Why should you consider attending online life coach counseling sessions?

Why should you consider attending online life coach counseling sessions

Why should you consider attending online life coach counseling sessions?

Life coaching is a not-so-easy process, wherein you decide the trajectory of your life while discussing it with a stranger. 

Let us discuss the advantages of online life coach counseling sessions with me (Ritu Singal).

Before I start with this piece of writing, however, I would like to explain to you the difference between taking and not taking online life coaching

When you go on a road trip, you can either choose to use the map navigation or keep on asking the road to your destination every step of the way.

Having me as your life coach is a cheat code, that provides you with the way to your destination without getting lost.

The choice now is to get lost or reach your destination straightaway.

Personal growth and development

In personal growth, having a certified life coach guide you is a decision that allows you to gain a sense of purpose and clarity in your chosen direction of dreams.

So instead of floundering around and wasting your energy, you will know the exact path to walk to achieve success.

As the best life coach, I will also help you in building your self-confidence, which will help you undertake the most difficult of tasks without needing an external crutch that might even bottleneck your progress.

I also help people improve relationships with other people, by giving an objective, and unbiased point of view.

The development of new skills and habits is another incentive to take up online life coaching counseling sessions.

These new skills and habits may seem extra, but they help a lot, in not just your personal life but also your professional life. 

Professional and career development

Life coaching can help you fast-track your progress in your career. Developing skills is the major reason why people don’t get ahead in their lives fast enough. 

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By telling you your areas of improvement, I can speed up the process of getting to know your weaknesses and improving upon them. Not only that but as a certified life coach, I can also help you develop your strengths further.

Leadership requires a different set of skills, like not just expertise in your work but also soft skills like understanding, compassion, a sense of responsibility, and more.

As a life coach, I can help you develop these skills through different exercises and self-reflection questions. 

As one goes along on the journey to professional success, one encounters many roadblocks that may prove to be an obstacle to achieving success for the individual.

As the best life coach, I, Ritu Singal, help in overcoming those huge roadblocks and progressing your life further. 

Your career will be on the quickest way to success.

Helping overcome struggles and obstacles in life

Stress management is one major reason for people opt for life coaching online. As a life coach, I help in identifying and eventually eliminating the issues that may affect your life.

Stress affects every area of life, from personal struggles to professional ventures, and makes already difficult situations even more difficult.

This is because stress makes sure that we are unable to function at our full potential and capacity, and thus we are unable to give our best to the situation at hand.

Stress is also a major blow to people’s confidence. Stress can reduce a confident person to smithereens, thanks to the overwhelming pressure it creates.

Going through a difficult life transition phase?

Online life coaching can help.

As life coaches, we are trained to help people understand and help them through the darkest parts of their lives.

Whether it is a messy divorce, difficulty in upskilling process, personal trauma or anything else, it is my faith you can get through it, and my responsibility to help you out of it scot free.

Problems are prevalent in everyone’s lives, its how we handle it that makes the real difference.

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Additional benefits

Some additional benefits of online life coach counseling sessions include

Safety and confidentiality

Online life coaching provides you with a safe space to explore yourself, your feelings, and issues, and helps in solving these issues to the best of your ability.

Personalized support

You get personalized support from the life coach, aka me, Ritu Singal, which self-help webinars and workshops fail to provide. 

This personalized support can make a world of difference to people who need it and are struggling in their lives, without knowing the direction they should be going in.

Increased self-awareness

People who seek a life coach’s help with the issues in their lives are comparatively more self aware as compared to other people who try solving the issues on their own.

There is nothing wrong with solving issues on their own, but if you feel direction-less while solving these issues, its better to check out a life coach who can help guide you through your issues.

Why seek online life coaching counseling from Ritu Singal?


I am a person who has gone through a lot in life. A cheating husband, suicide of my husband, and business issues. 

I don’t tell you this to brag or anything but to inspire you. 

No matter who you are, or what you are going through in your life, if I could overcome it, so can you.

Life isn’t easy, but we can definitely take steps to make it a little easier on us.

We don’t necessarily have to swim direction-less in our lives, we can take guidance from people a few steps ahead of us (like me!) and orient ourselves. 

For example, I wish I had this guidance when my life went through its darkest phase, and I could turn to someone and project everything that was happening out to them so that I could reorient myself with more ease.

I definitely wish I had this guidance then.

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