How does opting for my corporate counseling services benefit you?

How does opting for my corporate counseling services benefit you

How does opting for my corporate counseling services benefit you?

I’ve noticed that Corporate employee training is being taken up by many organizations today to boost employee morale, improve productivity, enable business growth with the best in class support to their employees. 

Every employee has to balance workplace commitments and family responsibilities equally well. This often can lead to high-pressure environments stressors and take a toll on a person’s mental and physical well-being.

I provide corporate employee training and counselling services to enable employees to live productive and peaceful life. Corporate counseling to deal with workplace problems such as poor work culture, unrealistic deadlines, poor colleague attitude, and others is a valuable service rendered by HR services to make employees feel valued and part of a large family.

Why corporate counseling is important for an organization?

Corporate employee training and counseling helps employers in a number of ways. 

Enhanced employee well-being:

Employees equipped with tools to handle stress and deal with commonplace problems such as conflicting opinions, meeting deadlines, criticism etc are in a much better position. Instead of dealing with difficult situations, they are able to voice their opinions with confidence and do not go down the path of indulging in smoking, drinking and other coping mechanisms.

In fact, organizations where employees feel protected and valued rarely face employee turnover or high absenteeism. They experience a boost in morale and work better in achieving business growth with corporate counseling. 

Mitigating Legal Risk and Promoting Conflict Resolution:

Companies often face internal strife among employees and clients. Early intervention in such scenarios prevents small disputes from becoming a huge deal and eventually turn into expensive lawsuits. 

With expert corporate counseling, employers can prevent disputes between coworkers and resolve them amicably.

Improved time management capabilities:

Effective time management skills are a must for employees working on multiple tasks, and dealing with tight schedules. Corporate employee training equips employees with productivity hacks and time management skills to help them achieve more in less time.

They are not only able to handle multiple responsibilities with ease, but also make time for their personal commitments.

Cultivating Leadership Skills and Strengthening Company Culture:  

Improve Your Leadership Skills Infographic

Executive employee counseling helps managers improve their overall emotional quotient making them more observant and empathetic towards their subordinates. They help to build inclusive cultures, promote equity and mutual respect.

Corporate employee training and corporate counseling are used interchangeably depending on the outcome that an organization wants to achieve. 

If the goal is to provide individual employee support to manage work-life balance, personal and/or professional hurdles, corporate counselors play a major role. Personally, I have handled issues starting from resignations to mental breakdowns due to hostile family and work cultures.

In my experience, it is vital for all employees irrespective of whether they are dealing with any stress, to undergo corporate training on topics like productivity, effective time management and maintaining work-life balance.

Process of corporate employee counseling with Ritu Singal

My approach towards employee counseling is open and transparent. I believe in having clear expectations in the mind of the employee using a goal based session.



Establish rapport: In this phase, I first intend to understand the underlying employee issues and concerns with an open mind and pay attention to positive and negative thought patterns.

This helps me to build a better relation with my client using a friendly approach and develop a safe and supportive environment for him/her.

Assessment and Goal identification: Next, we try to collaboratively identify root causes of the stated problems and identify goals that need to be achieved by the end of the counseling session.

Design and implement interventions: Here, I try to identify evidence based approaches best suited for the employee and consider all available resources and preferences. Intervention plans include practical solutions that can be implemented easily and ongoing monitoring mechanisms

Regular follow up and monitoring : Once the employee starts easing in and implementing positive changes, regular follow up sessions are arranged to ensure that we progress towards the identified goal.

My decade long experience and industry accredited certifications by John Maxwell and Afreen Khan puts me in the right spot to help your organization achieve positive changes with corporate employee training. 

If you are on the lookout for an experienced coach with diverse industry experience in Retail, finance , HR, manufacturing and many others, you are in the right place.

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