Raising Them Right The Correct Ways For Parenting


Raising Them Right The Correct Ways For Parenting

It’s no secret that being a parent is amongst the most inspiring roles in the world. From doing a study on various parenting styles to trying out diverse parenting hacks, we always go above and beyond to make sure we nurture happy and successful children. But no matter what style we choose to use, at the end of the day, it still boils down to the kind of relationship every parent has with their children. The stronger the parent-child relationship, the better the upbringing.

Parents contribute to their children’s education and career growth before establishing their family life and achieving their goals. Parents should instill in their children strong moral values, civic duty, and discipline. There are many ways for children to be diverted and lead them down the wrong path in today’s world. As a result, parents must play the dual role of parent and friend to help their children cope in today’s world for a healthy parent-child relationship.

The Journey From A Couple To Being Responsible Parents

Parenting is something that comes naturally to most people. It’s not something you should learn. While the idea of good parenting classes can be useful to many parents, it is not necessary to make them mandatory.

I’ve trained and counselled many parents as a life coach through my parenting therapy programme.

Parenting lessons, without a doubt, can be a life-changing experience for both the parent and the child.

One of my clients was a single mother who came to see me because she felt she couldn’t handle her son on her own no matter what she did.

As we began her therapy, I became aware of the problem that was obstructing her parenting. Her son would still point the finger at her for having an unfinished family.

She’d try to persuade him by making false claims that would make him happy. I asked her to tell her son the truth next time as soon as I learned about it. I even asked her to say nice things about the father because I didn’t want the child to develop some kind of hate towards him.

After being accused again a few days later, she sat down with her son and told him the whole truth about how his father was a womanizer. Staying with him was extremely difficult, but she had no other choice.

Her son not only recognized her difficulty but also assured her, “Mama, I will always be with you.”

She was overjoyed when she came to see me the next day. Parents aren’t all bad; it’s just that their parenting strategies aren’t always efficient.

I could understand her apprehensions and difficulties. Parenting workshops, on the other hand, will only support parents who believe their parenting might be better.

I’ve seen a lot of parents who aren’t great at parenting but aren’t willing to admit it or work on it.

What Is Wrong With Indian Parents? Do They Raise Their Kids Well

There are many things, but I’ll try to list the most important ones first in the parent and child relationship:

Overprotective: If children do not learn to play rough and tumble and pick themselves up, they may grow up to be the same way. Enable them to experience life. And then there’s death. And politely respond to their concerns about the mysteries of life and death. Enable them to take the school bus instead of being chauffeured to school if such a facility exists. A school bus ride is about relationships, discipline, and caring for others; it’s a chance to connect, catch up on activities, schedule the day with friends, and share. Allow them to be themselves on the playground. Act with it if they have an accident. Instead of running in if there is no blood, forget it!

Overindulgence seems to be on the rise: They will never respect anything, even marriages if you continue to appeal to their every whim and fancy. Never offer a reward without justification. That’s incredible!

Boundaries: This is something that children must learn at a young age, and it must also be applied at a young age. It’s too late if you wait until their teenagers. After that, there is nothing you can do.

Heritage: We overlook heritage because we don’t think enough about it ourselves. What distinguishes you as an Indian? What is the age of this civilization? What is the company’s fundamental philosophy? What are spirituality and yoga, where does it intersect with Abrahamic religions, and how does it differ? What exactly is faith? Why should we devote time to yoga and meditation as a holistic system for body and mind training? Begin as soon as possible. Again, by the time they reach adolescence, they are unconcerned.

Family: What does it mean to be a part of a family? Who are our forefathers and mothers, and where did they originate? What are our cultural rituals, holidays, and highlights? Is there a tradition of famous people in the family? Are there any crooks who have been sentenced to prison? Above all, spend time with your family. Make sure you set aside time each day, and a longer period each week, to simply have fun with your mates. Share meals with one another. Before you begin, wait until everyone is seated at the table.

Understanding The Bond And Cherishing It Every Moment Of Parent-Child Relationship

Many parents wonder what advice they can use to become better parents or help their children become more independent and prosperous.

Every parent just wants the best for their child. Parents will often adapt and change in order to provide their children with the comforts and luxuries they deserve. However, as children grow older, they often become resentful of their parents.

As soon as the children reach maturity, they want to avoid their parents, even refusing to go out with them or to value them.

As time progresses in today’s digital environment, everything can change at a quicker pace than it has in the past 15 to 20 years. From the onset, our children become more technologically savvy. They’re more centred and tech-savvy.

We’ve all seen our little children treat their parent’s smartphones as though they were a toy in their hands. They are intelligent, but they are also children who could click on something, and I mean anything. However, this does not imply that you would exclude them from using cell phones or computers.

Every day, a large number of parents come to me with similar concerns. Once, a couple came to see me for help. They came from a lower-middle-class community.

They only had one son and had spent all of their money on his schooling. They gave the child everything he wanted as he grew older. He went on to become an engineer and landed a decent job with a well-known multinational corporation.

However, as soon as he left his house to begin his new career, he became preoccupied with his own affairs. The parents assumed it was due to a heavy workload or the transition to a new place, but the child was simply oblivious to his parents.

