Why You Need A Life Coach?

Life Coaching

Why You Need A Life Coach?

Life coaches are gaining more and more popularity these days. That’s because, what they do actually works!  Their work has changed millions of lives around the world and the fact is everyone needs a life coach. In reality, it could be the best possible decision of your life and you may thank yourself later that you took it!  

Successful people grab opportunities by the horns. Having a life coach is a good example of how those seeking personal and professional enhancement can take charge of their life. In fact, the iconic TV chat show host Oprah Winfrey and the billionaire businessman Bill Gates have publicly vouched for the efficacy of their experiences with life coaching. The truth is everyone needs a life coach because they can reflect back on what you say, open up your mind, identify the blind spots, encourage self-discovery and support you in creating action. Finding a life coach in India these days isn’t difficult as the awareness about their role is rising day by day.

It goes beyond setting goals and reporting progress; it also encompasses major life shifts, transformations, and paradigm changes. By collaborating, you and your life coach will create actions and practices that can transform your life from stagnant to stellar.

How life coaching works ?

Being human, we often try to evade doing what we fear. Ironically, it is these dreaded acts only that lead to the realization of our goals and our dreams becoming a reality.  A life coach is a helpful guide who works with you to help you overcome those barriers, thereby enabling you to succeed and achieve your life goals. Most great athletes work with a coach or mentor who guides them, works with them to strategize.

The coach sees them strive, fail and eventually succeed in their chosen domain. Ditto a good life coach, who can unlock your potential and collaborate with you to evolve a plan to enable you to achieve your goals. Life coaches play multiple roles in our lives. They unlock our dormant potential, allow us to find our best selves and work as a motivator, partner and strategist.


The way a life coach in India works is similar to elsewhere. The engage you in powerful conversations by asking you the right questions to enable breakthroughs to create a paradigm shift in your life. They aren’t authoritative and therefore, don’t tell you what to do. Instead, they work as motivators and partners in your success and work out a plan with your active and complete involvement and nudge you to work towards the agreed upon goals.

How life coaching works – The Process

Whether ascending the professional ladder or breaking out as an entrepreneur, the truth remains: We all need a little support, self-reflection and continual personal development. However, even in the best scenario, we suffer from blind spots that keep us from seeing the whole picture and our thoughts, habits and behaviors hinder our growth. Ditto for friends and family. While our loved ones may have the best intentions, they often cannot properly analyze and give actionable advice. Enter the life coach, who works with you to enrich your life:

  1. Identifying, prioritizing goals

For many people, the problem is not a lack of ambition but of clarity. Going through the motions every day, we find ourselves caught in the rat race, chasing a vision of success handed down to us, instead of one created intentionally. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many people keep on doing “the right things,” i.e. attending college, landing a job and marrying, only to realize one day that they are unhappy.

But when you work with a life coach, you connect to yourself fully, letting yourself create the life based on your own standards. That might mean your becoming an entrepreneur, starting a side business or embarking on a passion in your free time. A life coach helps you connect to yourself to identify and prioritize these new goals.

  1. Transitioning to new identity

Life coaches are a wonderful help in times of great transition e.g. career shifts, divorce. A life coach can help you remain grounded in the middle of such huge changes. A reason why change is so difficult is that it challenges the stories we have created for ourselves. Questions like Who am I without this marriage or relationship? can be scary to face alone, but a life coach can help reframe the narrative so as to set you up for an empowering experience.

  1. Support and partnership

Life coaches offer support and comfort by challenging you with care to fix your goals courageously and with conviction and accountability. Coaching is an open partnership between client and coach where authenticity, connection and intimacy are the key to its success for which both partners must pull their weight.

A coach doesn’t serve as a yes man or healer. Rather, a coach reflects back to the client their potential to express inner brilliance in reality. By their regular interactions, the two create an ongoing relationship that the client may lean on for support.

Skeptical? Worry not, read on to find out!

Reasons for seeking a life coach

Life Coaching

  1. Clarity in life

If you believe that everyone knows what they want from life, you are mistaken. A great many people have too many opportunities right before but they often take decisions that do not help them move towards their goals. A life coach helps you choose your priorities and inspires you to contemplate about your life so that you can decide on the most important things you should bring about. Gaining clarity can enable you to execute the tasks speedily as focus is the key to achieving life goals. 


  1. Peace of Mind

Our life is replete with many bitter experiences and unpleasant events and when we can’t share it with others, frustration, anger and tension begin festering in our mind. Though a supportive family and friends can be helpful, you may not feel comfortable sharing certain feelings with them. That’s when a coach comes in handy and works with you to create a new focus and a positive strategy to get you to your goals.

A life coach is always willing to listen to and understand you. Besides, they never judge you; rather, they encourage you to confide in them so that you share and bare all to help them work through your blocks and achieve your goals.

  1. Maximizing accomplishments

Accomplishing a goal provides a sense of fulfillment and motivates us further to improve our performance. But, many people often experience a void when they are unable to accomplish their goals, which demotivates them from trying further. Life coaches are keen to know about your passions and work with you towards actualizing them.  They push you to celebrate small successes, which are helpful in achieving bigger goals.

  1. Time savings

Time is everything; something you can’t borrow, buy or loan!  In retrospect, people often wish they had some more time but the bitter truth is: nobody gets more time. People tend to think that they can achieve things on their own and in fact, they can. But how quickly do you want to achieve your goal? Doing it all alone, you burden yourself with extra responsibility and things tend to get out of control sometimes and you lose focus.

As a navigator, a life coach assesses your present situation and work with you to help you get the desired results. The coach works like an accountability partner in your efforts and you can see a collective effort geared towards your goals.

