Why Career Counselling is More Valuable Now Than Ever Before


Why Career Counselling is More Valuable Now Than Ever Before

We try to make a progressive world today, where technologies are thriving. There are lots of chances with several fields where one can make an enhanced career so career counselling online offers guidance to a person to have a strong indication on what to chase and how much duration it will take. Because of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, many individuals are facing layoffs, pay freezes, and staff reductions as companies shut their doors or reduce resources. Despite the overwhelming need to apply for a new career right away, it is strongly advised that job seekers take a few days to think accordingly and strategize about how to better continue.

Create your dream job or status by thinking about your profession — where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Consider your talents, interests, and what you can give the general public, consumers, and employers at this moment.

We are often asked what advantages a person can gain from career counselling. People who are deciding what subjects to learn, making their first career decisions, or considering a career change ask this question. 

What is Career Counselling?

In existing times, career counselling is a necessity as most learners pick usually known domains as their career choice. Career counselling online is a strength for students’ career assistance right from their school about the existing career choices as per their curiosity and stream of academics.

Through career counselling, a study can be done for students which will support them in finding out their benefits and also their strengths and weaknesses.

Why Is Career Counselling Important?

Career advice and counselling by a life coach will assist you in achieving desired outcomes in your present work, establishing and achieving personal goals, assisting you in making a career transition, and even assisting you in starting your own company.

A job coach does not instruct you what to do; instead, they help you understand what matters to you and how to accomplish your goals. They have a variety of methods, simulations, psychometric assessments, and personality analyses to help them do this.

Young people today have more problems with their lives than older people. In their early twenties, I see a lot of young people who are upset, angry, and tired of the situation and do not have any idea about career planning.

As a life coach, I’ve counselled a lot of people. To my surprise, the number of young clients seeking counselling has far outnumbered the number of elderly clients. Today’s children are depressed and nervous.

They developed all of the bad habits and abuses as a result of their depression and anxiety. 

I will share the story of my client. Her husband was an entrepreneur who had a lot of success. Unless the company suffered a setback, and the entire business was doomed. Since he had always valued success, he didn’t know how to deal with setbacks now.

He was spoiled as a child, so he never learned to cope with adversity. When things began to go wrong, he decided that suicide was the only choice for him. He wanted to end his own life because he was too afraid to deal with the fallout. 

The wife being a mature person brought her husband to me and I did career counselling for the couple. After listening to their stories I was shocked how casually they were taking their life. But then with counselling sessions, they both realised the mistakes and today they are back again. I feel so happy to see them grow with completely new confidence in them. 

Clarify Your Career Goals With An Expert Help

It is because of the initiatives you have championed in the past that you are who you are now. Whatever the future holds, the causes you want Will indeed shape it.

Since you haven’t said what you do, As a result, I am unable to advise you about what you should do. However, one thing is certain:


Do some internet marketing, take an online course, pick up some new skills, read books, and write books.

That will, without a doubt, get you more credibility today and more money in the future.

When it comes to career counselling online I have seen people taking a step back and assuming that they know everything. 


“I want to be free and self-sufficient. I don’t want to be dependent on anyone to make my wishes come true. “It’s my life; it’s my decision.”


These are the most famous dialogues used by people who want to do great things in life. Everyone’s primary concern is their career planning, which must be addressed at the appropriate time.


Believe Yourself So That The World Can Trust You

In our most recent coaching talk, one of my clients, who works at a multi-national sports brand organization as a senior mid-level executive, shared with me his issues.

My client: I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career growth. The last role I played had a lot of chances for me to shine, but I just didn’t take advantage of them. I had the opportunity to do so much more, but I choose not to. What a waste! Then there was that international assignment I did last year, and oh my goodness, I followed some bad advice and just did what was asked of me. For me, it was a dream assignment, but I didn’t do it justice. Once again, I failed miserably. 

Me: What do you think is going to happen to you? I inquired. 

My client: I know I am capable and want to do so many things, he responded, but I’m not sure what happened to me, and I don’t feel like doing it. I know I should be optimistic, take initiative, and go the extra mile, but I still fall short. I don’t have the energy to do it. There’s something wrong with me. He went on to discuss his mistakes and missed opportunities.

Me: Can I share an observation with you? I asked after listening for a moment. 

My client: Sure, please do, he replied. 

Me: I’ve been listening to you for a while now, and even from previous conversations, I hear you constantly talking about your failures and missed opportunities, I added. I can hear you constantly criticizing yourself. I haven’t received a single compliment about yourself or your career growth. Is there a justification for this?

He was blank with tears rolling down his eyes. I counselled him and explained to him the importance of choosing the right career and staying calm. Today he is a well-settled entrepreneur. This is the power of career counselling online. 

Things To Consider Before Changing Careers

Are you trying to make a career change or switch? These pointers can come in handy if you decide on career planning. Make the best choice possible before changing careers.

 Career Counselling


A person’s career is likely to change at least once during his or her lifetime. For many people, this can be a life-changing experience. So, before making such a decision, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Why do you want to change careers?” This question’s response is an important part of the entire switching process, and it differs from person to person. There are only a few big explanations for this:

  • Career Advancement

Some people find their jobs boring and begin searching for better opportunities as early as the beginning of their careers. They become trapped in their current career due to a lack of advancement opportunities.

People complain about job overload at their jobs, which causes them stress. This can lead to a lot of tension and dissatisfaction. According to an article in ‘The India Times,’ a survey found that 60-80 per cent of working professionals in India suffer from high levels of stress.

One of the most significant factors leading to this cause is career burnout. Burnout is a state in which you have to drag yourself to work because your job does not bring you pleasure or satisfaction. This can lead to increased stress levels, which can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health.

