A relationship coach’s view on relationship counselling

A relationship coach's view on relationship counselling

A relationship coach’s view on relationship counselling

I often hear people saying things like “Life after marriage is a mess jokingly. Behind the joke, I can sense the truth within it. Humor is the best defence mechanism.

I, a life coach, Ritu Singal, can tell the difference between a joke & a sad reality. There’s a silent scream, a cry for help behind these. Unconsciously, they feel the need for marriage and family counseling.

The bitter truth 

 Everybody puts on a mask. Some men wear the mask of happiness behind constant criticism or abuse from their wives. According to a study, 52.4 % of males in Haryana experienced violence, i.e., abusive marriages 

.Other women wear makeup to hide the physical abuse they endured. Both of them have abusive marriages. Sadly, nearly 30 % of married Indian women face domestic violence. It is heartbreaking, even as a life coach, to see such things happening in India.

I have also witnessed some of the happiest love marriages lose love because of interference from other family members. Some sacrifice their passion in Life for the love of one & then turn into a bitter grudge in the long run. However, in marriage and family counseling, these conflicts can be resolved.

Most Indians will rather bet on cricket to feel satisfaction than find a family counseling therapist rather than work on family problems and solutions. Team India won’t play well if the two batsmen have conflicts with each other. It will be a runout.

A coach helps each player find each other’s strengths & handle each other’s weaknesses. That is what I, Ritu Singal, a life coach, do. It would be best if you formed a good partnership with each other. You need me for that.

I bring couples together for joint therapy sessions. Also, My job is to make you feel safe so you don’t have to worry about anything else. Then, I proceed by understanding your unmet needs in the relationship & what provokes conflicts.

No relationship is perfect, so no one partner is perfect. Marriage is about two imperfect individuals coming together. Just because one partner looks like the bad one doesn’t mean they are the only one wrong. I can thus help you solidify your relationship with each other. 

How does marriage counselling help you?

A relationship coach's view on relationship counselling

Strong communication and problem-solving are some tools we will use in our sessions. Many couples feel that they can solve it by themselves. But if that was the case, they could have solved it long before. How does therapy help you, then?

You get to see it from an objective view! Beyond your needs, beyond you proving your point to the other person. Remember, my job isn’t to take sides. You also get to rekindle the romance you had in the beginning.

Remember that the things you love about your significant other in the relationship are the same things you begin to hate later. Accepting differences is the key. You require a love marriage problem, a solution for this.

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What to expect from your marriage counselling sessions?

Your relationship improves after a few sessions or months. Every couple has a different level of difficulty arising due to various factors. You do not have to compare yourself with them! Each process is different. That’s what the love marriage problem -solution looks like. But what if your partner is unwilling to come to therapy?

Can you do it alone?

The answer is yes. You can learn about your behavioral patterns in relationships & try to solve them. I, Ritu Singal, will help you identify the problems and understand your spouse.

I often get asked, what if I don’t have any problems in my relationship & still want to go for counseling? Of course ,.Statistically, it is proven that people who engage in couple counseling can strengthen the bond tighter. It happens when both mutually agree to work on the relationship.


Everything could be better, even marriage counseling. It takes two people to work in a relationship. Yes, sometimes one percent can give only 20 %, and the other partner has to give 80 %. But if it is only one partner offering 100 % & there is no effort or accountability on the other side, then the marriage can be doomed.


It’s time to take action in your Life & head on a journey of improvement. It would be best if you did this for yourself. If not yourself, at least your children. Statistically, children’s mental health is ruined by marriage.

Do you face any of the issues mentioned below?

  •  Infidelity,
  •  Divorce, 
  • Substance abuse, 
  • Physical or mental conditions,
  •  Same-sex relationship issues,
  •  Cultural clashes, Finances,
  •  Unemployment, 
  • Blended families, 
  • Communication problems
  • Career vs family
  • loss of passion in Life
  • or the topics mentioned in the beginning

Then, it is your sign to take the step of family counseling. If you, too, desire the family problems and solutions that I offer or want to know more about my services, you can explore our website and call to us anytime. 

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