Personality Development- The Perfect Route to Attain Success


Personality Development- The Perfect Route to Attain Success

When you meet people, what grabs your attention? Their personality, right? You must have heard people talking like that person has an amazing personality. I wish I could be like him/her. Some people have such impressive personalities that you desire to develop a personality like them. Just think, whenever you hear the word personality who comes to your mind, or what kind of people seize your consideration? 

Personality is how you present yourself, how you talk, how you behave, or how you express yourself. When you go for an interview, the employer analyses your personality during the interaction. And the good part is, you can develop the desired kind of personality with the help of personal development counseling

Developing a particular type of personality is an active process and you can master it only as you go into the depth of it. In this blog, I am going to talk about how personality development can lead you toward accomplishments. 


  • Personality growth refines your skills and motivates you toward your purpose. 
  • Personal development involves self-recognition and improving the areas where you lack. 
  • You turn out to be more presentable which boosts your workplace performance and eligibility for better opportunities. 
  • Counseling can help you work on soft skills such as communication skills
  • Keep learning and acquiring new skills to better your personality and be confident.

Understanding Personality Development

What does the word personality mean to you?

It is the set of traits, attitudes, and behaviors that describe a person. Every individual’s personality consists of some representative thoughts, manners, and feelings that make the person, unlike others. If you want to be a captivating person, you need to work on your outer as well as inner self. 

Nobody is born with the perfect capability to outshine in every field, however proper personal development counseling and training prepare you to use your talents appropriately. The practice of personality development allows you to work on yourself to foster your talents and put in new skills to your collection. It is more like skill development as it makes you express yourself with clarity and accuracy. 

improved self-awareness

As a person, you have unique kinds of skills and talents. You hold multi-layered potential and investing in personal growth empowers you to harness your strong points such as problem-solving skills.  When you very well know how to present yourself in various situations, you turn out to be more appealing. It happens as you polish certain skills that help you evolve in your career and life as well. 

Let us take an example to make it easier to understand. As a life coach, I have worked with many people and I have seen their journeys, and how they evolved as wonderful personalities. Some time ago a person named Akash came to me as he was lacking confidence and he wanted to work on his personality. He was an executive in a company. We engaged in a conversation, where I came to know more about him. Then I crafted a personality development plan for him and we worked on it. 

After a few weeks, he realized considerable improvements in himself as I was working on his skills such as interpersonal skills. He comprehended his strengths and talents. After completing his development course, he started implementing his learning accurately. Soon he managed to escalate the success ladder. 

Later he told me that his colleagues ask him how he managed to achieve that much in a short period.  We both knew how much effort he put to bring out the better side of himself. He invested in himself; he walked out of his cozy zone to improve his personality. 

Akash recognized the significance of personal growth and its remarkable impacts. The sooner you apprehend it, the better you transform. 

Personality Development Skills You Need to Develop

These are the aptitudes and potentials that make you flourish both professionally and personally. For instance, speaking skills and listening skills are basic talents that support your personal growth. Considering and enhancing them can help you take full advantage of your potential. 

You may already have these traits or you can learn through training and practicing. There may be various personality development skills required for particular goals but the most crucial skills that enable personal growth are enlisted below. 

Communication skills:

Communication comprises your adeptness to speak, listen and write. These skills allow you to understand what other people say and convey your thoughts and feelings. Good communicators listen attentively and speak confidently and use an appropriate voice tone depending on the situation.

Organizational skills:

How you plan, schedule, and prioritize your tasks and how you organize your digital and physical areas, come under organizational skills. These traits help you improve efficiency, prevent miscommunications and save time. 

Interpersonal skills:

These aptitudes are also called social skills, the verbal and non-verbal actions and responses during interactions. Social skills touch your capability to build and maintain relationships and create impressions on other people in social situations. 


I don’t think I need to tell you that self-confidence is the foundation of a successful career. The self-belief in your actions, capabilities, and choices. If you are confident, you are more likely to try your hands on new stuff, chase determined goals, and believe that you will prosper. 

When my husband passed and I came to know about the massive blunders in our business, it was heartbreaking and distressing. However, I had confidence in myself and my capabilities. I walked into the business, apprehended everything, and made it prosperous. The self-belief kept me encouraged at every step. 