I remember one of my friends who were so talented and experienced was going through a bad phase in his job. all his juniors were getting promoted but because of his lack of confidence, he was the one who was laid back. I had a word with him and counselled him so that he can gain his confidence back. Talking to a coach can help you find new ways. today he has switched his job and got placed in a higher position and is happily working. It feels so good when I see him as a successful person with a boost of positive energy in him. 

  • Salary

A good salary will lead to a healthier lifestyle and higher living standards. As a result, a person’s overall income is a common explanation for changing careers.

One of my clients got so disheartened that he resigned from his job. Already the companies are laying off their clients and he was not able to find any other place that can offer an equivalent salary. This is the reason I always say that it is better to take advice from a professional rather than acting in a hurry and ending up with wrong decisions. Though with proper counselling he joined a new job but had to work really hard to sustain. 

  • Stagnation Problem 

When a job provides you with a good paycheck that covers all of your needs and services, a pleasant work atmosphere, and a variety of benefits and compensation, you are more likely to stay put at that job rather than looking for other opportunities. 

You become used to the situation, and the desire to learn or improve diminishes. Stasis can be a major challenge in the ever-changing job market and with technological advancements, as these developments can render you obsolete. As a result, it should be closely monitored, and when it’s time to adjust, it should be changed.

After reading all of these points, you should be able to recognize the primary reason for your desire to change careers. Half of the work is done after you’ve identified the problem. CONGRATULATIONS!

Mistakes To Avoid In Life

Career stress, test stress, relationship issues, money problems, family worries, and other issues plague young people. Let’s admit it: a lot of young people make a lot of mistakes, and one of them is having unreasonable standards and no career planning.

Here are a few mistakes you can avoid making as soon as possible to avoid being lost in life at a young age:

  • It would be beneficial if you avoided having unreasonable aspirations for the future. 

What you see in film and television shows is made up. It’s best if you imagine yourself as a character in a realistic film as you get older, or you’ll be disappointed.

  • It is preferable if you make plans for your future. 

The majority of young people are too lazy to plan ahead and choose to go where life leads them. Always keep in mind that if you take life seriously, life will take you seriously as well. Make a financial plan for yourself and work hard to achieve your objectives.

  • Stop fantasizing about the past. 

You will face situations in life that will both hurt and break you. An individual who knows how to move on and live for the future, on the other hand, will be successful in life. Young people want to live in the past, reminiscing about a traumatic event in their lives.

  • Take care of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

If you want to accomplish anything in life, you must maintain a positive attitude and be optimistic. An individual who is not safe will never achieve his or her objectives. Your wellbeing has a significant impact on your life, but it is often overlooked. Begin to put money into yourself and your wellbeing.

  • If your business isn’t providing you with any value, it’s time to find a new one. 

Friends play an important role in one’s growth when they are young. Since young children tend to listen to their friends rather than their parents, the young one’s company is essential. It is best to break ties with your friends until it is too late if you believe they are not helping you develop or are involving you in inappropriate activities.

  • When you’re young, don’t put too much stock in relationships. 

As a Life Coach, I am aware of how seriously today’s youth take their romantic relationships. When you’re young, you have a lot of things to do. You must enjoy life, but investing everything in a relationship while you are young is a dangerous mistake.

  • Take advice from those around you and make healthy decisions. 

One of my ancestors was a womanizer and alcoholic. He had two sons in their mid-twenties. Parents teach their children. While one of his sons learned about the dangers of alcohol and resolved to never drink again, the other followed in his father’s footsteps. Study what is right and wrong for you when you are still young and make the appropriate decisions for a bright career. Get career counselling online and understand the better option for you.

What Happens In A Career Counselling Session?

A career counsellor can assist an individual in exploring abilities and talents, considering experience levels and providing guidance on continued education, as well as determining priorities and personality style during a career therapy session. Counsellors can also administer an IQ test or an aptitude test. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has also been found to be helpful in determining potential career paths dependent on personality characteristics.

Possible conversation starters in job counselling:

  • Special abilities or gifts. What professions would they be useful in?
  • Various professions require different levels of educational engagement.
  • The earnings capacity in different occupations.
  • Functional conditions on a regular basis. Some people thrive in an office setting, while others thrive in a fast-paced or outdoor world.
  • The possibilities for career improvement or promotion in a specific field. Any profession is more adaptable than others. Lawyers and doctors, for example, may change their emphasis or area of expertise, but they will still be lawyers and doctors in general. Other professions or educational pathways can allow for more versatility within a sector.
  • The qualifications and preparation needed for the desired profession.

How Can Career Counselling Help You In Future?

You cannot and will not be told what to do by a job consultant or mentor. They don’t have pre-packaged remedies that you can use as a Band-Aid to solve any of your problems.

They assist you in identifying challenges and remedies that are now available to you. The most valuable takeaways you can expect from a life and career coach are objectivity, clarity, and decisiveness.

They pay attention and listen critically without passing judgement. They make you understand the weight of being trapped where you are and the many options available until you are unstuck based on what and how you think.

It’s all too tempting to depend on the advice of friends and colleagues, or even your own instincts, when it comes to career preparation, rather than seeking expert advice and assistance. However, it’s likely to have issues exploring a career that isn’t truly right for you if you do this. You may be confused about your job opportunities or searching for a shift, whether you’re a beginner with no work experience or a seasoned professional with several years of experience.

How Can I, Ritu Singal Help You?

In short, a life and career coach will help you help yourself, whether you wish to get into a different profession or are ready to face the challenge of a career change. You will clear the road to progress and concentrate on concrete and achievable expectations with the help of the coach’s light. The decision to take measurable and substantive steps and chart your success without being judgmental instils trust and mental firmness in your ability to accomplish your objectives. If you face issues in your job or want to get advice and guidance from a coach then, I, Ritu Singal can be your best companion and help you out. 

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