  1. Money savings

Acting on misguided financial decisions can land you in a big soup, personally and professionally. Many overambitious people often fail to analyze their financial situation and make unprofitable investments. Such repeated financial failures can make a person irritated, aimless and apprehensive about the next move.

A good life coach knows well that life is a glorious end result of good planning. Life coaches provide you with an action plan with a step-wise approach to follow and align your financial objectives with your life goals. It can greatly enhance your affordability level and prosperity in life.

  1. Follow your dreams

We all are dreamers and this capacity to visualize a better future lets us live our life more fully and motivates us to bear hardships to achieve our goals. But, quite often, these dreams are ambitious, which makes us skeptical about their achievability. Getting validation and encouragement for our dreams is one of the most enriching benefits of having a life coach. A life coaches can separate your professional and personal lives and understand your aspirations from a neutral viewpoint. It can put you on the right path in life so that you go ahead confidently and make the first big move.

  1. Overcome obstacles

The hurdles in our path often limit our progress and often, we become detached from our goals altogether. And in this process, action – only way to overcome obstacles – suffers a lot. A life coach stimulates positive changes and encourages you to be courageous in confronting life. A life coach helps you recognize those hurdles and by acknowledging them, you can develop a different attitude towards these challenges. It lets you focus your energy and on an effective plan of action to move forward.

  1. Different attitude

We all experience joy, sorrow, hardship, challenges and accomplishments. Developing a different approach to these emotions can help us see them with wisdom. You can reap the true benefits of having a life coach by developing the attitude of looking at hardships as challenges. This change in approach can bring about seminal consequences.

Challenges change you and lead to personal growth. Consequently, you begin to love challenges as a means of to gaining greater freedom, wealth and happiness. It keeps you focused and when you combine it with action, you are bound to get amazing results.

  1. Freedom from Anxiety

We often get caught up in stress and anxiety, which are major obstacles in our life journey. They can cause poor self-esteem, lack of confidence and nervousness etc. Having a life coach helps you accept that you need to live your life rather than waste energy on getting stressed and anxious. Good life coaches know that stress is inevitable in life and work with you to find ways to control the stress in your life so that you feel rejuvenated for life.

  1. Support in tough times

While tackling challenges, we always seek the support of others as it makes us feel better. Confronting problems single-handedly for a long time increases the chances of committing more mistakes. Life coaches make you realize that challenges are important for you to learn wisdom.

A life coach probes deeper and evaluates the problematic areas for you and with constant support, helps you get rid of the problems. At times, you may not be looking for a solution; rather, you may want to know whether you are headed in the right direction. A life coach pinpoints your limitations so that you can enjoy peace of mind and gain the strength and confidence to look ahead.

  1. Innovative Ideas

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come!

Whatever grand achievements mankind has made were once just an idea in someone’s mind. Ideas are the building blocks of inventions, development and careers and can transform the world. A life coach can help you achieve life-transformation by giving you the right questions to discover your key ideas.

A life coach can help you find out the ideas, which match your needs and individual characteristics. Life coaching can foster innovation and creativity and generate good ideas, which can open up multiple opportunities in life.

  1. Balanced life

Many areas of our life like career, family, social circle and health need constant attention. So we have multiple roles and start facing problems when a particular area consumes most of our energies. As a result, we begin seeking balance in life so that we can give equal focus to all the roles.

A life coach understands that the imbalance among these key areas may be causing complications. Therefore, they guide us on how to acknowledge our priority areas like career, finances, health, entertainment and ensure that we evolver a  balance to ensure positivity and satisfaction.

  1. Accountability

A great benefit of having a life coach is that they inspire you to believe in getting the right result by using the right techniques. Our behavioural patterns may hold us back from living our life fully but a life coach provides you with opportunities to discover yourself and make you realize that the only way to make progress is action. Thus, you can easily quit the habit of making excuses for procrastination and become accountable for your own doings. Such personal growth is made much easier with a life coach.

  1. Purpose of Life

We can be distracted easily in the absence of a clear idea about what we want from life. Life coaches always ask you the most significant questions – “What’s the purpose of your life? What is significant to you and why?” The answers to these questions can be life-changing.

Life coaches often get to meet people who are unaware of the direction of their lives due to a lack of purpose. Having a meaningful purpose in life drives us to move on, accomplish tasks, learn from failures and get satisfaction from success.

A life coach can change our behavioral patterns to bring positivity and inspiration in our life to seek more from it. It can motivate people to believe in themselves and live a life of well-being and happiness. We often tend to forget that every person on the earth is a significant part of this universe and, if they contribute positively, the world would be a better place to live in. Life coaches can enable you to see your true self and make you realize the purpose of your life.

  1. Confidence booster

We would love to excel professionally but often, we lack the confidence and the vigour to step up and make a change. Many of us have limiting self-beliefs which restrict our opportunity to explore and follow the examples set by others. That way, we ignore the unique beauty and opportunities of our own life journey.

Life coaches remind us of our uniqueness and emphasize that our aim is to set examples through successes and trials. They encourage us to be self-sufficient so that we follow our own path rather than others’ onions let guide us. With self-reliance, we can approach life confidently and achieve success on our own terms.

  1. Feel Revitalized

Have you observed a child closely, how freely and energetically they approach everything? But over time, adults lose this adventurous streak. Life coaches can bring about a big change in our approach as their probing questions act as a stimulus, which creates excitement to make us feel renewed.

Life coaches are pros at asking meaningful questions, which motivate us to have a different outlook towards life and awaken our creative impulses lying dormant. As a result, you begin to feel as though your life were an adventure again.

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