Problem-solving skills:

The ability to deal with challenging and upsetting circumstances. Most people panic when they encounter obstacles and may make wrong decisions.  On the other hand, when you are equipped with problem-solving flairs you stay calm during distressing situations and assess the problems to find accurate solutions. 


The ability to fine-tune to new things effortlessly. Adaptability skills allow you to handle modifications so you can get along with different personalities and flourish in any environment. It also helps you stay calm in shocking situations. 

Time management skills:


Time management is vital for a prosperous career. It helps you endure tough situations and be satisfied with your work. Better time management helps you complete more work in less time. 

When I walked into our business, I had to manage my house, my kids, and my work which was quite tough but not impossible. I managed my time appropriately and performed all my duties wonderfully. You can also do that with time management strategies.  


People are inclined to trust people who are honest and stand by their morals. Authenticity means doing the right things, and standing by the truth even if it presents challenges. Integrity builds a good reputation and opens the doors for advancement. 

Listening skills:

Listening and paying heed to what others say. When you listen to others attentively, there are lesser chances of miscommunications and mistakes. Good listeners tend to understand and perform better. 

Leadership skills:

The ability to lead and guide people. Good leaders expand morale and develop confidence in others. They help others with proper guidance, motivate them and help them reach a cooperative goal. 

Significance of Personality Development

You must be thinking why should I invest in personality growth? Why does it matter? How will it help me stand out? I understand why these thoughts are buzzing in your mind. That’s why I am here. 

The significance of personal development is unquestionable in professional as well as personal life. Personal growth can do wonders in your life. It supports you to build, enhance and nurture your skills and talents. It empowers you to transform your dimness into brightness. 

Let’s see how. 

  • Personal development counseling allows you to realize your true potential.
  • It improves your self-esteem and self-awareness.
  • Personality growth builds strong mental fitness that makes you more creative, innovative, and productive.
  • You gain better resilience that increases your ability to bounce back after hard situations. 
  • You feel more knowledgeable as you learn new skills during your growth journey.
  • It inspires you to make accurate choices and decide wisely.
  • Enhanced personality builds confidence, the captivating quality that goes for the long run.
  • Personal growth leads to refined communication skills that mean clear, precise, and convincing conversations.
  • Once you understand how to work on your personal development, your colleagues and peers will see you as a leader.
  • You will have improved professional and personal relationships. Personal enhancement flourishes the social and emotional aspects of life. 

Reasons Why You Necessitate to Consider Personality Development 

Many people asked me why we should consider personal development and associated skills like speaking skills, especially in this modern era. 

Let me tell me how you can benefit by working on these wonderful skills.

  • You will evolve as an excellent communicator:

The knack to communicate is an essential element of your personality. You can solve 50-60% of problems with appropriate communication. During the personal development journey, you work towards the advancement of your communication skills, and you appear as an individual who can win over various people and circumstances.

  • You will have more career opportunities:

We are living in a competitive world. Emerging a convincing personality places you at the forefront among others. I have encountered many highly qualified people who do not get desired jobs and promotions because they lack confidence and are not aware of how to represent themselves. 

Personality development counseling and courses are the most efficient way to bring out the best of your personality. It helps you make a better connection with your peers so by working on your personal growth you can present your irresistible potential to employers. 

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  • You will have improved self-awareness:

improved self-awareness

I don’t need to tell you that only you know yourself better, right? 

Personal development massively hinges on self-awareness as it allows you to improve yourself and attain growth. When you spend time and effort on your traits you understand yourself in a much better way. 

Someone visited me for counseling. He said he is highly qualified and knowledgeable in his field but has not gotten desired opportunities in his career for a long time. He realized that something is wrong with the way he presents himself to potential employers. He did basic research on personality development and he decided to work on it. 

I had a long conversation with him. I made him recognize his pluses and minuses, or in other words, I made him self-aware. Once he realized this, I helped him work on his minus points and refine his existing talents. After a few days of practice, he apprehended noticeable upshots. Today he is working as a manager in a reputed company. 

