The Cupid-istic Power of Couples Counseling

The Cupid-istic Power of Couples Counseling

Life these days has become so taxing that even a simple emotion like love has become complicated. Navigating through love, romance and relationships has never been more difficult than now.

The fast paced nature and shortage of time is partly responsible for today’s Modern Relationship Problems.  However, a large part of it also comes from the lack of patience and understanding. And let’s not forget the disruptive contribution of ineffective communication

We are existing in times where instant gratification has become the norm. We want everything right here, right now. And if it is even one perfect lower than what we expect, we want to walk away.

Sadly, this does not work very well in matters of relationships. When two people come together, some challenges, conflicts and turbulence is inevitable. After all, we are all humans with real emotions and feelings; and not machines that can be configured to compatible with paired devices!

Understand it this way, “When we plant a seed, we have to water it and nourish it everyday in order for it to sprout into a sapling. Then with immense care and daily watering it grows into a plant and takes months to turn into a tree and sometimes even years to actually start bearing fruit. And we so patiently wait for that first fruit to ripen. Right?

Then why don’t we extend the same courtesy to actual human beings? Two people come together who have grown up in separate environments with different belief systems and though patterns. How can they be expected to be in sync from day one? They have to give each other time to understand and adjust with each other.”

Life Coach Ritu Singal 

This lack of patience and over expectations is what causes relationships and marriages to fall apart these days so quickly. Marriage Counseling or Couples Counseling aims at fixing these very patterns. Togetherness is beautiful, but modern relationship problems have added many layers of complexities to the concept.

Moreover, navigating through them without the help of an expert can become even more challenging. When these issues throw curveballs at couples, a professional intervention and assistance can go a long way in pulling through the rough phase.

What exactly is Couples Counseling? 

Couples Counseling is also known as Marriage Counseling. It is an intervention that helps couples identify and resolve areas of conflicts and improve the overall health, beauty and strength of their relationship.

As a Life Coach I have helped heal many relationships through effective and healthy communication between both partners. Over the many years of experience that I harbour in this field, I have reached an understanding that most couples can benefit greatly from working on the following areas:

  • Open and calm communication.
  • Identifying Patterns that cause conflict.
  • Judgement-free discussions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Rehabilitating trust
  • Boundary setting
  • Improved intimacy 

However, there is one thing that I must mention that I have noticed through the years. The sooner a couple seeks help the higher the chances are for them to reap the benefits of this form of counseling.

Tips For Relationship

Moreover, a timely action also helps in keeping the damage to a bare minimum. But how does one identify the signs that could suggest that it perhaps is time to get help? Here are some points to keep in mind.

  1. Increase in conflicts and misunderstandings.
  2. Regular breach of each other’s personal boundaries.
  3. Deteriorating communication. 
  4. Lack of trust.
  5. Reduced intimacy.
  6. Emotional distance leading to loneliness.
  7. Feeling of love being lost.
  8. Conflicts in parenting style.
  9. Issues with in-laws.
  10. Any form of abuse, cheating or infidelity.

If you resonate with any of the above stated issues, then it could be time for you and your partner to head towards a counselor or coach. There was a time when the divorce rate in India stood at only 1.1%, the lowest in the world. However, in the last two years alone, it has tripled.

Thus, the day isn’t far when the entire world will be rivalling USA’s 40% rate. I, Life Coach Ritu Singal urge you to seek couples counseling to save yourself from being part of that percentage. 



As a well experienced Life Coach I intend to understand you and your partner’s needs and requirements for conflict resolution through effective strategies. And transform the unhealthy dynamic of your relationship into a thriving one.  Following is the role that I play in safeguarding your marriage. 

Objectivity: As an unbiased separate party, I offer my impartial view and opinion on the conflicts and the underlying causes of it between the couple.

 Safe Space: I provide a judgement-free safe space for my clients to fearlessly and openly speak their mind. Any issues that they could be facing trouble speaking out can be discussed with me.

Peace-Maker: Over-run by emotions a lot of time discussions escalate into a new argument. But with me present in the room, both partners get to put their points and case on the table in a peaceful and calm manner.

Tools and Strategies: Over the years, I have developed many strategies and coping mechanisms that can help couples in rehabilitating their relationship by resolving their conflicts.

In the end I would like to add that couple’s counseling is a great and effective way to work on your relationships and save them from falling to pieces. There is no embarrassment in getting help in case you are going through a rough patch with your partner.

Also, I would like to add that if one partner suggests counseling the other partner must take it in stride, because it just means that you and the relationship matters to your partner, and they actually want to save it.  So don’t be afraid to book a session that could potentially save you from losing the love of your life. 

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