isn’t offering you an opportunity to learn and grow. You won’t feel satisfied at all when your organization is holding you back from your aspirations and trying to limit your potential within the company.

Lack of reward

Remember the days from when you were just a kid and always wanted a birthday present from your parents? You felt elated when you got your present, and not so happy when you’re told that you are not going to get it this year. That’s exactly how it works at the office as well.

When you meet deadlines or deliver quality work, you expect something in return. That could be just a word of appreciation from your boss or a raise in payment or a promotion even. However, you don’t feel good at all when your good work goes unnoticed or ignored.

Unfair treatment

Harassment in the workplace is another serious problem that is getting more common these days. If someone judges you at your workplace based on your gender, race, age, or sexuality – that is an absolute red flag. In that case, you won’t get the same treatment as the employee next to you.

Harassment, be it verbal or physical, should not be tolerated at any cost. It can cause significant emotional damage to you. It can also have long-lasting effects on your overall well-being.

Technological challenges

The more we are going deeper and deeper into the twenty-first century, the more we have to deal with rapid changes in technology. However, some employees lack the necessary skill sets or the support to adapt.

There are frequent changes in software, tools, or techniques that can get the job done within a short amount of time. If you somehow don’t manage to learn some new skill sets or upskill yourself, then you could find it hard to belong to the corporate world.

Conflicts in between

Conflicts between you and your colleagues or you and your boss are also problematic issues at the workplace. There could be a lot of differences in how you work, your styles of work, or your work goals. When you and everyone around you don’t agree on things, problems with coworkers become inevitable.

These conflicts need to be resolved the moment they come to light. If you don’t take action to solve these conflicts, it can hamper teamwork and compromise the quality of work. It can leave negative effects on your mindset, and also you feel stressed and unmotivated even.

What are the main causes of problems in the workplace?

Now you know what kind of problems you could face when you step into the corporate world for the first time. However, you won’t solve anything unless you focus on the problems. You have to be keen to solve the problems if you want to handle your work like a pro.

The thing is to find a solution, you need to know why these problems are arising in the first place. So here take a look at the  causes of the problems in the workplace.

Job insecurity

These are times when recessions are wreaking havoc in different parts of the world. Employees are getting eliminated from their jobs, and some are uncertain about their job security. Nobody knows exactly when they have to leave their jobs without prior notice.

It is a very common feature seen in employees. One of the employees of my organization was so insecure due to his past life trauma. One day during one meeting I asked him to get me the book from the top rack of the bookshelf.

For doing so he required help from many people. When I asked him about his learning from this activity, He replied that you need to have the support of others for attaining success. All the employees tend to do all the work by themselves. They feel that if they will take the help of others and those other people will be good at the work assigned to you then you will lose your job, which is not true. If you are good at your work then your job will not go anywhere.

As a result, employees are getting insecure about their jobs. They don’t find inspiration or motivation anymore, and they are no longer committed to what they are doing.

Poor leadership

Crappy leaders can make your jobs more miserable than you ever thought. You need a good leader who guides you, supports you, and motivates you in the best way possible. If they don’t, you will definitely feel left out, devoid of any inspiration or mental support.

Moreover, some toxic leaders favor certain employees, make poor decisions, or don’t have a clear vision to grow their organizations.


Insufficient employee engagement

When the leaders of your company are not as you expected them to be, you won’t be able to engage with your work. If you feel disconnected no matter the time, that will reflect badly on your productivity. Your emotional commitments would be zero when your team leader is not able to push you or drive you towards success.

Insufficient employee engagement leads to lower job satisfaction, decreased productivity, and higher turnover rates. You may also face limited growth opportunities, boring tasks, or zero recognition that add up to problems faced by employees.

Improper training and development

When employees lack certain skill sets and training, it can affect their performance and growth. Naturally, you won’t be able to perform your task efficiently and effectively if you don’t have knowledge and skills. That’s why great companies always invest in continuing the learning and development of their employees.

This way you, as an employee, can have more confidence, fewer errors, and zero frustration.

Poor work environment

Problems at the workplace basically come from an unhealthy work environment. If you work at a negative workplace where teamwork has become a joke or no resources are left to work with, that is not how it should be. It will burn you out physically and mentally.

This is why you need a positive work environment where you can work freely. And that is not all, you will get a chance to enhance your performance a long way.

How to solve problems between employees?

Solving problems between employees is absolutely important in order to maintain a balanced and healthy work environment. As a leader, your job is to address the issues and try to solve them before it gets bigger.

Now a look at some strategies you can apply to solve conflicts between your coworkers.

Encourage open conversations

Create an environment where your employees won’t hesitate to talk to you about any issues. A work culture that encourages open communication and honest feedback is definitely worth praising.

Arrange team meetings regularly, and host feedback sessions to give a shout-out to your best employees. Actively listen to what they have to say and make sure they don’t feel left out.

Assign mentor or coaches

There could be one or multiple employees who are going through a tough time. They might be engaging in a conflict with some other team members. In that case, you can pair them with a mentor or life coach who can provide guidance and support.

A life coach makes sure that an employee overcomes challenges. As life coaches, they also give feedback and offer insights based on their valuable experience.