  • It will heighten your confidence level:

When you start improving your negative points and honing your strengths you eventually become more confident. When you work on your soft skills such as speaking skills and listening skills you apprehend your self-worth and gain a better sense of self-assurance 

  • You will accomplish your goals more efficiently:

Personality growth offers a clear path to your goals. The steps you take to improve yourself lead you in the direction of achievement. You have more confidence and a restored connection with your strengths, thoughts, and weaknesses that make you capable enough to work persistently towards your purposes. 

  • You will live a worry-free life:

You gain a positive outlook while working on personality development skills such as problem-solving skills. You become capable of connecting with your thoughts which makes you stress-free about situations that are beyond your control. You develop a goal-oriented outlook that helps you stay relaxed and deal with various circumstances with a practical approach. 

Prompts, You Need to Work on Your Personality:

Now the question that arises is how to identify that you need improvement in your personality. If you are also confused about whether you have a good personality or not, let me help you with that. 

Signs that say it’s time to give a boost to your personality

  • You are violent or aggressive:

If you often behave arrogantly or aggressively with others, it’s very obvious that people will avoid interacting with you. Arrogance contributes to deteriorated reputation and relations.

  • You are unfair and judgemental:

Being biased and finding faults in other people without any logic reveals that you are a critical person. These are the attributes of an unpleasant personality.  

  • You habitually fake yourself:

When you often try to portray yourself as somebody else, you are not presenting your true self which makes other people sidestep you. 

  • You have poor communication skills:

If you are not able to make clear, precise, and convincing communication it will misrepresent your image. People would not listen to you; you will appear as an unconfident person reflecting your bad personality. 

  • You are stubborn and ruthless:

If you have stubborn behavior and you can’t be compassionate to others, that makes you appear as a ruthless person. People are more likely to avoid such people. 

Suggestions to Develop an Appealing Personality:

Personality is not unchangeable; you can grow or enhance it for the better. It is a journey of skill development and self-innovation. If you are thinking about building your personality here, I am suggesting some remarkable ways you must try.

Quick tips:

  • Come out of your cozy zone.
  • Be expectant and assess yourself honestly.
  • Do not scruple to seek help from your family and friends.
  • Mend your body language and the way you dress up.
  • Establish everyday goals.
  • Have a positive mindset.
  • Smile more and be compassionate.
  • Be calm and gentle.
  • Don’t be egoistic.
  • Avoid backbiting and criticizing others.

So, gear up to create the roadmap to be the finest version of yourself.

Grab a professional course:

These courses can help you grow particular skills that you necessitate to work on. List out your weak areas and take a result-driven course. 

Self-help books:

I personally love reading and I believe a habit of reading impacts your mindset. Self-help books can efficiently boost your personal growth efforts as you connect better to yourself and your thoughts.

Professional counseling and therapy:

A life coach or counselor can help you understand yourself and where you are lacking. They are experts who can teach you tactics and tips to develop personality development skills such as listening skills and speaking skills. 

Knock out your fears:

Your fears avert you from progressing. For instance, if you have a fear of public speaking, join a course and practice public speaking to beat your fear. If you lack confidence and are scared to take risks, counseling can help you build confidence and make the right decisions. 

Read whenever possible:

As I said earlier, reading is a great way to learn and keep yourself informed. It expands your vocabulary and knowledge. For example, if you want to develop interpersonal skills, read at least one relational or interactive article a day or you can also read a book. 

Be open to feedback:

I know many people who get affected by feedback which is not a good thing. You should be open to getting feedback be it positive or negative. Learn to accept negative feedback as an opportunity to work on your mistakes and positive feedback to keep you more inspired. It will help you get a unique perspective. 

Maintain a journal:

Making a journal is an incredible way to reflect on everyday events, conversations, and decisions and to take advantage of self-awareness. You can maintain a handwritten or digital journal and also use it to assess your goals and advancements. 

Concluding Words:

Your personality is a significant attribute that reflects in your behavior, thinking, emotions and actions. These qualities make you unique. Having a decent and pleasant personality lifts your confidence and fosters your self-respect. Good traits grab attention and elegantly enhance the reputation that helps you step out of coziness. 

I am sure now you know, having an impressive personality is so vital not just for your professional life but also for your personal life. A good personality makes you the finest edition of yourself and a better human being who is admired and respected by others. 

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