Days will pass without him calling or answering his parents’ phone calls. He loved his time at home with his friends so much that he considered his parents to be a burden.

He will not, in truth, assist them financially. The parents, who had already spent all of their savings on their only child, were now in a financially precarious situation. He would ignore his parents’ phone calls when they asked for money.

Because of his son’s intolerant nature, his father began to suffer from depression. They came to see me at this time.

It’s heartbreaking to see children behaving in such a disrespectful and rude manner against their parents. They sometimes forget that they are the ones who gave them life and inspired them.

The Golden Rules To Raise Your Child To A Great Human Being

Most parents believe that it is their fault as parents that their children develop such a mentality. This isn’t real. The majority of the time, children pick up on certain habits from the people in their life.

Parent Child Relation

Parenting is a journey that lasts a lifetime with the parent and child relationship. One would assume that as their children grow older, they will be relieved, but parenting never ends. You don’t have to be perfect, and neither do your kids.

Even though there are no set rules or tips that can help you raise a child who is happy, successful, polite, and competent, let me share a few that can. It’s never about reaching excellence in parenting; it’s about striving for improvement every day.

  • Be the role model of your child

Parents will still be the first role model for children. Make sure you are the person you want your child to be because you know he or she will follow in your footsteps. Your child will love and care for you when he grows older if he sees you loving and caring for your parents. In parenting, telling me what to do isn’t enough; show your child what they should do. Show your child that you care and that you care for them, and they will reciprocate.

  • Show empathy

Many parents feel that being tough on their children makes them better parents. They continually exert control over their kids, telling them how to act and what they should do. This type of parenting is extremely harmful to the infant. You should show your child affection. In reality, loving your child will not cause them to become spoiled. However, you should not overprotect them or purchase them material products. If you have doubts then get in touch with me and I, Ritu Singal will help you with the right solutions. 

  • Be a protector

You should be a safe haven for your kids. If they are in some sort of trouble or have a serious problem, the first thing that should come to mind is, “I should tell my parents.” Most adolescents, on the other hand, exhibit the opposite behaviour. If they are in trouble, children find ways to hide from their parents. Make it clear to your child that you are there for them. They would seek comfort from someone else if you are not helpful. It’s one of the key reasons why, when they get older, children become more naive and dismissive of their parents.

  • Let your child take his decisions

One major issue I see in many families, especially Indian families, is that parents make decisions for their children. It prevents the child from gaining competence. Allow your child to make their own life choices as they mature. They will begin to depend on you if you make all of their life’s important decisions. An infant, on the other hand, will ultimately feel distant from a controlling parent. The more self-reliant your child is, the more effective they will be.

These are four easy-to-follow parenting tips that will help your child become successful, happy, and competent. They will treat you and other people with respect.

What part do parenting classes play in your life?

It will assist you in learning the fundamentals: Many young couples are unaware of the fundamentals of parenting. There’s nothing wrong with it; everybody struggles at first. However, you should still participate in parenting courses to develop your experience and skills as a mom. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Assist you in better understanding your child: Because of the generation gap, most issues begin in parent-child relationships. Most of the time, parents use their old tactics and strategies, and children feel misunderstood. You’ll be able to close the generation gap and strengthen your relationship with your child by taking parenting lessons.

Understand the child’s psychology: I’ve seen parents who only see it from their own perspective many times. In their relationship with their children, it creates a lot of misunderstanding and hate. Parenting courses will assist you in comprehending a child’s psychology. You’ll be able to understand how and why they respond in specific circumstances.

Assists you in being a successful parent: The sole aim of parenting classes is to assist any parent who believes they are failing to fulfil their responsibilities as a parent. You will gain a greater understanding of how to deal with various circumstances. And if you believe you are an excellent parent, it will assist you in improving your skills.

Aids in the learning of lessons: Boeing is one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. However, two major accidents occurred in 2019 and 2018. It resulted in the deaths of 346 people. The only explanation was that the sensors were not working properly. You know, if a small sensor can have such a major effect on a huge aircraft, imagine how small items we miss can affect us. You can never be able to fix the tiny sensors that aren’t working between you and your child if you neglect them today. The future of the child, the happiness of the family, and everything else are on the table. If you are willing to learn, taking parenting lessons  will benefit you.

Final words

Parenting courses contain only positive aspects with no negative aspects. However, we should leave it up to the parents to determine whether or not their children want such classes. Such courses would be of no use to parents who already believe they are fine.

I would endorse classes that take a free-range parenting approach, but I’m sure some people would be appalled. Although religion would be an important part of raising children in someone else’s home, I would not bring it into the mix. Parenting can be approached in a variety of ways. Any parenting method that teaches children life skills while still keeping them fed, safe, and happy (without using corporal punishment) has the potential to be a good parenting method, in my view. We should not use this as an opportunity to impose our views on other parents.

In the art of parenting, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Parents must adapt and develop with their children on a regular basis. Children must be dealt with in accordance with their personalities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. Parents play many roles in their children’s lives. A lifelong bond of affection, caring, comfort, and reverence will hold the relationships intact and is also important for the children’s overall growth. If you feel that you need help, feel free to get in touch with me, and I, Ritu Singal, will help you in creating the strongest bond with your child. 

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