Take a collaborative approach

You need to build an environment by creating opportunities for your employees to work together. When they collaborate on projects, they will be able to make a bond within themselves, share ideas, and appreciate one another as well.

This way, conflicts can be reduced without fights and improve overall teamwork.

Be an ideal leader and lead by example

great leader

You, as a leader, need to play a crucial role in solving problems between employees. An ideal leader knows how important it is to make sure that everyone on the team remains on the same page. The more respect you give to your employees, the more you will receive.

If somehow problems arise within your team, solve them actively. Make yourself approachable so that the employees feel free to contact you. Also, keep an eye on learning new things every day, even from your own employees.

Spend time to build a team

“None of us as smart as all of us”

Good leaders always care about how to build a team. However, if you think that a good team can be built overnight, you are wrong. You have to take part in some activities if you want an exceptional team working around you.

There were only 7 people who started the Infosys Company. Now it is counted in one of the top most companies of India.  Few people can make wonders if the right coordination is made. People always ask me wondering how I manage everything as I was a housewife earlier.

How did I get this success?

My answer to their question is I have a team of trustworthy human beings. I always listen to their ideas, opinion and perspective, pick the best out of it to implement and I achieve the desired success. I would not be able to receive everything I have right now without my team. During one interview the host asked me what is the most important thing to become successful in the business according to me.

My answer to the host was human resources. If any one member made a mistake during crucial surgery then the whole surgery can be failed. There are multiple reasons behind the failure of your team. We are going to discuss some of them here.


The employees feel jealous when their co-workers are closer to the management. But one needs to focus on the reason why the other employees are promoted and closer to employees. They are giving more effort. In spite of being jealous we need to learn the good qualities from them and work better. This will improvise the overall team work.


We are being selfish at the workplace. We only focus only on our work. Instead of being selfish if we focus on the growth of our co-workers, team and company, we also grow as an employee in the team and company.


Sometimes we are not able to get involved in a team because of our arrogance. In a forest all the other animals were giving respect and serving the lion as he was considered as the king of that forest. He became arrogant and insulted all the other animals. He went hunting. He tried to attack the herd of buffaloes but the lion was alone and buffaloes were in a team so he had to face failure.


If we do not belong to any place then we will not be able to work with focus. We will not get any appraisal or appreciation for our work. We only switch companies aimlessly.

Through these we learn that we should not underestimate the power of teamwork.  As a team we will be able to maintain the clients and customers and make the progress of our company only. If we keep fighting in between then we will not be able to have self growth as well as the growth of the company.

Take some time off and get on a vacation with your team members. You can also arrange social events where the members will have a chance to mingle. This will help build trust, understanding, stronger relationships, open communication and enhance teamwork.

Foster mutual respect and empathy

Create such a work culture where your employees are not just there to work like machines. They also know how to respect each other and value everyone’s decisions. As a leader, send a message that you won’t tolerate any kind of disrespect or harassment within your office environment.

Encourage employees to understand the values of mutual respect and different perspectives. Implement zero-tolerance policies where disrespectful behavior won’t be tolerated at any cost.

Check on your employees to monitor progress

Last but not least, you have to regularly assess the situation. You have to check on the employees to know how well the strategies are going. Monitor the progress and make necessary changes according to your assessment. Just remember that conflict management & resolution is a very important skill to have for anyone.

In addition, you have to remember that solving problems between employees is a long process. It is important to create a supportive environment where conflicts are addressed before they get bigger concerns.

How to overcome the problems in the workplace?

Workplace issues are common and challenging. But with the right mindset, you can solve them quickly. Here are a few steps you can take to resolve workplace problems.

Identify the root of the problem

For starters, understand the problem or challenge you are facing right now. It could be that there are some communication problems or too much workload causing a headache.  Literally, it could be anything within your work environment that needs to be altered.

Effective Communication

Have an open conversation

After you know exactly what causes conflicts within your group, it’s time to have a chat. Effective communication is key when it comes to solving workplace problems. However, the conversation should be in a respectful manner, and no one should feel humiliated or ignored.

Learn or up skill yourself

Before looking into others, you need to consider your own role in the matter. It’s important to assess yourself properly before the problems go out of hand. Self awareness is key when you have some problems to solve.

If you see that the issues are directly related to you, then you need to change something. It could be your own skills or knowledge gaps. In that case, you need to reach out to some training programs, learn new skills, or participate in workshops that can help you improve your skills.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

While as an employee or as a leader you have to juggle twenty other things in life and stay on your toes always, that could be some problem. Dealing with office issues can be stressful from time to time. So it’s important for you to take breaks and indulge yourself in self-care.

Stay professional as much as possible

Remain positive and take a professional approach throughout. Don’t take part in gossiping or negative talks about your coworkers. If you do, you will create more tension in the workplace which could be the downfall of your company.

Keep a journal to document everything

Keep a journal where you track progress or conversations or meetings. Jot down everything that needs to be recorded for future reference. Your journal could serve as evidence of the problem getting bigger or you need some examples for your future employees.


In the end, you need to remember that every workplace problem is unique and needs to be handled differently. If you are new to this office culture, you need to adapt to various situations quickly. Also, you need to be open-minded to talk to your colleagues about any kind of topic.

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